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Homework - Life is Suffering (due 30 March 2021)

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  • Homework - Life is Suffering (due 30 March 2021)

    In the four noble truths of buddha, buddha said that suffering is a part of life. Our arts should enable us to live a healthy and happy life.
    However, each of us will face difficult and sometimes painful situations in our lives. What are your strategies for dealing with difficult situations and how can our arts help us in our daily lives?

    by Sifu Mark Harnisch
    May all beings be happy!

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    If I face troubles, I do more qigong to overcome it.
    lg michael


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      How to deal with situations in life ?
      Do one's best and then leave the rest/the outcome to God or the Cosmos.

      How to have the capacity to do one's best and the ability to let go and Let God ?
      By having more energy and mental clarity through practising our Shaolin Arts !

      Damian Kissey
      Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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        When life gets overwhelming I find the best response is to do more practice and/or go on Buddhist retreats. My favourites are either a Zen sesshin (week-long intensive meditation) or the Tibetan Nyung-ney (2 day fasting retreat - usually done in multiples). Both will have a transformative effect.

        PS. If you are being targeted by someone, I have found the best response is to recite Chapter 14 from the Sutra of Golden Light (The Chapter on Protection).
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        Kind regards,


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          If one has only good thoughts, speak good words and do good deeds, does he/ she still suffer?
          "No matter what you do, you must be clear in your conscience." - Sitaigung Ho
          "Goodness begets goodness." - Sigung


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            Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

            Thank you for starting this interesting and useful thread.

            I found that being able to forgive avoids a lot of suffering in my life.

            Another wonderful skill that avoids a lot of suffering in my life is Gratitude.

            I have also found very useful having always good-noble thoughts. Sifu has mentioned in his article that "Perception is often more important than reality". In Sifu's words again: "There are two ways of looking at anything -- the negative way and the Shaolin Wahnam way."

            Sifu has also mentioned that when a person opens his heart he becomes happy.

            Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung (and the Shaolin Arts) is an excellent way to open the heart and to keep the heart open. For example, "Smiling from the Heart" is a wonderful skill incorporated in our practice that opens the heart.

            Following the Ten Shaolin Laws allows me to have a virtuous living. That also avoids a lot of unnecessary suffering in my life.

            With Shaolin Salute,



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              Dear family,

              it sounds simple but all suffering starts from ego identification.
              I realized that by letting go of all thoughts and entering a no mind stage helped me tremendously. It requires daily practice to attain this skill but it's a great tool once learned.
              Additionally I came to realization that if one just accepts his emotions in the current moment and let it flow and not fight against it helps alot, too! Mostly we build up a great resistance against negative emotions which actually creates blockages in our system. It helps to remind oneself that it's ok to be angry, or sad or whatever emotion overcomes..soon this will pass, too...
              We people live in an electronic world today and are bombarded by information from all corners, additionally we come to realize that we are also sorrounded by many energy fields (EMF's, electrosmog etc,...) Qi Gong state of mind helps to clear all thoughts and empty the mind. It's required to have a genuine Master that teaches authentic Qi Gong and transfers his abilities to you. You also develop a strong energy shield that protects you from bad influences.

              shaolin salute,



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                Originally posted by Damian Kissey View Post
                How to deal with situations in life ?
                Do one's best and then leave the rest/the outcome to God or the Cosmos.

                How to have the capacity to do one's best and the ability to let go and Let God ?
                By having more energy and mental clarity through practising our Shaolin Arts !

                This is so wonderfully simple, direct and effective. Thank you very much, dear Sisookgung!
                May all beings be happy

                Thank you.


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                  Dear Family,

                  Many wonderful answers have been posted already. Thank you very much for sharing.

                  What are your strategies for dealing with difficult situations and how can our arts help us in our daily lives?

                  The most beneficial way i have found for me is to avoid the difficult part of the situation and to nurture or enrich the associated opportunity.
                  For example if in a family meeting there is an unspoken or crescent conflict between two family members, i would first define the conflict, define the opportunity (that may be totally different from the conflict) make the appropriate actions to avoid the conflict and then focus on the opportunity to finally enjoy the results.

