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  • Destructive Chi Flows

    Hi everyone,

    For starters, I would agree that I do have active chi flows, but yesterday something happenned that got me thinking.

    During my chi flow (training indoors, midnight session, Lifting The Sky approx 10 times) I was going through a series of martial type movements, then I ducked my head in and did a movement akin to a sideways role, onto my bed.

    My bed promptly broke (wooden bed, slats) and this is the second time recently that I have broken things during chi flows, the last was also a bed and that one was just hopping back - not jumping - from standing, to break through a 3 inch/7cm support beam, approx 1"/2.5cm thick (3" vertical, not horizontal).

    I am sure I could not have broken these items whilst not undergoing chi flow, and while I have much time to sleep on the floor and wonder, I am soon going to run out of beds if this continues (or go back to training outdoors all the time).

    Has anyone else ever had experiences either where they have broken something, collided with & dented, bashed or otherwise caused damage to an object during chi flow?

    For a final point, I had no bruises, stiffness, marks etc, just a lack of solid sleeping surfaces apart from the floor.

    Time to dig out a wooden board or hammocks?

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    Now you understand why Shaolin Monks slept on a 5 foot long plank - easy to find a new bed if you break it in a Chi Flow !

    I have chi flows that often contain Kungfu patterns that I have, or have not trained before. In Scotland in Feb 2002 I was doing Dark Dragon Enters Well. At the time I did not know that it was Dark Dragon Enters Well but I found out after the course. I have also done some Taijiquan patterns in my Chi Flows and some other Kungfu patterns.

    When training indoors i have to keep my flows in check to some extent so as not to destroy my altar or calligraphy, or the door or anything in the way. I hit a bamboo staff that I have in my training room, with a sort of sweeping knife hand and it flew across the room like a matchstick and bounced of the opposite wall. I have also hit the floor quite hard and the walls with my hand and knees, but in Kungfu patterns, when I let go and get carried away.

    In fact some nights recently i have used the Cross Roads at 4 Gates Set to generate a Chi Flow instead of Lifting the Sky and had some excellent results.

    I prefer to train outside but it is not always easy to find somewhere and suitable weather although on the south coast it is more compliant than up in the highlands - I often stand and watch the mass of cloud north of me that hangs over the hills and I presume the rest of England north from me, and I am grateful that i am right on the coast.

    Darryl, see you tomorrow morning and I can show you the joys of the southern lifestyle and a temperate climate. Don’t worry; there is a large private park outside my house for you to run round in!




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      Remind me not to invite you guys to my apartment for practice.


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        I have personally never broken anything during Chi Flows, although, I have experienced interruptions of my Chi Flows from people and animals. At times, this was destructive during such a wonderful experience.

        As for destructivity.
        I have had my fair share of pulling off door handles, breaking cups, and blowing house light bulbs, along with street lights.
        But this usually occurs after a good session.

        Happy Holidays



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          hi all,

          As a quick addittion/wrap up to this thread, during one of the chi flows at the course in Brighton, I was suddenly aware that I wished to break something (very strong desire to do so), and opened my eyes to find myself in a very low bow and arrow stance, about to strike a bench with a vertical backfist (Lohan Strikes Drum), instead I redirected myself back away from the bench and allowed the sensation/longing to pass naturally, and then went on to have a phenomenal experience that increased with every other chi flow from then on.

          I now view it as a transitionary point during a cleansing process so I am now even happier in regard to breaking things (even though I now dont lol) as I know that if I dont want to, I wont.