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My heart finally opened :)

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  • My heart finally opened :)

    Dear family,

    Ever since I was 15 years old, I have been reading and listening to Sigung's message to smile from the heart. The instruction is simple: just do it!

    I turn 30 years old this September. For whatever reason, I never understood smiling from the heart. This is somewhat embarrassing to admit considering I'm one of the first members to join the Shaolin Wahnam forum!

    After each course with Sigung, I would feel noticeably happier. However, the happy effect would wear off after a week. I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong. But I also wasn't worried (3 golden rules) because I wasn't depressed.

    Although I learned powerful Chi Kung including Small Universe, Dragon Strength and Bone Marrow Cleansing, I also knew that I had deep emotional blockages from my childhood that would take time to clear. Therefore, I didn't give this much thought nor emphasis.

    Last month during Standing Meditation, I experienced energy shoot from the base of my spine to the crown of my head. The energy merged with the Cosmos and I felt bliss like I've never felt before. This apparent rise of kundalini energy continued to occur over the past 2 months and became part of my life (nothing I can do).

    3 days ago, I was reading a passage from a book about an Indian mystic named Neem Karoli Baba (called Maharaji by his devotees). Something about this passage resonated so strongly with me that I felt energy shoot up from the base of my spine to my heart. My heart "opened" and I started crying.

    Maharajji said everyone is God, see God in everyone. Maharajji said we should love everyone as God and love each other.

    Asked me to sit in front of him and said, there is one Guru. I must take pity on all creatures. Repeated to everyone that God is one—Isha and Ram are one. Love is God. See no differences, love all the same.

    Christ felt no pain when they stuck the nails in him. Asked us all, especially Mitchell, if we understood. Told him we understood, but haven’t experienced it. Asked me if I understood. Told him that I did with my mind, but not yet with my heart.

    He said Nay! All is one, must love all as God. Closed his eyes, hand on his heart. When he opened them, he said the mind travels thousands of miles in the blink of an eye. Said all religions are the same, we shouldn’t think there is any difference between Ram and Christ and Hanuman, all lead to God. Jesus made a great contribution to the world.

    Mitchell asked what was the best method of meditation. Maharajji said to do as Jesus did and see God in everyone, then said that Jesus on the cross felt only love. Take pity on all and love all as God. If you love God enough, there will be no separation.

    Jim asked how to get rid of separation. Maharajji said there is no separation. Said not to have evil thoughts of others, not to see evil, hear evil. Can’t realize God if you see differences. We must learn to find the love within.

    Maharajji to RD [Ram Dass]: You shouldn’t fear anyone. If you live in truth, God will always stand with you. No fear.

    RD: Christ feared nothing.

    Maharajji (begins to cry): Christ didn’t fear death. The body passes away. Everything is impermanent except love of God. If you have a pure heart and mind, you love God. How can I keep you from making puris if you love God? Some places only let sadhus prepare the food. But here I let all bhaktas make food, because they have pure hearts and all are equal in the eyes of God.

    RD: We feel so impure.

    Maharajji: (twice) I don’t believe you’re impure. I know you’re pure and you love God.

    Ram Dass cried.

    Maharajji: If you love God, you overcome all impurities. The blood in us all is one, the arms, the legs, the hearts are all one. The same blood flows through us all. God is one. No fear. People didn’t believe Christ until he died. Ram Dass is a yogi and should fear nothing. The heart never grows old.
    Ever since 3 days ago, with the kundalini experience and reading the above wisdom, my heart has been open and I feel stupidly happy all the time now.

    Now, when I smile from the heart, I feel joy and radiating love.

    It took me 15 years to finally understand while others within the school may have received the transmission right away. For those who don't get it or don't feel the need to, this skill Sigung is teaching is incredibly profound. Keep practicing until you have achieved it.

    Best wishes,

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    Excellent, excellent, excellent.
    Love, and do what you will.

    - St. Augustine


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      Man, nothing to say except, congratulations! And of course, even that is superfluous to just



      Charles David Chalmers
      Brunei Darussalam


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        Congratulations and thank you for sharing your wonderful experience!

        Best wishes,

        Sifu Leonard Lackinger

        Shaolin Treasure House

        Shaolin Wahnam Wien & Shaolin Treasure House


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          Thank you everyone! As Sigung states, opening your heart is worth more than anything in gold.

          It's been a great ride so far. When I feel I'm about to experience negative feelings, I just smile from the heart. My body now seems to go into an ecstatic love state!

          It's interesting. I just read an an answer from Sigung to Steffan in the 10 Questions on Special Chi Kung Course for VIPs that seemed to talk directly to me:

          When we direct energy to flow at our skin level, for example, we shall have rosy cheeks. Other people around us who may be depressed would be comforted seeing our glowing looks. When someone has a stomach ache, but massaging your own stomach you may help him to clear the energy blockage that causes the stomach ache and be relieved of the pain!

          The more powerful is your chi kung attainment, the more influence it will affect others. This is because other factors may be at work countering your chi kung effects, but if your effects are very powerful, the other factors would be less effective.

