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    Dear Shaolin family and guests,

    I was reading through Sifu's latest Q&A (February 2008 part 3), and was particularly touched by the last answer, regarding Sifu's course fees. This prompted me to write a short testimonial on what our Shaolin Arts can do.

    I was talking with a friend the other day. We hadn't talk for a while and were happily catching up. As the conversation went, and we were asking each other how everything was going, I was gradually surprised by my answers... I actually have the life I was dreaming of four years ago! (more accurately I have a life I could not even think of, as many things were outside of my paradigm at the time)

    It is easy to take for granted what we receive from our practice. I myself have been regularly guilty of that, to automatically focus on what I yet had not achieved. However I suddenly realized that what was seemingly not going so well now had nothing to do to what was not going so well four years ago.

    As we were talking, I heard myself explaining that I had not had a single cold of flue for four years (I actually don't remember how it feels!), that my back had fixed itself (I couldn't bend past my knees, and now can easily touch my knees with my head), that in my work I was now doing in 30 minutes what used to take me 2 hours, that when I was stucked at work I simply put out the question to the universe, went to do something else, and usually got the answer shortly after, that my hayfever had disappeared these last two years, and that yes, I knew what Chi felt like

    Again, I was surprised at how I took all of this for granted. This was a great lesson!

    The conversation then went to the subject of spiritual development, which was new to my friend, and again I was struck by how blessed we are to have the opportunity to develop our mind and to open our hearts. The genuine Shaolin Arts are even more precious than I could have ever dreamt of when I started. Who knows what there is yet to come?

    Thank you Sifu for opening our hearts - there is no price for that.

    Warm regards,

    Hubert Razack

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    Thanks, Hubert, and congratulation!

    What was your friend's comment or reaction after hearing you?

    开心 好运气
    kai xin... .......hao yunqi... - Sifu's speech, April 2005
    open heart... good chi flow... good luck ...
    Have we not opened up thy heart ...? (The Reading, 94:1)
    Be joyful, ..and share your joy with others -(Anand Krishna)


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      Dear Hubert,

      Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story!

      I am delighted to hear about all the wonderful--even amazing--benefits you have received as the result of your training and perseverance. Many congratulations to you!

      Happy training,


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        Hubert brother,

        Good to hear from you . I am the same. When I look at what has happened it is amazing - focussing on the light rather than the not yet light .

        All the best,

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          Dear Hubert Siheng,

          Thanks for your story, congratulations on your successes, and best wishes for your future development.

          I hope that we get a chance to meet very soon.

          Your Kung Fu Brother,

          Charles David Chalmers
          Brunei Darussalam


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            Great stuff, Hubert. Yet another example of the importance of tracking your progress!
            Sifu Anthony Korahais
            (Click here to learn more about me.)


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              Well done

              I pay homage to all the great masters of the past and the present


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                Thank you Hubert Sisuuk for starting this thread. I too read Sigung's answer to the last question and must admit I do find it a little annoying that people speak rudely towards Sigung (Grandmaster Wong) on the subject. Its quite simple really. if its not for you, look away and look somewhere else. There is no need to be rude about it. I have come the conclusion (for the time being) that some are just not blessed enough to walk this path.

                While reading Sigung's answer quite a few thoughts came to me on the subject of course prices. From personal experience I could say the following:

                1) My health has improved tremendously since practicing Shaolin kung fu. I remember a few years ago commenting to a friend during a Christmas period how ridiculous it is that we spend so much time throughout the year feeling weak and physically miserable because of the constant cold and flu going around. Luckily I now longer have to put up with this anymore. how much is this worth?

                2) I also used to get very very bad coughs every year which hangs around for over a month. I can recall thinking about how damaging it must be for my lungs and did started to worry how this will effect me as I get older. Every medicine I tried could not stopped me from coughing. I used to get physically exhausted from coughing and imagined what it must be doing to my lungs. I recall my mums concern for my coughs too. I have not had any bouts of coughs since practicing Shaolin Kung fu, not even a day. I remember commenting to my wife only a few weeks ago (as she was coughing alot from a cold) that I would practice Shaolin kung fu diligently even if it only solved my cough problem. How much is this worth?

                3) I was also a hayfever sufferer and every year around March onwards I would feel weak with irritated eyes etc for over a month. Last year I would say I suffered about 25% of what I previously did. I feel very good this year and actually look forward to see how my body deals with the pollens. How much is this worth?

                4) Through my kung fu practice and being part of Shaolin Wahnam I have also gained more energy and wisdom than what I had before which has enabled me to be a better husband to my wife and a better father to my childrens. Therefore, I am now able to assist, serve and guide my wife and childrens in better ways. How much is this "one" worth?

                5) Through my practice, Sigung's generous imparting of his wisdom through his questions and answer series as well as my respect for the ten shaolin laws I am now more filial towards my parents as well as a better brother towards my immediate brothers and sisters which I am very proud of. I am also so grateful that I can do this and the above with so much joy and happiness. How much is this worth?

                6) I have also become more compassionate, less judgemental and more positive towards people around me which has help much towards the happiness in my daily life. How much is this worth?

                7) In the one and the half years I have been practicing kung fu at Shaolin Wahnam, I feel I have become more combat efficient in this school than I could have achieved at most if not all other schools in the same time scale. Furthermore, I have been fortunate enough to have been shown enough material to last me a life time of practice......even though I am still at a basic level. How much is this worth?

                8) Going back to the health benefits, I have directly experienced what my practice has done for me regarding health. I also don't take it for granted what health problems I may have evaded through my practice, especially when I hear of health problems from people around me.

                9) Finally, I am still a beginner at Shaolin Wahnam and feel I will continue to progress and grow within the school and through my practice. I will one day hope to impart all that I have learnt so far and in the future onto my childrens when I am ready and when they are ready. Hopefully, they would then pass it onto their childrens or deserving disciples. Now, how much is ALL this worth? As my Sisuuk said in the opening post:

                Last edited by Martin Do; 25 February 2008, 05:30 PM.


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                  Thank you all for your feedback and for sharing some of your experiences.

                  I am now in Costa Rica at the magnificent blue mountain where I am witnessing yet more miraculous changes in the course participants. I need to remember one day to do that "before/after" group photo!

                  Originally posted by joko View Post
                  What was your friend's comment or reaction after hearing you?
                  "Oh, so, these arts are for real..." [sounding quite puzzled and starting to reconsider his view of the world]
                  Hubert Razack


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                    Martin, that was an excellent post

                    If I ever should be asked about our prices I will point them to your post


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                      Dear Sifu Jordan,

                      I hope you and are well. Thank you for your kind words.

                      Best wishes



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                        "Price of a high level arts(Chi-Kung)...?

                        "Before I learn/pratice CHI-KUNG from Sifu I used to have sinus,allery(food & skin).After Chi-kung pratice for few months,it's totaly gone.It's like a miracle for me...and many more benefits.Thank you Sifu and the past masters.
                        I dare to say from direct experince Sifu is one of the best in the world".
                        "Be patient Always,May the good chi be with you"