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Healing Colors of Wu Chi Chi Kung

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  • Irene1306
    Hi !

    I think you can map the colors, if you consider chakra - body relation:

    1 red - base chacra - bone mark (where blood is procuded)
    2 orange - chakra near tandiem feelings1 - kidney, bones
    3 yellow - solar plexus - stomach, liver ...
    4 green - heart chacra feelings2 - heart, lungs, muscles
    5 blue - collar expression - fascia
    6 indigo / pink - third eye intution - skin
    7 white - top of head spirit - skin pores

    only red (blood) and first chacra (bone mark) relates somehow. maybe you find some more relations, please let me know.

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  • Dr. Gary Cecil
    Re: Reply to Healing Colors

    Sifu Andrew, thank you for your response. What you offer is consistent with the traditional interpretations that I use in my practice. It's just that I'm intrigued to find another separate tradition, rooted in the Near East, that so closely resembles Chinese chi kung concepts, except for a few differences in how the colors are applied to the body, and I am wondering if anyone else has noticed this or has come across other interpretations that are similar. I'm a little reluctanct to experiment with this alternate interpretation unless I can establish its effectiveness in praxis - yet I like its simplicity and primitive appeal over against the more complicated paradigms found in Chinese medicine. Since the use of colors is much about visualization and focus, there is something alluringly uncomplicated about visualizing white with bones and black with bowels; whereas, black with bones is harder, although this occurs because of the water element. I've practiced for 37 years, but I continue to seek and to learn and to broaden my appreciation for these mysteries!

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  • Andrew
    We don't usually worry about colours in association with our Chi Kung practice so I don't really think I can be of much help. However, when considering the "standard" connections of organs, colours, directions, etc. in TCM, you might find some interesting correlations to compare with:

    Elemental Processes
    Wood Fire Earth Metal Water corespond to

    Zang /Yin organs
    Liver Heart Spleen Lung Kidney

    Fu /Yang organs
    Gallbladder Small Intestine Stomach Large Intestine Bladder

    East South Middle West North

    Tendons Vessels Muscles Skin/hair Bones

    Green Red Yellow White Black

    Sense organs
    Eye Tongue Mouth Nose Ear

    I don't know if any of this is new or useful but I do hope it makes some sense to you.

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  • Dr. Gary Cecil
    started a topic Healing Colors of Wu Chi Chi Kung

    Healing Colors of Wu Chi Chi Kung

    Greetings, Friends. I am a practitioner of Wu Chi Chi Kung. I practice a very powerful form that has the reputation for turning back the clock and slowing down the aging process, among other benefits. Whether or not that is true, the form is intense yet relaxing and refreshing.
    Although I have practiced this form of Chi Kung for a while, I still have some questions relating to the use of colors within the visualizations that accompany the form, and I would welcome some informed input (I'm not seeking opinions, I have enough of those already). Here are the points for consideration:
    1) My Shaolin master instructor favored focusing on the 7 major energy points that closest correspond to the 7 chakras. Each of these points have a color associated with them. Among those colors, green is for the heart in the chest. However, 2) Wu Chi Chi Kung uses 4 colors associated with directions and relating to organs and bodily systems: East - Green - stomach, liver; North - black - bladder, kidneys; West - white - lungs; South - red - blood/circulation. 3) But interestingly, some very ancient documents I study also talk of these 4 colors: green, black, white, and red in relation to the four directions, but associate them as follows: green - skin; black - bowels/abdominal organs; white - bones, veins; red - blood/circulation. I can see the logic of these latter ancient associations, and I'm wondering if there is any wisdom from among you as to which associations seem most productive in the practice of chi kung and the healing colors, and if there is any precedent for #3 in your studies. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this thread. I will be most curious to hear your response. - Dr. Gary Cecil, Wu Chi Martial Arts Society