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Standing on the shore

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  • Nessa
    Thank you for sharing.

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  • ryanberg
    started a topic Standing on the shore

    Standing on the shore

    Had a wonderful lifting the sky session this evening, and thought some here might enjoy reading about it. Of course every lifting the sky session can be considered wonderful, but after lifting the sky 1,000's of times you can sometimes forget just how wonderful and profound it is. Until the universe reminds you

    A wave of love, joy, and positive intent building.
    Enveloping my soul, strengthening me, guiding me to my higher self.
    I feel powerful and compassionate. Capable of anything.
    Drawn toward the light of love. Basking in it.
    Suddenly the wave crashes into my ego, I break down in tears.
    My mind floods with thoughts of unworthiness, fear, sadness.
    My heart wrenches as the wave washes them away.
    I'm standing on the shore.
    An endless ocean of love in front of me.
    The vast expanse of my ego behind me.
    And so it goes.