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"Landsickness", balance, and gratitude

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  • "Landsickness", balance, and gratitude

    I have another thing to add to the very long list of things that Chi Kung is excellent for: "landsickness". This is the feeling of still moving after being on a boat/ship in heavy waves. I had to look up the term.

    Recently I returned from a fishing trip in bigger seas and had that bizarre feeling of still being on the ocean, despite being on firm ground.

    Lifting the Sky made the feeling about 95% better right after practice, and 100% better within an hour or so. An interesting note: at the end of Standing Meditation I could not feel my dantien, as if my dantien had gone missing! All returned to normal during my practice the following day.

    I am convinced the Chi Kung is excellent for our senses of balance. My youngest son (who has been practicing for a year and a half) recently started riding his bike without training wheels just before his 4th birthday. We happened to be on a boat trip, so he rode his bike on bumpy sand beaches for a couple weeks before ever riding on pavement. He only fell a couple of times, and was never hurt enough to cry. Upon returning to town, my son's first ride on pavement was about three miles, including a large downhill, and he was ready for more. It's just amazing.

    My deep gratitude to Sifu for teaching Shaolin Wahnam Chi Kung. Before I started practicing 7 1/2 years ago I was mostly satisfied with my life, but life today is so much fuller and better. I had the thought this morning that I could not wish for a life that is any more perfect. Chi Kung has given myself and my family so many gifts. Thank you, Sifu.

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    Thanks :-)

    Dear Zach Sidai,

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful effects that Chi Kung is having in your life and the life of the ones that you love. :-)

    With Love, Care and Shaolin Salute,



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      Thanks for sharing it, Zach.
      Daniel Pérez


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        Thank you for sharing a very inspiring experience.

        I have noticed a similar thing with my daughter. It is wonderful to not only get the benefits from practice ourselves, but to also see them clearly in our familymembers.

        Best wishes,

        Nessa Kahila
        Shaolin Nordic Finland


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          When I read the title I thought with "land sickness" you mean if you live on an island and suddenly have to live on the big continent But I'm sure even in this case Chi Kung can help.


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            Ronny Siheng, I'm sure you're right! For some unknown reason, I have almost always lived on islands from a young age: three countries, two states, and lots of islands. Chi Kung would help with that transition.

            Nessa Sije, it is amazing how kids respond to Chi Kung. My three sons rarely get sick, and when they do, it's usually just a small inconvenience for them. Recently my 8 year old son fell on ice and split his chin right to to the bone, unfortunately. His recovery was remarkable. No bruising at all when the cut was deep and required 20 stitches. The doctor advised removing the stitches after a week. We went back at 5 days and a nurse remarked that we should have come back sooned because the stitches had grown in. She suggested we should have come in sooner. Later that day a friend who is nurse said she had never seen an injury such as his recover so quickly.

            Remarkable arts!

            Best wishes to all.