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  • Sinew metamorphosis experience


    I would like to share my experience at the recently concluded chi kung course at Brighton. If you attended the last course (Sinew Metamorphosis) you would have probably noticed me, I was the one sobbing my eyes out ! Anyway someone asked me then what I felt during the session, and I was too emotional to answer then, so I am taking the opportunity to answer here.

    When Sifu was going on something about zen, original face, etc during one of the sessions, he mentioned the word God and that triggered a swell of extreme sadness and regret. It feels very strongly as if I had let down a lot of people, as if people had depended on and trusted in me, and I had violated that trust, and I felt so sorry, so very sorry that I had let them down and a wish I could make it up to them again. I cannot recall a situation in my past to which these intense feelings could correspond to. I have certainly let down friends, family members, etc in the past, but nowhere to the extent that their lifes were irrevocably affected because of my actions (which is how it felt like when I was crying).

    Earlier, Sifu had told me it was a karmic imprint from a past life(s), which I kind of suspected it was. For a month or two prior to this course, I would spontaneously be engulfed with extreme feelings of loss, sadness and remorse and start crying while doing something like listening to a song or watching the clouds. This is extremely highly uncharacteristic of a person who normally would associate any show of emotions (particularly crying) as a sign of weakness and lack of control. It almost feels like (at the risk of sounding overly dramatic) I am being reminded of something in the past in order that I need to accomplish or do something in this life.

    With regards to the practice, I have been doing sinew metamorphosis twice a day everyday since the previous course in Bath, and I am not sure whether this is the cause of this events. I have asked Sifu about it, and he told me to reduce it to 3 times a week instead.

    I would be very interested to know if any of you have had an experience similar to mine, or have some idea of what I am going through.

    thanks !

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    Please could I ask about Karmic imprints?

    Is this something which is permanently there, or can it be cleared like a blockage?

    If this is a carry over from a past life then its not like you can go back and make amends for whatever it was.

    Also, did you find that your experience eased the spontaneous emotional outbursts?



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      Hi Chris

      > Please could I ask about Karmic imprints?

      First, I'd like to make it clear right off that my understanding of karma / reincarnation is very shallow and also not everyone doing chi kung believes in this concept.

      From what I have read and understood, a karmic imprint occurs when an individual has a very strong emotion or thought process as a result of certain events that occurred during his/her life or at the point of death. This then 'carries' over to the next life in the form of this emotion being 'imprinted' in the subconcious of the next incarnation. When this individual then encounters a situation which mirrors that event that caused the strong emotion in a previous life, this imprint may be 'triggered' and manifests in the concious mind as a totally intense and irrational reaction to the situation, that other people might find excessive or strange.

      Note that this is a 'negative' expression of a karmic imprint. An individual may have had a very strong desire to help other people at the point of her death, this could carry over and manifest as a desire in her next incarnation, resulting in a philantrophic leaning in her life.

      > Is this something which is permanently there, or can it be
      > cleared like a blockage?

      I have absolutely no idea. From the little I have read about chi kung, there has been no mention about karma or anything related. I remember Sifu once answering a student's question about whether practicing chi kung can improve karma, to which he replied with a simple 'yes' without any further explanation. I would be interested to hear what anyone who knows about this or has experienced anything similar.

      >If this is a carry over from a past life then its not like you >can go back and make amends for whatever it was.

      Again I have no idea. I am just expressing how I feel. I am not sure whether this feeling that I need to 'make amends' is somehow telling me to do something with my life, or is it just something that I need to 'get out of the system', so to speak.

      >Also, did you find that your experience eased the >spontaneous emotional outbursts?

      I just had one yesterday, but i will have to wait see over a period of time whether it eases off.



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        Thank you very much for your response. I'm sorry if I put you on the spot with a subject you're not sure of. You did cast some light on the subject.

        I'm not sure I believe in Karma/reincarnation myself, but I'm always interested to hear different philosophies.

