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    Interesting that you have a clear picture of a man holding a baby. One of the incidents I mentioned in a previous post involved my mum ( who had died a few years before) and a baby. She was looking on shocked and numb as the baby, wrapped tightly in a blanket, was crying its eyes out.As I said, at the time I had been having these experiences for a while so I was no longer shocked by them although also sometimes the hairs stood up on the back of my neck.

    I like what Chris said

    Modern sceptical way. Your disturbed sleep patterns are a sign of illness or stress. Then surely you should take notice.

    Mystical spiritual way. Something is trying to contact you, good or bad. Either way it seems to me you should pay attention.
    As I look back now I have come to see some of these experiences, this one included, as a kind of "working out" of "blockages" or difficulties in my relationship with my mum.

    I also have come to see this one as a "call" to understand something and go beyond.

    I was thinking, when we had our first baby, Katie, I loved her very much. She had colic and I would sometimes get home from work, with my wife weary from having had the baby crying, and sit for a couple of hours with Katie rocking and soothing her. At one level I wanted to do this. I also was very tired and partly hankering after our old crying-baby free life. One morning as I was standing bleary-eyed on the landing it was like I caught a glimpse of a film in the corner of my eye, I could have easily missed it. As I "caught" it and "dragged" it into view I realised it was a thought "If I murdered her I wouldn't have to get up to feed her in the night". I could have gone a number of ways with this. Maybe, "I am a terrible father for having such thoughts". Actually, I laughed and thought "Well, I have a thought of murder and I am not carrying it out. That is much more noble than not carrying out murder when there is no thought around".

    In the incident with my mum the baby was suddenly unwrapped and was gurgling happily as it waved its arms and legs around. I was very happy as I saw this apparent working out of the relationship between mother and baby. But, suddenly the baby was wrapped up again. In the experience I was shocked and very unhappy that the change hadn't "stuck". Actually, with my own increasing experience and the support of others I also came to see that small babys can only manage change in short bursts and that it has to be introduced gradually. I also realised that despite many difficulties my mum
    had done her best for me and actually I had grown up to be a decent person, a lot of which was down to her. I also realised that if I was to change I might only be able to manage it in short bursts at that time.

    So, I learnt some things out of an image. Maybe similar to the way people can divine things from the I-Ching, or help people find their own answers.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. Best wishes to your wife and baby. Congratulations on becoming a dad.

    Warmest regards,

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      Actually, I laughed and thought "Well, I have a thought of murder and I am not carrying it out. That is much more noble than not carrying out murder when there is no thought around".
      What a wonderful way of reacting to this thought! I think many people, if not all, sometimes have horrible thoughts popping up unwanted in our heads. I too in any case have weird "thoughts" or images in my mind which I know are not how I feel. It's a bit like if someone says to you: "don't think of a monkey in the next ten seconds". Of course, the image of a monkey will appear in your mind, even if you don't want to.

      I also took example from Julie's case (thank you Julie!) I prayed and transferred merits to whichever unhappy being was in the house. I humbly asked Namo Guan Shi Yin Pu Sa to help this or these unhappy beings. I have not seen any fantasies or ghosts after that.

      It could be that this was necessary to ease my mind (non mystical explanation)
      or it could be that the being(s) (and I) have generously been helped by Namo Guan Shi Yin Pu Sa. (mystical explanation)

      I think the latter!