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When to Consider a Chi Kung Healer's Help?

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  • When to Consider a Chi Kung Healer's Help?

    Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

    When is a Chi Kung healer's help more likely to offer a better outcome than just having regular Chi Kung classes with an instructor? Or when is first starting with a healer's intervention the wiser option?


    In my humble opinion, it's quite low-visibility information available here on what is a Chi Kung healer exactly, how a healer's services differ from an instructor's, and to what degree does a healer facilitate healing. If I had been aware of the distinction, during my first year I might have chosen to consult a healer for some of my issues instead of pursuing so many regional courses.

    My opinion is that when you have complicated and compounded health issues, it is a good choice to invest into a healer's expertise. A skillful healer might able to knock out a few of the more superficial symptoms, so that it's immediately easier to enjoy your life without so much pain and ailing. If sleeping problems and daytime fatigue occur together, this is another one to keep in mind. Good sleep is a definite part of any healing, but from my own experience a disturbed shen (mind, Heart) can take a long time to recover.

    With sincere respect,
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    Yesterday, today and tomorrow

    Dear Olli, dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

    most people consider a chi kung healers help when it is already to late (but not too late). You may find the same situation with medical doctors.
    Most people consider an expert when they are already sick, and not when they are healthy. When someone is healthy, he or she can consider a chi kung healer
    to ask him what to do to maintain his or her health and also to enhance it. Maybe the person is sick already and he or she dont know about it.

    Then i.e. in such a case a chi kung healer can recognize the diseas faster than a normal chi kung instructor, and of course the chi kung healer can make use of his chi kung healer education rather than a normal instructor who dont have any chi kung healer education and the necessary skills and experience for healing. That does not mean that the normal instructor is worth less. In both situations the student can overcome his unknown problems, with the help of a healer (recognized the diseas) or with the help of a normal instructor (not recognized the diseas). And of course it may be much more comfortable to see a healer than a normal instructor.

    Chi Kung will overcome any diseases, but when you are in an emergency situation (i.e.: traffic accident, unconsciousness, ...) it is better to see a doctor first, after it it will be
    also good to see a chi kung healer or instructor if possible.

    For example the most plastic surgery doctors nowadays are not healing or repairing the body like they should. They are healing the mind of the persons in the most cases through their unnecessary plastic surgery. But when a chi kung healer and or instructor will take care of the same person, the person will find life more beautiful after some time, and after some more time the person will be so happy that he or she will forget the mental diseas which he or she had because the blockage is gone away. The more we smile, the happier we are.

    I'm happy if my opinion is useful to someone and can help him or her.

    With shaolin salute,

    When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
    When the student is truly ready, the teacher will disappear.

    -Lao Tzu-


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      Those are interesting theories, Dimitri. It would be great if some of our instructors and healers would comment.
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        chi kung healer vs. teacher

        Two points i would make briefly. One, the chi kung healer may work more toward instilling and supporting, also transmitting the heart of confidence.

        Secondly,the chi kung healer, when making a contract to only keep payment if the student is healed, adds a powerful paradigm shift to the interaction of student and teacher.
        There is a laying it on the line aspect in the treatment program that also includes necessarily,that the student put up a sizeable amount of money up front.
        You may teach someone chi kung,and they may not really put much focus in it..They put up 10grand in the beginning,and there is another level of focus,hope, faith etc.

        The so-called placebo effect,which should be seen as amazing, but in western medicine not usually appreciated, is an important factor in the outcome also,and is nurtured
        by the chi kung healer.....I feel it important to state that these things can also manifest in a chi kung teacher and student.

        Warmly Gusty


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          Originally posted by Andrew View Post
          Those are interesting theories, Dimitri. It would be great if some of our instructors and healers would comment.
          I am not a chi kung healer, but happy to provide my view in response to the question, "When is a Chi Kung healer's help more likely to offer a better outcome than just having regular Chi Kung classes with an instructor?" how about this:

          When the "patient" is ready to work with a healer.
          With love and Shaolin salute /o

          "Your purpose in life is to find your purpose & give your whole heart and soul to it." - Buddha

          Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā.