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  • Great benefits.

    Here are some of the great benefits experienced by students in Ireland from Sifu's courses and my own. (names have been changed).

    1)Sandra 30's says: ' I am experiencing the same circumstances in my life, yet they don't seem as stressful. I have noticed a significant shift in some of my personal issues eg. anger and I don't get so bothered any more.' (Sandra actually came out in boils in the first three weeks of Chi Kung practise and also cried a lot). She continues 'I am smiling a LOT more and I think I have relaxed for the first time in my life'. Sandra actually sold her house, shortly after finishing the course, something that she had been trying to do for quite some time.
    2)Joanne 30's says: 'Thyroid dysfunction has improved. General improvement in posture and overall health, especially in asthma and joint mobility. More energy by day, mental focus improved and more laid back, not as irritable.
    3)Jim 29 says: ' I suffered very badly with depression but Chi Kung has given me back my life.' Jim has started his own business and is feeling great.
    4)Frank 40's says: 'The pain is gone and the pills are gone'!!!. He suffered from a very bad back previous to learning Chi Kung and had been off work for some time.
    5) Denis 40's : Ulcerative Colitis has improved significantly, it took some time, but it has saved him having major surgery. He spent months going backwards in circles really quickly in his chi flow.!
    6)Tara 30's:Pain relief from back problem. Psorasis cleared, increased energy levels, clearer thoughts and sleeping really well.
    7)Laura 30's says: ' I have mild asthma and have not used inhaler since doing the course with Sifu. I have more energy, can get through work more quickly and things don't 'get to me' as much now.'
    Helen 60's says ' Before Chi Kung I was sleeping very badly because of arthritic pain in my shoulder, now I sleep well and the pain is gone, as is arthritic pain in knee and hip.'
    9)Steven 20's: Practises martial arts 5 nights a week, has picked up a lot of injuries, the latest to his shoulder. Has only been practising in the last few weeks and feels great improvement with the pain he was experiencing in neck and shoulder area.
    10)Des 30's: Started Chi Kung because of neck and shoulder problem, but also had no sensation down his right arm, it was lifeless. During the classes Des felt very cold in his extremities and had pins and needles shooting up and down his affected arm. After five weeks of practise, he told me at the class one night that the feeling was coming back in his arm, and that he had held a cup of tea that week for the first time in a few years. He is now able to use both hands again, and although sometimes it feels sore, the pain clears after pracitise.

    There have been many many more from fibromyalgia to ulcerated tongues, the above is just a cross section of age groups,genders and illnessess that have greatly benefitted from Shaolin Chi Kung practise.

    Thank you Sifu.