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What do you expect of a (Chi Kung) Healer?

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  • What do you expect of a (Chi Kung) Healer?

    A couple of questions, really:
    • If you wanted a treatment other than conventional medicine for a specific condition (or set of symptoms), how would you go about finding a suitable method and/or healer?
    • If you were a prospective Client, looking for a (Chi Kung) healer, what would be your expectations on that healer?
    • According to what criteria would you evaluate you chosen healer before, during and after treatment?

    Thanks (in advance) for lots of useful inputs
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    Hi Sipak,

    I will put to one side the fact that there are many great healers such as yourself in this school and imagine that I was in a less educated situation considering alternative healing methods that included Qigong.

    1. Google keywords such as "healing, healer, qigong or chi kung, <symptom or condition>", possibly with a country name though not initially at first. Once I'd found one or more I'd do some (actually, a LOT of) due diligence by checking out their websites, others' websites that point to theirs or support them, reading testimonials, correlating reports to evaluate whether the healer has evidence that they can do what they claim, or that they could help me. I'd then contact them to discuss the situation in more detail and make further (subjective) evaluation based on my interactions with them.
    2. They should give me confidence that my condition is treatable and at least the symptoms could be reduced or alleviated and ideally resolved. I wouldn't necessarily expect them to wave a magic wand and heal me, though I wouldn't rule that out either. My expectations would depend on the condition and circumstances. I'd rather more expect that they could kick start my healing journey and give me tools to continue it myself, after all we heal ourselves don't we?
    3. Before: Subjective and qualitative/quantitative assessment based on comments in (1) above.
      During: Subjective assessment based on knowledge, experience, advice, professionalism, confidence, the treatment itself, the improving effects (if felt immediately).
      After: Subjective assessment of how I felt afterwards compared to beforehand, where how I felt would combine the different symptoms and effects that I felt which were negatively impacting me. If the condition also had easily measured medical markers then this would of course add to the assessment in a more quantitative and objective way eg. if I had diabetes then blood markers improvement, or if I had high blood pressure my BP returning to normal etc.

    Hao Yun Qi.

    With love and Shaolin salute /o

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      I am looking forward to reading what criteria you all use and how you would evaluate a Qigong or other healer/therapist and find him or her.

      How would I search?
      Internet: I would use the condition as my first search criteria (keywords). This search would most likely produce articles about this condition mentioning therapies or written by therapists. From there I would search for therapists in my region or check out the therapists who have written the articles. If they are not in my region I might check their affiliation and find a therapist who has the same background. Alternatively if I knew which method I wanted to use, I would directly search for a therapist in my region using this method.
      Word-of-mouth: When talking about the condition, a friend might tell me about a therapy/therapist.

      What would I expect/looking for: A trustworthy person using an established method. Somebody who is transparent with regards to the methods used and his skills. Somebody humble enough to only accept me as a client if he can help me.

      How would I evaluate?
      I would use to four criteria :
      1. The healer/therapist - is he trustworthy?: What kind of person is he/she? What background does the person have? Where did he or she learn the method (teacher or school)? Since when is he or she a healer/medical practitioner? Does the person seem trustworthy?
      2. The method - it is established and has a solid foundation?: What is the method and how does it work? What philosophical/medical background does it have? When, where and by whom was it established? What do others say about it?
      3. The results - are they there?: Has this method been used to cure whatever condition I want to get cured? What is the success rate? Are there any risks?
      4. The practical aspects: How long does the treatment take and how often would I need to attend? What does it cost? Is it covered by insurance? Are there any special requirements during the treatment? Where is the healer/therapist located?

      These criteria of course are a mix. Not each one of them needs to be a 100% to convince me. And the weighting is subjective. I have actually just used these criteria to evaluate a method/therapist somebody has asked me about. In this case I was not interested in taking a treatment, but just wanted to form an opinion.

      What are your criteria? What is most important to you?
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