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"shattering of mind" experience

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  • "shattering of mind" experience

    I was reading a Q&A section from '97 and I came across something that I related to. It's number 11:

    "Question 11
    I have always been interested in martial arts and chi kung. I am currently suffering from several health problems caused by what I think was wrong chi kung practice. Since I was disturbed during a chi kung meditation I have always been nervous and afraid, and sometimes I experience uncontrollable movements.
    Azman, Malaysia.

    Answer 11
    You are right in saying that your health problems were caused by wrong chi kung practice. The good news is that the problems can be overcome and you can continue with proper chi kung training which will bring wonderful benefits.

    Your problems were the result of what is known in chi kung terminology as "shattering of mind leading to disorderly energy flow". The shattering was caused by lost of mental control due to mental disturbance, added by fear and anxiety. Some energy is trapped within pockets of blockages. Sometimes the trapped energy flows within the confines of the blocked pockets, causing uncontrolable physical movement.

    The mind has not recovered completely from its inital shock, and therefore exists in states of fear and nervousness. The therapeutic aproach is to attack the problems at their roots, and this consists of opening the blockages to release the trapped energy, as well as calming and focussing the mind. These can be done by you yourself practising appropriate remedial exercises, or by a master opening the blockages and calming the mind, or by the combined effort of both."

    I think I experienced a "shattering of mind leading to disorderly energy flow" during inappropriate practice back in April (before I met Sifu). I felt very uncomfortable at the time with nervousness and fear lasting a few hours or more. After a few more days, the general discomfort subsided. I've felt pretty normal since. But now that I've started chi kung with Sifu, I sometimes notice some uncontrollable movements or urges for them - shortly after practicing. At these times, I feel that relaxing helps. But I'm wondering which are the appropriate remedial exercises to tackle this problem at its root? Sifu refers to these his answer above but he doesn't specifiy. I'm assuming chi flow is involved. Anything else?

    Thank you,

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    I am not a Shaolin-Wahnam Instructor, so I am not the final word on this! But, just to help you feel better, I wanted to say that it is most likely that if you practice the chi-kung like Sifu said, then you will naturally cleanse yourself of any problems which were formed from before being given proper teaching.

    Any of the Shaolin-Wahnam Instructors out there have any comments for Tom?

    Take care,


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      Hi Tom and Alex,

      Tom, if you have Sifu's book 'Chi Kung for health and vitality' on page 101/102, Sifu gives some information on this problem and how to deal with it. If the energy is scattered again by a sudden noise or disturbance or deviation, by a firm act of will, keep your mind and energy intact. Tell yourself that your energy is intact and that you are safe, go back to your breathing nice and gently and continue in your chi flow. A good remedial exercise for this is Self-manifested Chi flow. As you have wisely taken the course with Sifu, you know how to do this now. If you need more information on this please email me and I will remind you in more detail. It is also a good idea to email Sifu, with any questions that you may have or anything that you are not sure about from the course.
      It was lovely to meet you and I am glad to hear that you are continuing with your practise. Best of luck with your studies.


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        Thanks Alex and Joan for your helpful replies.

        Joan - nice meeting you too. I hope we meet again!