          With power comes responsibility. When we have such powers, if is very important that we must have high moral values. We just believe it is the right thing to do to have high moral values when we are powerful. But even if we leave aside righteousness, it is still to the benefit and interest of those who are powerful to have high moral values, and to be responsible for their power. This is because goodness always bring goodness, and evil always bring evil. The law of karma is inevitable.
          I've noticed that when I smile from the heart, I radiate love. When I radiate love, people seem to unconsciously flock around me. Everyone around me seems happy though.

          Best wishes,


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            Hi Stephen,

            This sounds like a wonderful experience. Were there any notable precursors to this opening during the past few weeks/months, or did it just occur spontaneously?




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              Hi Christian,

              The heart opening occurred spontaneously while I was reading the passage about Neem Karoli Baba on my way to work Wednesday morning. I started crying on the bus which may have seemed weird to everyone around me.

              The way I view it, however, was that it took me 15 years to truly open my heart. Our powerful Chi Kung in Shaolin Wahnam was crucial to this process.

              Best wishes,


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                Dear Siheng,


                Shaolin Salute,


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                  Dear brother,

                  wonderful! Thank you very much for sharing! Enjoy

                  Our beloved Grandmaster has made it very simple for us:

                  Don‘t worry,
                  don‘t intellectualize,
                  just enjoy your practice.

                  May all beings be released from all suffeing!


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                    & thanks for telling your story
                    Sifu Andy Cusick

                    Shaolin Wahnam Thailand
                    Shaolin Qigong


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                    "a trained mind brings health and happiness"
                    - ancient wisdom


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                      Maybe time to change your user name to Bright Cosmos! La!


                      Charles David Chalmers
                      Brunei Darussalam


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                        Originally posted by Charles David View Post

                        Maybe time to change your user name to Bright Cosmos! La!


                        If I remember correctly, Sifu suggested that Stephen change his username

                        Congratulations, Stephen!
                        Chris Didyk
                        Shaolin Wahnam USA

                        Thank You.


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                          Dear Stephen,

                          You have been ambushed. The chance that took you to reading this particular book was a premeditated effort by the writer and editor to have people experience terrible life-affirming changes. You neither asked or expected to have such kind words pelt your ego down.

                          Imagine walking down a street and suddenly having some unknown person approach you, grab your attention with kind eyes, and sweetly say to your face "I love you!" before vanishing back to the stream of people passing by. How horrible it's to try to upset anyone with saying silly things like that, must be a maniac of the worst kind. Unless you already are in the brink of a dangerous mania yourself, that is.

                          The book you read is a literal equivalent of the same kind of ambush on someone's heart. You were well prepared, fortified and enduring a siege the world had waged against you, but the fate's well-aimed trebuchet only took one book in munition to finally tear down the walls around your heart.

                          It's wonderful to be ambushed like that. Congratulations!

                          With sincere respect,


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                            Thank you all very much! I do remember when I was in one of my first courses at St. Pete in 2012, Sigung said "ah, your name should now be briiiiight cosmos!"

                            Olli - thank you for so eloquently summarizing my experience perfectly. This particular saint was known to read your mind, locate your hidden thoughts (because you feel if others knew this part about you they wouldn't accept you), bring it out into the open and bathe it with unconditional love and acceptance.

                            I felt as if that was happening to me. Quite an experience to feel a saint's presence through his devotee's book.

                            For those that know about Ram Dass, his guru was Maharaji. He recounts his experience here:

                            As we were driving up into the hills, I could tell something was going on with Bhagavan Das. Tears were streaming down his face, and he was singing holy songs at the top of his lungs. I sat in the corner of the seat, sulking. I thought of myself as a Buddhist, and I didn’t want to see a Hindu guru.

                            We arrived at a small temple by the side of the road, and Bhagavan Das asked someone where the guru was. They said Maharaj-ji was up on the hill. Bhagavan Das went running up the hill, leaving me sitting there. Everybody was looking at me expectantly. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to be there. I didn’t want to see any guru. But finally, compelled by the social situation, not by my own choice, I went after him. I was stumbling uphill behind this giant who was running in big leaps and crying.

                            As we climbed the hill, we came around to a beautiful little field out of sight of the road and overlooking a valley. In the middle of the field was a little old man under a tree, sitting on a wooden bed with a blanket around him. Ten or fifteen Indians wearing white were sitting around him on the grass. With the clouds in the background, it was a beautiful tableau. I was too uptight to appreciate it. I thought it was some kind of cult.

                            Bhagavan Das ran up and prostrated himself in danda pranam, lying face down on the ground with his hands touching this old man’s toes. Bhagavan Das was still crying, and the man was patting his head. I didn’t know what to do. I thought this was lunacy. I was standing off to the side saying to myself, “Well, I’ve come here, but I’m not going to touch anybody’s feet.” I didn’t know what this was all about. I was totally paranoid.

                            The old man was patting Bhagavan Das’s head, and then he looked up at me. He pulled Bhagavan Das’s head up and said to him in Hindi, “Have you got a picture of me?” Through his tears, Bhagavan Das said yes. Maharaj-ji said, “Give it to him.”

