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Thankful for the Group Meditation to stop the Coronavirus

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  • Thankful for the Group Meditation to stop the Coronavirus

    Dear Shaolin family,

    I wanted to express gratitude for those in our institute that conceived and organized the collective meditation to help stop the current pandemic, and how glad I am to have the opportunity to participate.

    It was a rewarding and refreshing experience to join that effort, both to help others and because it felt similar to some of the beautiful large-group experiences of the Small Universe course in 2010. I am very thankful for that powerful and revitalizing expression of Sigung’s teachings today.

    Deepest gratitude and thanks to Sigung and the Shaolin Wahnam instructors involved in providing us this outlet for healing, both for this pandemic and individually. I look forward to this weekly family effort for the next several weeks as we all move close to the closing off the coronavirus pandemic.

    With gratitude and respect,


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    Dear all,

    In addition to Ryan's beautiful words I also want to express my great gratitude for the group meditations. Joining was so profound and peaceful! May it all be helpful and wonderful for everybody!



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      Hello Family,

      I had just expressed to my husband, that I wanted to help people effected by this crisis. Spirit must have heard, because not even a day later this meditation was birthed.
      Today when I joined you all in meditation I felt the collective energy. It was beautiful and heart warming. Thank you all for joining.

      Love and Light to you all,
      Jennifer McLeod


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        Dear family,

        I would like to echo gratitude for this wonderful idea. Thank you, dear Sisookgungs and everybody who participated! Sitaigung has indeed shaped a beautiful community.

        Lots of love from Germany, safe and sound,


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          Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

          Thanks to our beloved Sifu, to the organizers and to all the participants for being part of this collective meditation.

          It was a very powerful and beautiful meditation.

          I will describe my experience below:

          I started feeling like a tube of energy coming to me around 5 minutes before the meditation started. I remember that the room I was in entered in a "special and deep silence". It was like if I was in the room but it was not the same room anymore.

          I clearly felt a transmission coming to me and the Union with the collective energy of the participants. It was surprising and inspiring to feel that we are all connected in such a meaningful way.

          When the meditation was about to end I had an interesting vision. I saw a lot of discs of light elevating from the ground and leaving the Earth.

          I also had a vision of a pearl color dragon flying over the sky.

          With Love, care and Shaolin Salute,



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            Dear family,

            The first group meditation on Saturday was a wonderful experience.

            I felt very expansive and connected during the session and very calm afterwards.

            I am looking forward to the next session, although I prefer that the neccessity ceases sooner than later.

            Please note:
            Because of the switch to summer time in many countries, the timing of the group meditation has changed.
            Please see:

            Thank you to Sifu, who did not hesitate to approve and join in himself. Thanks to Andrew Siheng who created the intention statement. Also gracias to Santi Siheng for translating everything to Spanish.

            And thanks to everyone joining. See you in spirit on Saturday!

            Best wishes,

            Sifu Leonard Lackinger

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