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Any falungong practitioners at home (in the house)

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  • Any falungong practitioners at home (in the house)

    Falungong is stated and has been rated one of the best modern qigong!
    The problem with its present low status has been involvement with politics and the stated pseudo-Buddhist ravings of its founder.

    This writer suggests that one stay clear of the politics and if one is pursuing falungong as an alternative cultivation method, to do so with care and diligence. It is as good as any method (your own choice) so beware of false profits (prophets).
    A saying goes "just as the goldsmith or swordsman temper their wares by cutting, shaping and adjusting so too should the qigong practitioner test his/hers (wares-i.e. the method being studied) and not believe a thing because it is repeated.

    How long have you fellows being studying?

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    Good luck

    Hi Yeniseri,

    I need to point out that I am not a Falun Gong practictioner although I have read the books and followed the excercises in the past. I can only tell you what I know or feel about Faun Gong from the short time I was involved.
    As far as energy was concerned I don't believe I was following the art for long enough to experience major energy increases, that said I did feel sufficient energy in the few months I tried it. I am in fact rereading my Falun Gong books now as some of the things Li Hongzi talks about in Zhuan Falun have come true for me although I wasn't following or practicing his art.
    It is quite a profound cultivation method with some tall claims and controversial veiws; that aside I actually think there is something in it and the principles of truthfullness, compassion and forbearance can be used for progress in other schools of thought. This is high level stuff, you don't start with a warm up and for the western mind or the mind that is not right I would say don't rush in until you can make that sort of commitment.
    I hope I've helped and not confused.



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      not wither


      Great thoughts and openmindedness!
      I found the book very longwinded and the notoriety humourous but it seemed that the principles of the practitioner is stronger than the actual method if applied in a 'positive way', a very vague definition of positive is understood.

      WHich affects the value? The method or the practitioner! In some methods, I am clueless insofar as telling people which mwthod to purse.

      Thanks for reply


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        very true


        I've just reread your thread and felt I'd like to add a couple of things from my experience. You're right it's hard to tell what is true or false initially, I'd say there are some who just beleive or have faith and there are those who need more perhaps much more. I think I fall somewhere into the second category, good in someways and bad in others. I think to really understand whether Falun gong, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity etc are what are what they say they are you have to be in them to a reasonable level or perhaps you have to be in that place probably after alot of suffering where you know excatly what these things mean to you.
        My humble advice is to research what you feel your drawn to, accept your sufferings to grow more understanding and pray to be guided on the right path for you.

        Good luck


        P.S you may find at a later date that when you reread these books they mean something different, then again they may not.


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          so it is


          That was very nice. Thank you
          Truthfullness, Benevelonce and Forbearance are values for all to emulate not just a few.