                            I thought, “Gee, that’s really nice, this little old man is going to give me a picture of himself. Wow.” It was the first ego boost I had gotten all day, and I really needed it.

                            Maharaj-ji looked at me and said something that was translated as, “You came in a big car?” He was smiling. That was the one topic I didn’t want to talk about. We had borrowed the Land Rover from my friend. I felt responsible for it. Still smiling, Maharaj-ji said, “Will you give it to me?”

                            I started to say it wasn’t my car, but Bhagavan Das jumped up and said, “Maharaj-ji, if you want it, it’s yours.”

                            I sputtered, “You can’t give him that car! That’s not our car to give away.”

                            Maharaj-ji looked up at me and said, “Do you make much money in America?” I figured he thought all Americans were rich.

                            I said, “Yeah, I made a lot of money in America, at one time.”

                            “How much did you make?” “Well, one year I made $ 25,000.” They all calculated that in rupees, and it was a sizable amount of money.

                            Maharaj-ji said, “Will you buy a car like that for me?” At that moment, I thought that I had never been hustled so fast in my life. I grew up around Jewish charities. We were good at shaking the tree, but never this good. I mean, I hadn’t really even met this guy and already he’d asked me for a $ 7,000 car. I said, “Well, maybe.”

                            This whole time he was smiling at me. My head was going around in circles. Everyone else was laughing because they knew he was putting me on, but I didn’t know that.

                            He said we should go and take prasad, “food.” We were taken down to the little temple and treated royally and given beautiful food and a place to rest. This was way up in the mountains—no telephones, no lights, nothing.

                            After a while, we were brought back to Maharaj-ji. He said to me, “Come, sit.”

                            He looked at me and he said, “You were out under the stars last night.” “Yeah.”

                            He said, “You were thinking about your mother.”

                            “Mm … hmm. Yeah.”

                            “She died last year?”


                            "She got very big in the stomach before she died.”

                            "That’s right.”

                            “Spleen. She died of spleen.” He said “spleen” in English.

                            When he said “spleen,” he looked directly at me.

                            At that moment, two things happened simultaneously.

                            First, my rational mind, like a computer out of control, tried desperately to figure out how he could have known that. I went through every super-CIA paranoid scenario possible, like, “They brought me here, and this is part of the mind-screw thing. Or he’s got this dossier on me. Wow, they’re pretty good! But how could he know that? I didn’t tell anyone, not even Bhagavan Das …,” and so on. But no matter how grandiose I got, my mind just couldn’t handle this one. It wasn’t in the instruction manual. It was beyond even my paranoid fantasies, and some of them were pretty imaginative.

                            Until then, I had an intellectual position on anything psychic or super-natural that happened. If I heard about it secondhand, I would say, as any good Harvard scientist would, “Well, that is interesting. We certainly must keep an open mind about these things. There’s some interesting research being done in this field. We’ll look into it.”

                            Or if I were high on LSD, I as the observer would say, “Well, how do I know I’m not just creating this whole thing out of whole cloth anyway?” But I wasn’t under any chemical influence, and this old man had just said “spleen.” In English. How did he know that?

                            My mind went faster and faster, trying to figure out how Maharaj-ji could know this. Finally, like a cartoon computer with an insoluble problem, the bell rang and the red light went on and the machine stopped. My rational mind gave up. It just went pouf!

                            Second, at that same moment, there was a violent wrenching, a very painful pull in my chest, and I started to cry. Later I realized it was my fourth chakra, the heart center, opening. I looked up at Maharaj-ji, and he was looking back at me with total love. I realized he knew everything about me, even the things I was most ashamed of, and yet he wasn’t judging me. He was just loving me with pure unconditional love.

                            I cried and I cried and I cried and I cried. I wasn’t sad and I wasn’t happy. The closest I can say is that I was crying because I was home. I had carried my big load up the hill, and now it was all done. The journey was over, and I had finished my search. All that paranoia washed out of me, and everything else too. I was left with just a feeling of fantastic love and peace. I was in the living presence of Maharaj-ji’s unconditional love. I had never been loved so completely. From that moment on, all I wanted was to touch Maharaj-ji’s feet.

                            Best wishes,
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                              Hi Stephen and family,

                              I've been having experiences of welling up and crying for no apparent reason than connecting with the joy or emotion of something I am reading or watching, probably for the last couple of years. I had been putting this down to becoming more sensitive and perhaps empathetic so I resonate with others' emotions, particularly joy and sadness.

                              Yesterday on the way back from Hong Kong I watched a couple of touching movies (though we're not talking what you might know as notorious "tear jerkers") and tears were running down my face throughout both the movies. When I went to the bathroom I just cried for about 10 minutes.

                              My intuition told me this was heart opening and it led me to search the forum for other references. It was lovely to find this account.

                              While my experience was not as intense an experience as Stephen's account, and I didn't feel any energy shifts in my ren or du meridian, it's enough to know my heart is a little more open than it was before.

                              How wonderful these arts are!

                              Thank you Sifu and the past masters.
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                              With love and Shaolin salute /o

                              "Your purpose in life is to find your purpose & give your whole heart and soul to it." - Buddha

                              Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā.