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  • Dan Tien Breathing

    I would like to share my experiences with this exercise and see if anyone else has similar experiences.

    During the Scotland Chi Kung course in February my 3rd eye was throbbing during Dan Tien breathing, and it was almost painful. Darryl and Andrew remarked that they could see the Chi moving in and out of me. Later, after a few weeks I discontinued Dan Tien breathing as it was getting a bit too painful. Later I found that I experience the same throbbing pain at my 3rd eye regardless of what Chi Kung I did, during the standing meditation, and as a result I stopped spending as long in standing meditation, usually only a minute or two before it started, so as to avoid the pain. Then a few months ago it started to happen at random, not a pain, but the throb, more gentle than before and it was at odd times, like at work, or sitting reading a book, or just looking at the sky.

    The weekend Sifu landed in England, the weekend before the Brighton course, it started to increase in frequency, instead of a few times a week it became 5 or 6 times a day. Then during the course I participated in a few of the Chi Flows, during one I finished feeling slightly disorientate, but focused. Things looked 'different'. One thing I noticed was that I could see in-animate objects such as the wall in very clear focus, but organic and living objects were slightly blurred. Sifu was standing in the middle of the hall, but I could not focus on him; he was surrounded by a vibrating blur.

    Later I could clearly see three circular marks on Sifu’s forehead, in a horizontal row; the one in the middle was bigger than the other two. While I was standing with Sifu a few of the students pointed out they could see aura’s around both of us, I think it was Jeff who came up and commented on the difference in magnitude (Sifu’s was a lot larger) I was busy staring at the ‘fuzz’ in the air though. Later I noticed I could ‘see’ the blockages at some other people’s third eyes as dark patches.

    Since the Brighton course it has increased in frequency and last night I was sitting at my desk in the office and I looked at the wall outside the door as my third eye was throbbing and I noticed that I could somehow see inside the wall. It was not seeing inside as in cut open, but like I could see what the wall was made off, see it all vibrating and changing, not solid and fixed like we normally perceive a wall. In a way it was almost like the wall was not there.

    Along with these symptoms I have had a buzzing at my Hui Yin and the Bai Hui points, in Germany I had a buzzing at the Hui Yin and shortly afterwards the blockage that I had 'felt' at my Ming Men was further up my spine between my shoulders where it still seems to be.

    Anyone else having or had similar experiences?



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    Now this has the makings of an excellent thread lol.

    First off Dan - full and hearty congratulations, excellent progress.

    I have never really had the 'pain' at the third eye so I cant really comment on that. As to the 'inward' sensation of chi/pressure, I have felt that before several times, the longest time was for two days straight but it was very gentle the whole time, noticable but pleasant.

    I have not had the 'looking through walls' type of experiences, but I have seen sheets and clouds of chi before, the most graphic was when it was like looking through soup, so definite that I could focus my eyes on it at any point within the room.

    The most unusual/offputting thing I have seen was when I was chatting to someone and the whole left hand side of their face dissapeared layer by layer, skin to flesh to bone to blackness, with a very 'penetrative' sensation where their eye socket had been. The whole thing happenned within seconds, I turned away and when I looked back everything was as normal. Unusual, but not especially frightening once the shock had passed.

    As a quick note, anyone who is either dismissive or speculative of the expereiences of both Dan and myself, speaking for myself I have no worries regarding wether or not you belive, just hope that you may remain open to new possibilities.


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      Thanks for sharing your experiences. I agree this could be an excellent thread. My third eye is a little calmer today, but I am in doubt that it will kick back in later tonight. Midnight seems to be the time it is most active, and sometimes I end up lying in bed for over an hour experiencing the push and pull of the energy at my third eye, which gradually loses sync with my breathing and becomes a throbbing with its own rhythm.

      I have not seen into anything except the wall, but at the times I am most ‘one pointed’ mentally and when my third eye is throbbing the most I do see to see things in an extra dimension that I never noticed before. Its not like seeing in 4D instead of 3D but more like 3.5D, if that makes any sense. Perhaps as time progresses I will develop this ability more but for the time being I just let it do what it wants.

      As Jeff would say; Wu Wei !




