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"I'd like to teach the world to sing .."

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  • "I'd like to teach the world to sing .."

    Heyho folks,

    Just a short note to let everyone know that my blockage about public singing appears to be in dire trouble, with it having received several near-fatal blows recently. The most deadly occurred in front of approximately 400 people where Tim (Franklin) and myself gave a quick burst of Elvis before being joined by an international plethora of musical talents. The one before then was when I managed to persuade a busload of Kungfu students to sing on the way to an introductory dinner.

    So, thanks are due (in rough chronological order) to -

    Sifu, Andrew, Kai, Tim, Markus, Wei Foong, Pierre, Manus, me and Sifu again.

    For a quick explanation for why -

    Sifu, for making me have to sing in public in the first place
    Andrew, for making me realize how tuneless my singing actually was
    Kai, for the smile when I was butchering a song very badly
    Tim, for joining in whenever I sang anyway
    Markus, for encouraging me to keep singing from the heart
    Wei Foong, for giving me the opportunity to sing in front of a large crowd
    Pierre, for agreeing to take part so swiftly and happily
    Manus, for having amazing talent and still being shy on stage
    Me, for singing for the fun of it after all
    Sifu again, for encouraging me to sing in public in the first place

    So from the Heart, thank you to all of you and thanks to everyone who has also helped in whatever other way you have all helped in.

    A one two three four ...

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    Siheng Darryl,

    Thank you for a very inspiring post. For me, it's truly a mystery how at the same time there can be a strong, almost overwhelming urge to sing, and then - for some reason - I just end up resisting that urge.

    That time on the bus when you asked around if anyone could sing, I felt constricted and just wanted to curl up in a ball, so initially I didn't say anything. Then suddenly I became so aware of my blockage that I just had to stand up and sit next to you. Next thing I knew, we had the most groundbreaking group-version of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" going on since Wayne's World..

    So as thanks are due, I'd like to thank you for teaching me how to confront my blockages head on. Looking forward to sharing more songs!
    Markus Kahila
    Shaolin Nordic Finland