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  • Motivation problems

    Hi all,

    just a quick note to say that I think this forum is a brilliant idea and that it is great to be able to relate experiences of chi kung with others.

    I had previously posted to this site with some of my experiences of chi kung and I was very happy with the results. Let me say though that I did not have the benefit of teaching directly from Sifu Wong himself but from his books alone. That I have experienced anything at all I guess is testament to the clarity of instruction from his written works. I do wonder however that had I had been to his courses, would I be feeling how I now feel ?

    Basically over the past week I have felt no desire to train whatsoever. I feel tired all the time and listless. I do not feel like working and although I might be putting in the time in the office I feel that the quantity of output, not to mention quality has markedly decreased. Normally, I was training 4-5 days out of seven, in other words quite regularly, for at least an hour each session.

    Is it normal to have a "plateau phase" like this and what can I do about it? Also, is the lack of training causing the abovementioned symptoms? I didn't think that by stopping training that the effects of chi kung would wear off so fast. I do not want to discontinue training as I have been quite consistent until now and feel that to stop would be a shame and a waste. I began again last night with 20 or 30 "Lifting the sky" followed by standing meditation but my thoughts are all over the place.

    I would be most grateful for any advice the readers might give.



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    Hello Kevin,

    Yours is a difficult question to answer but I will make an attempt - using my limited experience and knowledge.

    First to your practice schedule. If you are practicing genuine Shaolin Chi Kung you probably don't need one hour for a session. Just 15 minutes is usually adequate but then this should be every day. Only regular practice will facilitate your development. An occasional day missed can happen to anyone but it should be the exception and not the rule.

    To your second concern - it is not normal that missing a week of practice would drop you into such a state. Are there other factors in your life which have recently changed ? Something(s) which are now concerning your mind, emotional issues, abnormal stress at work or elsewhere, etc. ? The comment that your "thoughts are all over the place" would indicate that you do not normally have an issue with this.

    My humble advice would be to re-commence practice but every day for 15 minutes. Don't worry about whether you are on a plateau (which is quite common) or not. Just practice with the comfort of knowing your practice is doing you good. If you have an opportunity to learn personally from Sifu, take it. You will most likely be very surprised at the difference in results compared to learning from his excellent books.

    Smile from your heart.


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      felt something kindof similar

      I know when I first started I just suddenly felt that all I wanted to do was be outside and with nature and with my girlfriend of the time and just couldn't be bothered to work whatsoever. - all I could think of was enjoying being alive and being out in the sun. I emailed sifu Wong about it but he hasn't got back to me.

      the worst thing is, I think the truth might be that we're just not supposed to be working in offices like this. we evolved living outdoors in nature. its worn off now though (thankfully- had no motivation to work whatsoever). I occasionally feel a little sadness off practise - I've had a huge amount of knocks in the last month though and have handled myself extremely well - losing girlfriends (s?), finally escaping a bad landlord, massive stress with deadlines at work, being told I'm gonna be taken to court (by prev. mentioned landlord). I think I'd have to put it down to chi kung. I've never handled problems this well before. I mean, these things bother me, but only as long as they need to - just half a day - then its no problem. I mean, its like I'm taking all life's knocks much more easily now.

      I would suggest that if the problem of motivation is affecting your desire to practise chi kung then something must be wrong with your practise. thus I'd find a good master who can teach you correctly. (it makes a huge amount of difference being taught by someone like sifu Wong).


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        Re: felt something kindof similar

        Hey Bluebwoy:
        Sifu didn't get back to you? Hm. I read about your story in the Question and Answers a couple weeks back you should check them out.
        Here it is:
        July #3, '02

        Hope this helps.


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          Hi all,

          just a quick thank you to CH and also to Jane for their kind replies to my queries. I have since gone down a few gears on my training schedule. Now a session lasts just 15-20 minutes. It is easier to maintain good concentration for a short time, than poor concentration over a longer period.
          So now I do "Lifting the Sky" and "Pushing Mountains" and that's enough for now.
          I feel a lot better as well. CH you were right about having stress in my life, I just moved house and my girlfriend is moving in with me. Stress enough! It is funny sometimes how outsiders can clearly see someone else's problem when the sufferer canot see it at all. The wood for the trees?

          Thanks again,



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            Hello Kevin,

            I am very grateful for your feedback. It is extremely pleasing to hear of your progress and I am glad we were able to help.

            All the best


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              Hi Kevin,
              Thanks for your comments and I am really delighted that things are getting better for you. Quality is much better than quantity. Whenever you are home again get in touch.
              Take care of yourself,


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                Re: felt something kindof similar

                sorry, I had no idea the question would be posted on there.
                I presumed I would be emailed back. I'm not very familiar with the website.