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        Hi Everyone,

        A big thank you to Sifu and congratulations to Dan, Ronan and Elisabeth(I know she works very hard behind the scenes) for a wonderful course in Brighton.

        It was a really special course for me and I had some wonderful experiences, but first to comment on Dan's experience above. I'm not sure if what I see is the same as you Dan, but sometimes when I look at things, I would describe it as being able 'to look through' them also. Objects that are side by side become boundry less with a clear vibrating substance. When it happened first, I thought that I was either getting a brain haemorrhage or that it was chi.!! It was easier to believe it was chi and that the chi kung would take care of the brain haemorrhage.!
        It also happens when I am driving or walking, it is like I can see what the atmosphere is made up of- a heavier clear vibrating substance. I don't know if this makes sense or not, but it still happens although more so earlier on this year.

        During this course, I had the most beautiful chi flows. I seemed to be covered in a gold liquid first, then a lighter shower of gold and finally a golden shaft of light would appear and pour over me. I felt connected to this shaft of light for ages after each chi flow.
        Also I could feel the energy pushing really hard at the back of my neck and a grating sound almost like glass breaking or bone shattering. I associated this with two discs which had leaked when I had injured my back, the leakage calcified and although since doing the course with Sifu in Malaysia, the pain had gone, I often wondered what had happened to the fused discs. I think that I know now.! I don't feel pain, just noise.
        When we started doing Sinew Metamorphosis, the power and force that I felt was incredible. I was able to go into really low stances (unusual for me) and felt immense power in my arms and legs. I could feel this force in the palms of my hands for most of the week. (Reading back on what I have just written doesn't do, what I felt, justice at all). I think we need to invent a new dictionary with more descriptive words for all our chi flows.!
        I suppose the best part was when Sifu called me over and told me that I am about to make a real breakthrough in the Small Universe. This is incredible for me, as the life that had been mapped out by back specialists, as little as three years ago, was very different and with a very bleak outlook. I really thought that I was years away from this breakthrough and find it overwhelming. I hope that this doesn't sound as if I am boasting about this as it is not the intention at all. I just want to convey, especially to the new students, that Sifu is a very special, generous, and skilled Grandmaster and if I can do this so can everybody else with practise.
        Of course, it was also lovely meeting so many 'new students' and 'old students'. I hope that we will all meet again soon. I wish you all well with your practise, and unlimited health and happiness.
        Thank you Sifu.


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          Hi there,

          Wow! I would just like to say that if I can ever achieve just half of what you guys have... then I will be extremely happy. It sounds wonderful - even though I can not relate to your experiences, I just know that it must be amazing.

          Truly inspirational.



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            Great news Dan - congratulations.

            I have finally made it back online ... even though we are still in the middle of moving house!

            To a couple of your comments:

            Your third eye sensations are excellent. "I could see in-animate objects such as the wall in very clear focus, but organic and living objects were slightly blurred" I know exactly what you mean. You are really starting to see a "new dimension".

            "I have had a buzzing at my Hui Yin and the Bai Hui points, in Germany I had a buzzing at the Hui Yin and shortly afterwards the blockage that I had 'felt' at my Ming Men was further up my spine between my shoulders where it still seems to be."
            Oh yes ... I know these symptoms very well (or at least similar). They only passed for me a few weeks ago. Buzzing is not the description I would have used for my own experience but "hot spots" or "concentrations of electricity". This stopped between my shoulder blades for some time before moving on upwards - first to Bai Hui then the third eye and then furthe on until it made it back to Dan Tian.

            You are obviously making excellent progress - well done.

            I hope to have more time to write soon.

            All the best,


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              Wow. Great stuff everyone!

              Dan -- As you know, I have also felt some pain(s) at my third eye, most memorably during the Dantian Breathing course in July. Pain is not a great word, but there was definitely something painful about it. (At the time, I came up with a funny description for others. Press your thumb as hard as you can on your third eye. Now imagine the same thing, but from the inside.) I sympathize with you, kiddo, but I have no advice to offer except to take it like a man. It's a sign of progress, you young whippersnapper.

