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Let Grandmaster decide who gets licensed!

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  • Let Grandmaster decide who gets licensed!

    outwardly it seems this is an good and honest attempt to discourage malpractice and false teachings, unfortunately my assumption is that it is just another way for the state to make money. Thoughts?


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    This is... horrible but typical.
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      Dear Shaolin Wahnam Familly,

      This is a very interesting topic. Thanks for starting it.

      In Spain, at the moment, alternative medicine wants to be banned by the government. So, you can only imagine what a big issue this has been. And public opinion is not happy about it. Especially since many patients complain that they have the right to choose which treatment they want to go for.

      I found an article in English for the ones who want to have a look at what is happening in Spain:

      Hopefully, consumers react strongly enough to this law and government changes its mind.

      It is true that there are many bogus masters that harm more than benefit. It is also true that this issue concerns authorities and they feel the need to do something about it in order to protect consumers.

      So... What is the right approach?

      Some weeks ago I was thinking about this. What happens in other European countries is that one has to have a Title or Degree in Alternative Medicine issued by a certified Center or University. One would only be able to choose over a limited list of centers or universities approved by the government instead of choosing the best master one could find.

      Of course, that does not mean that genuine and effective medicine is taught there. It just means that they have permission to form certified and official alternative medicine therapists.

      And then, I thought about our school based on the traditional heart to heart transmission and teaching from master to student. When, of course, the master decides when the student is ready to teach. Be it in 5 years or in 20 years (or never).

      In my opinion, this traditional way is a wonderful approach because the master knows better when the student is ready (if ever) to transmit the art. But, of course, if this law becomes a reality, this approach will not be enough and teaching the Shaolin Arts as we know will become illegal.

      Chi Kung healers in our school would be equally affected by this law as they wouldn't have an official certification approved by the government.

      I would love to know what your thoughts are on this and also the solutions that you would propose.

      With Love, Care and Shaolin Salute,



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        This is an expected response by people who are still mostly ignorant but trying to do what is right. It is no secret that for the most part people who claim to be healers or masters are fake, knowingly or unknowingly.

        There are instances where people have been scammed out of time and money or even harmed when learning from people without adequate skills and morals, for example by stopping other medical treatments.

        The alternative medicine field worldwide is overripe for some cleaning and setting standards in my opinion. Flat out banning is based on not knowing enough, but not overreacting from a government point of view - public safety and health is among the very chief reasons governments exist.

        A good response would be to educate lawmakers and board members, preferably face to face as these are practical arts. It is overall not a bad idea by governments to attempt to weed out unqualified teachers and create a set of criteria for anyone wishing to teach, instead of banning the arts completely.
        This shows that the arts are starting to come out of the shadows and in the longer run be trusted and accepted by the general public, not just those who seek them out.

        Our school has highly qualified teachers teaching very high level arts, we have nothing to worry about. The choice we do have though, is to sit quietly and adapt or to rise up and attempt to influence the process.

        A board or committee of strangers can never replace a genuine master who knows their student.
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          It's interesting to see this type of legislation proposed in Oklahoma, which is one of the more right-wing states in the US. Generally speaking, the Republican agenda is staunchly opposed to this sort of government regulation. I'll be curious to see where this bill goes...

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            There is a link to a petition against the bill here, with a link to the proposed legislation itself near the top:

            When one door closes, another one opens.


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              There is a quote from the historian Tacitus that springs to mind, "The more numerous the laws the more corrupt the state"