        Many Thanks,


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          Hi all,

          Victor, first of all - congratulations on your experience. I 'felt' a shadow of your sadness as I had finished my own experience before you and while it was indeed very strong and moving, it was also a great release and an opportunity to leave behind a weight that you have been carried for long enough.

          Regarding karmic impressions and past lives, I am one who does believe in both but am very easygoing with my beliefs, so no worries or possibility of accidental insults there either.

          As to be able to clear karmic blockages/events, I agree that they can be done, but I do not know how beyond intellectual speculation of either clearing or compensating, but I am not specifically persuing the matter either. I cant really find the right description, just that it would be like debating wether or not I have two legs or four wheels.

          So congratulations Victor, a great opportunity and at the most fortunate time.


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            Dear Chris and Daryll,

            Pertaining to your statement, “As to be able to clear karmic blockages/events, I agree that they can be done, but I do not know how beyond intellectual speculation of either clearing or compensating but I am not specifically pursuing the matter either”, I belief you have a copy of Sifu’s book Sukhavati: Western Paradise.

            If you have not read it, this book teaches one how to eradicate and clear karmic blockages if one practices the techniques described in the book.

            Nevertheless, some karmas are fixed karmas and thus cannot be eradicated. For example, despite a lifetime of practice, one of the Buddha’s senior disciples was murdered. It was his karma to die violently and he could not change it.

            I hope the above answers Chris’s question, “Is it something permanently there or can it be cleared like a blockage?”, to some extent as well.

            Best wishes,

            Kind Dragon.


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              Thanks Darryl, though I am not sure whether you actually should be congratulating me on the experience !

              You said you could 'sense' my sadness, I am just curious about this. Can you also 'sense' the other types of chi kung experiences that other students were going through ?

              BTW, I was glad I missed the last session myself, otherwise I would not have had the opportunity to see you in action, going through 4-5 completely different 'characterizations'. Absolutely amazing ! I should be the one congratulating you instead


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                Hi all again,

                Kind Dragon, yes, I do have the book and while I have no doubts that the process is genuine, at the moment I am not experiencing a 'calling' or drive to read the books beyond that of a dabbler or scholar, which is what I meant when I said that I was not actively persuing them. When the time is right, I will read them and understand them (hopefully) but for now I am content to practice just the Chi Kung and Kung Fu. Having said that, I am finding more and more events in my life where the knowledge, skills and understanding would be usefull, so I do not think that that time is very far away.

                Victor, your question is an excellent one, and touches on something that Sifu requested me to do. During the Sinew Metamorphosis and the final chi flow (the one you watched I believe) I went through several different experiences, and one of those was influenced by events around me, as opposed to the energies around me.

                Ronan was having an excellent chi flow, with a lot of 'Tiger' coming out, he was roaring, making Tiger Claws and going through a sequence of Tiger style patterns. I was near him (about 5-6 foot away) and 'felt' the energy of one of his patters - the internal force was very noticable - and found myself responding with martial movements of my own, in effect we were both sparring with each other during our chi flows, but without the physical contact. Dan had pointed out a similar experince of his own earlier, where he was aware that he had nearly struck something, so he opened his eyes to see what it was, and saw me 'countering' his pattern and then ambling happily off to the other side of the room (for a safer chi flow, lol).

                In the same way, I believe that I have felt other people's minds during group Standing Meditation at the Intensive Courses, but just kept going with my own practice instead of dwelling on them.

                So yes, I would say that a persons chi flow's can be detected by other experienced people, but to make an important point, I have never felt anyone's negative energy or toxic waste during any of the chi flows of the people around me.

                When I asked Sifu what it was (Ronan's energy) he replied that I had felt his Internal Force and was countering it with my own.

                Cheers all,


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                  Thanks for the explanation Darryl. I wonder whether the reason you don't see any negative energy is because Sifu is absorbing it himself and discarding it later .....

