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Back and neck injury.

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  • Back and neck injury.

    I would like to share with everyone the wonderful benefits that I have received by practising Shaolin Chi Kung. In 1994 I injured my upper back and neck, I had protruding discs in my back and two fused in my neck. I was in constant pain for six years, which was only relieved each week for a day of two, by osteopathy and a cocktail of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. The nagging never eased despite all of these and it felt (on a good day) like a lot of toothaches at the one time.
    I was not able to work, so started reading quite a lot. I read many books on self healing and positive thinking and all seemed to mention Chi Kung. One day in a local bookshop, one book was sticking out more than the others and it was a book on Chi Kung, so I bought it. I didn't actually read it straight away, it was some months later. The book was 'Chi kung for health and vitality' by Wong Kiew Kit, he seemed so convincing and caring that I wanted to contact him right away. There wasn't any website mentioned in his book, so I looked in search engines and found his site. To cut a long story short, Sifu was holding an Intensive Chi Kung course five weeks later. I suppose I did the most unusual thing that I have ever done, I signed up for the course in Malaysia and when I told my family, they all thought that I was mad.!!!( That is putting it mildly)!!. I know that Dan is well used to travelling but for the previous six years Cork city was as far as I had gone.!! So this was quiet a surprise to everyone. Every night on going to bed, I used to ask God if I was doing the right thing and this feeling of complete peace used to wash over me, this convinced me( although I didn't need much convincing)! and off I went in Jan. 2000.
    Malaysia was a brilliant experience, and even though I didn't feel great, the course was excellent. Sifu was so happy, caring and approachable. He explained everything so easily, that I had no trouble remembering when I arrived home. Anyway I practiced the Chi Kung patterns and after eight months the pain was completely gone. Straight after starting, I was having more good times than bad, although I did have some very painful weeks while the energy was clearing, but it was a different type of pain. I am now perfect and have never felt better. I owe it all to Sifu for his generosity and love of people in sharing Shaolin Chi Kung with me. I have seen the results in other people here who practise also, the contentment, relaxation, happiness and relief or cure of a long term illness. For me the 'Chi Flow' is such a feeling of freedom, bliss and timelessness that I never want it to end. Thank you Sifu, my back injury was a blessing in disguise.

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    Hi Joan,

    You are an inspiration to us all, for your courage, dedication and success. May all your lives have as much happiness and joy.

    Warmest regards


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      Thank you.

      Hi Darryl,
      Thank you for those kind words. I am a little speechless to be honest. I think that you guys who go on to do Kungfu are the inspirational ones. As Sifu says 'Chi Kung is for lazy people.!!. I have taken two Tai Chi chuan days with Sifu and can only imagine what the Kung fu course and training is like. I know that you all love it though.!
      I really only wrote about my experience so that others with similiar health problems will know that Chi Kung really works, once it is learned properly and practised consistently.The benefits are so much more than what you expect. It is also important to have patience and to allow the energy to go where ever it wants, as it knows its job much better than us. The best to do is Enjoy the Chi Flow and experience the many benefits in their own time.
      Darryl, thank you again, C U tomorrow.