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    Do not give him too much attention.
    He doesn't want to learn, as he has his own belief. Why he tries again and again - uselessly - to convince us of his belief, might have several reasons ... but obviously he doesn't like to visit his own forums of medical science (as it would be normal: to visit pages of our own interest). Probably he isn't interested at all in our school and our attitude towards health and its contrary, illness - but wants to influence newcomers or readers to make them suspicious.
    Well, this doesn't work.

    I am not a clinical researcher, and not a physician. But - as I am a bit older - over the years I tried several medical treatments; and I experienced what conventional medical treatments did to some of my most beloved.
    To me our High-Level Chi Kung is the best treatment I ever enjoyed before; and my health and stability improved, as it never did before. And there are even more goodnesses ...
    Well - why seeking more? I don't. (Which doesn't mean not to learn more, and develop more. But I stopped trying this & that.) I feel at home with Cosmos Chi Kung.
    ... alles, alles, alles ist doch auf Liebe aufgebaut ..." (Ellen Auerbach, 1997)


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      The student I mentioned above just sent me an email. Here is what she said:

      "Since learning Qigong, I now have average fasting blood sugar readings of 106, compared to a fasting average of around 133 before Qigong. I could not decrease my blood sugar average, no matter how hard I tried. I hope to make continued progress and completely reverse diabetes. Qigong is truly a life-altering experience!! Thank you so much."

      I'd like to reiterate that this is par for the course in my school. It happens all the time. The only difference is that I'm starting to ask students for written testimonials.
      Sifu Anthony Korahais
      (Click here to learn more about me.)


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        Originally posted by yeniseri View Post
        This is truly wonderful [...]

        1. Was the individual under the care of a physician?
        2. Was the person cleared by their health care professional to engage in physical activity, regardless of what that activity is named?
        3. Did the healthcare professional note any contraindications to physical activity?
        4. Was the person taking any medications prior and during their special activity session, regardless of what that activity is called/nameed. I am sure you know that some medications interact with physical activity!

        I realize that many people of your high stature and that of Shaolin Wahnam discount these types of procedures as absurd and similar insights but for professionals, this should be mandatory to give a clear insight into the actual reality of what is needed. One is actually providing the impetus for the subject to get a total view of how he is to proceed and progress.
        Dear all,

        these questions make sense to me. But why doubt such simple things? It is just a case report with logical outcome.

        The fact, that qigong lowers blood sugar isn´t really surprising, nor does it have to do with "magic". You do not have to accept what we say about circulation of chi or about us teaching "high level chi kung" or anything.

        Just see it from the point of sugar metabolism and the current opinion of western medical doctors: every light aerobic excercise lowers blood sugar significantly in diabetes patients. If you know a tiny bit of muscle physiology and biochemistry or a piece of medicine, you will understand. Even if you do Chi Kung as physical excersice (or, for example, walk slowly with your dog around the block), it will in theory lower your blood sugar.

        But Chi Kung is much more than lower blood sugar, it enhances the work of the human immune system, enhances life quality, makes you enjoy food, life, play, sports etc. I could go on and on. These are proven scientific facts.

        Just a few weeks ago I was listening to a lecture of a world famous professor of Neurophysiology and Medicine, who said:

        "15 years ago I´ve seen stomach cancer patients in Shanghai, who survived much longer by doing special medical qigong. But I never admitted it in public, because I was afraid, people will think I am crazy. Now a lot of work is done in that field. Even Universities like Harvard and Oxford publish papers about Qigong. It can be said publicly, that Qigong enhances life brings immense benefits to patients!"
        This may sound not very surprising to some of us. But let´s enjoy the fact that Chikung is finding it´s ways in medicine.

        Best regards, Anton.
        Engage and maintain joyful practice!

        May all of you get the best benefits from what you do.

        Anton Schmick
        Shaolin Wahnam Germany Nord


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          Excellent post Anton

          I fully agree that Yeniseri's questions, as quoted above, are perfectly legitimate. It doesn't matter so much why Yeniseri is asking them, rather that they constitute an important corner-stone toward the official empowerment of High Level Qi Gong for healing.

          Fighting between medical systems is a lost of time for the doctors (Chinese as well as Western ones) and more importantly for the patients.

          Like it or not, in today's Western world, we (real TCM and Qigong healers) seriously need some real case studies in order to differentiate ourselves from the huge amount of fakers and charlatans. What we know about our system is one thing ... what other perceive is another fundamental thing. Nobody will ever change the collective consciousness perception without speaking a language and working a common approach that facilitates mutual understanding. I am not a dreamer, as I am also fully aware of the pitfalls around, but filling the gaps by building a common bridge of communication is in my opinion an important step. Answering the questions above is such a bridge.

          I am glad that some world-reknown universities like Oxford and Harvard are studying and recognizing the power of Qi Gong and other Chinese medicine branches. It is definitely to the credit of those scientists.

          For the record and in the spirit of professionalism, here is one of my latest's case study: curing the incurable without Western medication

          Best wishes,


          Maxime Citerne, Chinese Medicine, Qigong Healing & Internal Arts

          Frankfurt - Paris - Alsace




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            I thought that you all might like to know that the student I quoted above is a retired institutional researcher at a prestigious university.
            Sifu Anthony Korahais
            (Click here to learn more about me.)


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              I personally don't have any experiences, however I have read about it on this site many times over the years.

              Maybe you might be able to find something helpful in the archives here (the cure rate seems to fluctuate from about 10 months to 5 weeks):,cf.osb&fp=1


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                Thanks for all the contributions to this thread.

                I've forwarded on some of it to the long term diabetes patient, and I hope they will find some inspiration from it.