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    Myself : Back problem (2 inoperable slipping discs) cured - I think (haven't had them checked)
    Myself : Gave up smoking ... easily just with "Lifting the Sky" from Sifu's book

    People I train or train with:........
    Female, late 40s : Blood pressure problem - after about 8 years still not even successfully diagnosed (much less cured) by doctors and other medical practitioners. Has not needed to take any medication for almost a year (had taken medication constantly for the last 7 years) and is much better than before - although not 100% cured......yet !!!!

    Male, early 50s : Diabetes. Medication reduced by 60% in first 5 months of regular Chi Kung practice. Doctor amazed.

    Female, middle-aged: Sleep disorder of many years. Couldn't sleep every night for over an hour after going to bed. Slept like a baby after a single Chi Kung course with Sifu.

    Female, late 20s : Suffered from severe hay-fever, mild asthma and other allergies. Hay-fever is practically gone after a few months of practice. No more signs of asthma.

    There are also various other cases ranging from depression (gone in a few days) to more serious disorders which I may report on in the future.

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    You mention that "Lifting The Sky" helped you give up smoking...i have not been practising long and im a smoker but ive found that i am without my knowledge smoking less and less everyday....i think with just that little bit more will power i will be able to give up completly.

    Take care and be happy


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      Re: Smoking - or stopping

      Hello Sam,

      Lifting the Sky is one of the best exercises in all Chi Kung. It is probably also the most flexible. What I mean is that there is probably the most tolerance for errors in its practice. That, however, doesn't mean you can get it 100% wrong and still get the results

      If you want to stop smoking it's really very easy (at least it was for me - but you must WANT to stop). Just build yourself up with Lifting the Sky. Practice twice a day with 15-30 repititions of the form, enjoy the chi and don't forget to remain still at the end of your practice for a couple of minutes. After about 3 months of this just stop smoking. By this time your body should be strong enough to cope with any withdrawal symptoms. That was what I did at Sifu's advice and it really was easy.

      Another alternative would be to attend one of Sifu's courses. What you would learn and how you would learn it far surpasses learning from a book. After the course, you'd probably just be able to throw the rest of your cigarettes away without problem.

      All the best,


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        giving up smoking

        I am a begineer, but my friend who gave me the book to read has been practising chi kung for a while now aswell as wing when i see him soon i am going to ask him to watch me do Lifting the sky to see if im doing it right...i feel i am cause i am feeling benefits...i seem more relaxed and have got more energy.

        I dont think im at the stage where i could just throw my ciggarettes away yet, with practise and determination anything is possible. Chi Kung has helped people with cancer,slipped disk and numerous other illnessess im sure it can help me get rid of my nasty habit.

        I would love to attend a sifu's course but at the moment it isnt viable, so im studying what i can threw books and the net and practise twice a day.

        Take care and be happy