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A week ago I bought The Art of Chi Kung and this is what happened

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    Today, something interesting happened
    I was relaxing at the start of my chi kung session and I felt my chi move quite strongly in my body, especially arms. I started to sway right from the start.. As I kept relaxing, I swayed more and more until it started to change into self manifested chi movement - and I hadn't done any chi kung moves yet! It was really amusing, but since I wanted to do all exercises, I 'glanced' with my mind on my lower stomach and movement slowed down. Then I did chi kung exercises and enjoyed chi movement for about 7-8 minutes followed by 5 minutes standing meditation and felt pretty good after that.
    Did I do it right? This is the first time I felt chi that strongly without chi kung aid. Sometimes my body sways gently on it's own, when I'm standing and reading something (I have one of those neat electric standing desks for my computer). Chi kung kickstarted it. I didn't sway before and chi flow was much weaker on those rare occasions when I tried to feel it.

    Update: It happened again now, one day later, as I was standing and browsing the internet. I felt chi in my arms and as I relaxed more, the current grew stronger and spread out. When I had the bright idea to close my eyes, my spine started to bend back and forth faster and faster and I felt lower spine heat up. Now I'm troubled with another question; if chi kung is literally energy work, and not encouraged to do during the day, should I also suppress this too strong natural chi flow when it happens between noon and 5PM? Could it be that even though I'm not doing dynamic chi kung, I'm somehow doing quiescent chi kung, though I don't understand how that is possible since I don't empty my mind or anything. I just read stuff while being relaxed and standing. I might stand hours in one spot while being in front of my computer. Oh, and no, my legs don't get tired at all, since I'm pretty well conditioned at this point!

    Update 2: Now it's been happening for 3 days in a row. I started to feel that, now familiar, feeling of chi circling in my body and as I relaxed my body, my hips and back started to sway and circle. It's not quite as strong as self manifested chi flow movement but definitely more than a gentle sway. I ended up enjoying it more than 1 hour and it feels like there's more in store for me. I'm happy as a dog with two tails and very awake. As it picks up the pace (if I let it), I find it hard to concentrate on reading since it feels so blissful at times. Even now, while I'm writing this, I'm starting to slip back to that circular movement. It ebbs and flows.
    I've been feeling pretty good overall and my sleep quality is improving.

    Update 3: 4th day and it all comes tumbling down. Last night I slept poorly and it mirrored how my day went. No spontaneous swaying today. I'll do just a bit of chi kung in the evening and hope that I get some proper sleep. Finding my limits, little by little...
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      My practise is still going strong - perhaps even too strong. I've taken a liking to standing still with no thoughts and now I can empty my mind faster and keep it in that state for longer periods of time. My perfectionism with striving for empty mind started to make practise sessions longer and longer as I wanted to stand still until my mind and body was completely relaxed and empty of thoughts. I had to put a stop at that when I realized that a single session started to last nearly an hour. My mood and sleep improved after I cut practise to 15 minutes - most of that consisting of standing still.
      It's interesting that after chi kung movements, my body, or precisely my spine sways back and forth with varying speeds, but after that, when I calm my mind and stand still, my hips want to rotate horizontally left and right and the more I relax, the stronger rotations will be. If I focus my mind on lower stomach area, those rotations subside.
      I also still have these spontaneous swayings while standing normally and reading or watching tv etc while I'm somewhat relaxed. These swayings are now more horizontal rotations of my hips.
      Oh, and I've also practised that 100 days of abstinence thing. Now it's day 43 and things are getting really interesting. I've had this buzz around my tailbone area for this whole time and it seems to getting more strength and also now there's whole days when my whole body tingles with chi. I wonder, if I'm going to get a Kundalini awakening experience if I go on like this... Not that I know a thing about Yoga, but it would somewhat explain intense heat+fatigue+insomnia+food intolerance symptoms that I had for past 6 years until those slowly tapered off and are now more or less disappeared. Doctors sure couldn't find out anything else than me being very healthy.

      Edit: Damn these hips of mine. They really seem to have a mind of their own, but luckily I still hold dominion over my feet. Otherwise, I would spin around and typing this post would be quite difficult.
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        Hi everyone! once again) Visualization is good when Shen strikes... and these exercises of it do not demand if there is no specific goal... just use it for achievement of the correct purposes and if, you know as! For example, for accumulation of force or for treatment of bodies...