                  So, a more practical example:
                  1. The situation: a mother's birthday celebration, two sisters are jealous from each other, possible exploding conflict.
                  2. Define the conflict (jealously, possible fight, the mother becomes sad),
                  3. Define the opportunity or opportunities (to enjoy the party, to make the mother happy, assistants have a good time, to forgive and to love one to each other...)
                  4. Take appropriate actions to avoid conflict (subtly separate the two sisters during the party)
                  5. Take the appropriate actions to nurture the opportunity, some examples could be:
                    1. Engage in some fun or interesting talking, playing or practical action with one sister so to indirectly calm her mind and separate from the other sister)
                    2. To call people's attention for a toast to remark the happy birthday celebration
                    3. To congratulate the mother and to remark how much the mother love both daughters and is proud of them
                    4. To speak about a happy situation that the daughters and the mother shared and to remark how lucky they are to be a happy family
                    5. Make them laugh and enjoy together.
                    6. To thank all assistants not just in words but with great sharing, food and cakes.
                  6. Enjoy the results
                    1. If this sequence or just some parts of it can be applied correctly, all people involved will not just avoid unnecessary suffering and a difficult situation but enjoy a happy celebration, earn very happy memories, loves more each other and leave the party feeling great.
                  How can our arts help us in our daily lives?

                  In this example our arts help us by giving us mental clarity, right choices, good timing and spacing, strong focus, skill to open our hearts and other people hearts, to learn how to forgive, to be grateful, to be compassionate, to be wise, to have the energy and force to implement the right actions and a long etc...

                  The more skill the performer has the less actions to take and more possibilities to be successful and viceversa.

                  Last weeks i´ve been thinking about similarities between Kung Fu Combat Application and Enriching our Daily Life and today while i was writing a different post in the Kung Fu section i realized that the classification "Three levels of attack and defense" it's very useful when comparing between them.

                  Three Levels of Combat Application:
                  • Lower level: First Defense Then Counter
                  • Intermediate level: Defense Cum Counter
                  • Advance level: No Defense Direct Counter
                  Leading difficult situations (or other situations) in Daily life:
                  • Lower level: First Avoid the difficult situation then focus on the opportunity,
                  • Intermediate level: Avoid difficult situation and focus on the opportunity at the same time
                  • Advance level: No need to avoid nothing, directly focus on the opportunity.

                  Warm regards,



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                    Thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts on this.

                    A few months ago I was going through a difficult time and was in a very emotionally painful situation.

                    My Sifu (Sifu Kai) told me the following:
                    "Life is suffering and we cannot escape it. How we deal with it, therein lies the development process of the individual."

                    For me this means that it is about the skill of transforming negative situations into good situations.

                    When we practice our chi kung, we will develop mental clarity and internal force, our emotions will calm down and we will cultivate our spiritual development.
                    But in the end, the Shen is leading the Chi. Our Chi supports what the Shen tells it to do. This is why the mindset by which we go through life is so important. Because it determines our decisions and our actions.

                    We should always have positive thoughts and focus our attention on the good in ourselves and others.We should be able to let go of negative emotions and forgive others. We should be grateful for everything we have and we should go through life with an open heart.
                    In order to make the right decisions, it is also important to be morally upright. Our 10 Shaolin Laws can be a great guide in this regard.

                    The right decisions and actions, in my opinion, are the ones that lead to a win-win situation for everyone involved. When other people are involved, the skill of forgiving and wishing the other person well, even if they have done you wrong, is one of the most important for this.
                    Internal force is very helpful in order not to fall back into old behavior patterns such as reacting with anger and rejection.

                    I am very grateful to my Sifu that he gave this advice to me. Seeing this as a skill to transform bad into good has helped me a lot to deal with the situation. And in the end it was a good opportunity for my personal development.

                    may all beeings be happy

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                    May all beings be happy!


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                      Dear Sisookgung Ángel, dear Sisook Mark,

                      thank you very much for your inputs. I find both your posts very rewarding and meaningful!

                      I have observed similar things in my development.

                      For fun, we may distinguish two states of being in Steffen: The Worrier and the Warrior.

                      The Worrier
                      likes to worry, intellectualize and thus has a harder time enjoying himself.

                      The Warrior follows the Three Golden Rules, smiles from the heart and flows with the changes.

                      It is obvious that the goal of practise should be being a Warrior instead of a Worrier. Thankfully, I am moving in this direction more and more. This is where my Sigung's advice as quoted by Mark Sisook comes into play:

                      Originally posted by Sigung
                      "Life is suffering and we cannot escape it. How we deal with it, therein lies the development process of the individual."
                      The greater my skills get, the easier it is for me to discover old habit paterns of mind and correct them. This leads to a great reduction of suffering, a greater feeling of freedom and a lot of plain old good fun.

                      What I found interesting is that training combat application helps me a lot to be more in "Kung Fu" mode (= the Warrior) in daily life so I can apply skills, tactics and strategies to create win-win-situations for everyone involved. As someone who used to lean towards doing more internal force training than combat application, I notice that a more balanced approach between these two pillars of Shaolin Kung Fu produces even better results.

                      So much for now. Thank you very much for reading!

                      With a big smile from the heart,
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                      May all beings be happy

                      Thank you.