                  Sorry for going on and on about this, but I had another 'experience' today. About an hour ago, my uni department (Computer Science) had a carol singing session, in which I participated. While I was singing one of the carols, without warning, I felt the same swell of emotion again, my voice and hands started quavering. Luckily, I maintained control, otherwise everyone would have been pretty alarmed to see me sobbing uncontrollably on the floor ! Also it seemed that the words in some of the carols appeared to resonate in some way with me. It wasn't just the emotion or the meaning behind the word, but it was something more deeper, which I can't really explain. I must have sung / listened to these carols a hundred times before in the past, but this is the first time they have affected me so strongly. I suspect a lot of things are going to be affecting me quite strongly in the future !



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                    How long have you been practicing Shaolin Cosmos Qigong daily?



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                      It is nice to hear about your experience.

                      Interestingly one of my students who attended the courses had a ‘similar’ (at least externally) experience to you during the second session of Dan Tien breathing;

                      David approached me, escorted by Ronan, during the session and I could tell David was in a bad way immediately. He was shaking, crying and cold to the touch. As the others were walking round the hall after the exercise I asked him to step outside into the reception area to tell me what the problem was. He explained during the exercise when he had completed the pressing and releasing and was standing still, something Sifu said suddenly made him very upset and sad, he started to cry, and was shaking. He felt cold and was freezing cold to the touch. He apologised and said he did not think he could carry on and thought that he should go home. I immediately told him not to be upset and that we should speak to Sifu. We stepped back into the hall and I indicated for Sifu to come over. Sifu stepped outside into the reception area with us and David explained what had happened. Sifu reassured him that it was nothing to be worried about. His deep Chi Flow had uncovered some deep emotional or karmic blockage that had been brought to the surface, and that this was a good sign as he would now work through it. He asked David to stand up right, close his eyes and relax; Sifu then opened his 3 gates, and a number of other points, including his heart. I could see the Chi from Sifu’s palm going into David’s chest as Sifu waved his palm in a small circle about 3 foot in front of David’s chest. After about 5 or 10 minutes Sifu asked him to complete, asked him how he felt and told him to sit out of the next exercise to rest and then to continue with the one after. I went outside with David to ask him how he was and he felt much better. He could not believe how he had felt a few minutes before.

                      Within half an hour David was laughing and smiling again and he completed the rest of the course and then the Sinew Metamorphosis without issue.

                      What surprised me most about Victors experience was that he was not laughing! I have attended 3 courses with Victor I think now, and on every course his reaction to Chi Flow is laughter, lots of it! He is also a very nice and happy person; we had lunch together in Bath.

                      High Level Chi Kung can clear bad karma, and I wish you all the best in your practice Victor, although I do not think you need to be encouraged to stick to your training, I would like to hear about your results and how you feel in a few months from now.

                      Kind Regards



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                        Thanks for sharing that incident about David and your kind words. I can assure you it was quite surprising as well for me to be crying instead of laughing instead ! though I kind of suspected it might happen as I already had a spontaneous outburst several weeks prior to the course (but less intense). I will keep you updated if anything else 'wierd' happens

                        I have been practicing for slightly less than one and a half years now, though not always daily



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                          Hi Vicor,

                          You probably don't know/remember me... But I was at the Bath course, and I am sure it was you there that was laughing all the time! I would love to know what that felt like? I know it's probably very hard to describe... but I have never witnessed anything like that before - it intrigues me! I was scared to be honest (but in a good way!) and really didn't know what to think at the time!

                          Anyway, I hope everything goes well for you and your Chi Kung.



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                            Hi Jordan,

                            Yeah, it was me that was laughing :lol: Its not too difficult to describe how it feels like. Imagine you have just heard the funniest joke/ seen the funniest incident in your life. You would be laughing and feeling just like me, the only difference being that I did not actually hear, see or even imagine anything funny. If you ever want to see anything 'wierd' like this outside of a chi kung class :- laughing, crying, talking in funny languages, go to a Pentecoastal / Charismatic church. Some of the preachers / ministers there can cause people to experience these effects simply by touching them on their foreheads. I guess what we call 'qi' in our class, other people would call the 'Holy Spirit' in another context. Being a Christian myself, I used to think these people were 'wierdos' until I went through the same experience myself ...

                            thanks for your wishes and I hope your chi kung practice goes well too.