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Practicing Shaolin Chi Kung helps even our pets to live longer and healthier lives?

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  • Practicing Shaolin Chi Kung helps even our pets to live longer and healthier lives?

    Practicing Shaolin Chi Kung helps even our pets to live longer and healthier?

    Just sharing a fun fact: We have large dogs in our family. They usually have the lifespan of 10 to 12 years. Recently I have noticed that the dogs in our family live longer than their siblings.
    This summer the eldest dog, a large male died at the age of over 14 years. He was very healthy until the last year of his life. He often came to lie down in the garden next to anyone who was practicing Chi Kung or Kungfu.
    The other two dogs are now 12,5 years (none of her siblings are alive anymore) and 10,5 (over half of her siblings have passed away). They are both very healthy and happy dogs.
    What makes them different from their litter mates? Maybe the fact that in their family we have been practicing the Shaolin arts for as long as they have been alive?

    This is one wonderful example of how the Shaolin arts enhance our life, and even help those around us to live healthier and happier lives. Even when they cannot practice on their own.

    Best wishes,

    Nessa Kahila
    Shaolin Nordic Finland

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    My cat who just died a couple weeks ago at 16 years old was diagnosed with kidney failure 4 years ago and was given 1 year to live. Every time my dad did his Qi Gong (I had moved) he told me that she would lay by him, and often get in his way when he did the brisk walk after. haha
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      Charles David Chalmers
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        Nessa Kahila
        Shaolin Nordic Finland


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          I cannot comment about the lifespan of animals, as I do not one one. But what I find is that animals are very sensitive to our Chi and enjoy being around us, even more so when we practice Qigong or stances.

          When I teach private lessons, I often find that the cats of my students wont move away and just enjoy being around, even when the students says that normally they are rather shy when strangers arrive. Once I was doing stance training in a park and a dog, not familiar to me, came and lied down right next to my feet. Recently in Bern I was staying at a B&B. The cat came, happily purring, whenever I was back in the flat. The owner was very surprised as she said the cat does not like strangers.

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            I agree with these observations - animals are quite sensitive to chi kung. Of course as your energy gets stronger so are people, but people do not, hopefully, come and roll around your legs when you practice.

            If there are cats hiding in my room when I practice one finger zen they emerge and run out, they do not like that. However if I do say lifting the sky or stance training, then they like to sit or lie down close by.

            Also, I read in the book "Opening the dragon gate" about the taoist master Wang Liping how some animals stand still and enjoy a gentle chi flow when the full moon is out.
            Considering how the full moon influences our practice, this is not surprising at all.
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