              Joan -- I would just like to say that I've thoroughly enjoyed your posts. The fact that you went from where you were (in bad shape) to where you are now (approaching the Small Universe) is an inspiration for everyone. I look forward to meeting you in the future.

              Jordan -- Not surprisingly, Joan summed it up: "if I can do this so can everybody else with practise."

              So I guess we all have Dan to thank for this interesting thread. Thanks for being in pain, Dan!



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                Hi Anthony,

                I love your wording on some of the threads.
                I couldn't stop laughing at this last one.

                It is wonderful to see these amazing experiences happening to people.
                Initially, I had X Ray vision periods, while studying under another master. This was before I was accepted as a student by Sifu.
                This Chi Kung Grandmaster, had the skill of seeing human light, aswell as X Ray vision.
                The method he taught for this skill was called,
                "To Mo Stares at Wall."

                You stand before a white wall in the goat stance. Do 5 rounds of Finger Bending, (which takes about 35-40 minutes per session) twice daily.
                Eventually, you will be capable of seeing through walls, people, flesh, clothes and pretty much anything.

                It is a very unique skill to acquire.
                Personally, I trained in it for over a year, with noticeable results.

                Well, there's my share.

                Best wishes everyone.



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                  Just a quick note - I wouldn't recommend anyone to press hard (or at all really) in the third eye area.



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                    I am sorry, but the temptation is to great to resist.

                    I agree with the above, and would like to point out that sticking any of your fingers in any of your eyes is not to be encouraged.

                    While indeed you may very well see flashes of colour, blurry outlines and have sensations of pain, they are not quite how to successfully practice your Chi Kung.


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                      cheeky monkey!


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                          Hi again,

                          Anthony, thank you re above comments. I too look forward to meeting you and you are welcome to Ireland anytime.

                          Andrew, Congratulations on the small universe. Sifu says that past masters held a big banquet when this happened. Will you wait until March?.!!!!

                          Have we frightened Dan away.?


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                            No worries there Joan!

                            I’m reading but as usual, I have less time for posting than I would like. Often when I read the forum in the morning I think “I will write a reply to so and so later on” but then next thing I know its midnight and I am leaving the office to go do some CK and go to bed.

                            Today I am trying to finalize some video clips to put on the Wahnam website, while organising some advertising, doing some accounts, trying to stay on top of my email and working with Elisabeth on re-designing the UK site. Oh, and I have to call that Editor….

                            Things are very busy here, I think I am going to be working straight through Christmas, I have 3 venues to source for the New Year for my new classes and lots to organise.

                            Good news is that Ronan has taken the job I offered him, this means there will be three of us in the Shaolin Wahnam Institute UK (England) / Cosmos UK offices come January. All I have to do now is get another desk chair and computer and move the office to the back room (so we have space) and sort out what it is I need/want/require him to do.

                            Only 136 days till that special date in May when I can get together with all my Kungfu brothers and sisters and just concentrate on training for a month. Mind you; I’m going to have to take a laptop with me for email; in the four days I was out of office when Sifu was here I came back to 87 emails, I do not even want to consider a months worth.

                            Thanks for everyone sharing their experiences, as for my 3rd Eye, things have calmed down, its an ever present sensation now, but not so intense. I have not tried Dan Tien Breathing since the course, but I may try it ‘just for fun’ tonight to see what happens instead of Sinew Metamorphosis.

                            Joan congratulations on the near-SU, Sifu said I was close in Germany in October, I could physically feel it break through at my Huiyin (spelling?) and move up through my Ming Men and now stop somewhere between my shoulders. The blockage I have there is a physical sensation that is obvious from middle of my shoulders to the base of my neck. I guess I will just carry on and eventually it will be cleared, I’m in no rush, I’m just enjoying my practice… I do a lot of rocking forward and backward on the spot in my standing meditation, Chi flows and really whenever I just stand up and relax; I rock back as I breath in, and forward as I breath out, I can feel the energy complete the partial circuit as I rock/breath.

                            Speaking of training – I have some mountains to push and some stances to train…


                            Shaolin Wahnam Institute


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                              136 days?!? Ugh. That's only 680 hours of practice! I'll never be ready in time!