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  • The Power of Zen


    Overcoming challenges of the mind.

    Hello everybody,

    I'd like to start a discussion, or in the light of Zen, engaging rather then discussing.

    About some concepts of applying Zen in daily life. Or rather the cause and effect of things, and were zen could be applied to stop that cause and effect.

    I will be giving some examples - or self created illusions - dealing with emotion.

    Living and understanding Zen in our present day life:

    I'd like to firstly mention Bodhidharma's Sermons, and urge anybody who hasn't read them to read them.
    Especially, the first one, the Blood Sermon.

    Here you can find the 3 sermons of the great Bodhidharma:

    The Blood Sermon

    The Wake-Up Sermon

    The Break-Through Sermon

    Let's take as base; illusions taking over the mind.

    I'd like to mention first; I write this also for myself, as to consolidate some awakening to Zen I had last week.
    I have found my path, and I will apply zen to the fullest in my life.

    I'd like to take this concept as powerful tool against any adversity, one might experience in daily life. And change it into a blessing in disguise.
    Maybe I can inspire some people to let go, to stop, certain emotional blockage.

    But most importantly, do not try to understand, do not intellectualize. This is merely me sharing my mind.

    Firstly, all emotion comes from thinking. Cause creating effect.

    Even in real life adversity, like a bad situation that happens to you, is at the end created by yourself.

    I used to suffer from strong emotions, just emotion in it's full concept. Like false love or sorrow for example.
    I fell recently by holding on to certain emotion, leading to a whole range of other emotion, creating effect, blinding me up to the point of even deviating from our school.

    By realizing zen, better yet experiencing it, I killed a lot of blockage within myself.

    Blockages like anxiousness, and fear.
    A whole lot of people, also in our school, go against the concept of zen, by applying all types of other practise.
    Like the blockage is situated here and there, you must do this and that to overcome.
    Yet, our Grandmaster made it very clear; it doesn't matter where the "blockage" is.

    The same with our combat, it's right there in front of us, yet some still are actively seeking out how to use it for combat.
    I'm not gonna talk about the combat situation, and I rather not have anybody discuss this here.

    Now, I will just talk for myself, how I deal with emotion that can lead to blockage, and how zen can be applied to stop cause and effect in that particular situation.

    First example, falling in love. Getting stuck there as the partner doesn't reply your "love".

    Foolishly, you "suffer" from emotion of falling in love, you can't let go. You go search for outside sources to end your problem, but ending up only feeding that emotion (because you are looking - thus making it stronger - making it harder to let go).

    This is the first example. Could somebody tell, what zen concept could been applied here?

    I'll tell you; the love was fake in the first place, it was never there - the partner was never willing to engage in the first place.
    The emotion is thus not real. You could have stopped right there. Zen.

    Instead one looks for a solution, ie. feeding the illusion, making it stronger.

    One could say, but the feeling was so strong, it felt so real.

    Yet the partner never was willing, so it never was there. Only you let it happen, only you attached, only you made it "real".
    Only you created the illusion sub-consiously. Only you fed it, ending lost in a sea of illusion of "self created love".

    I can understand that alot of people who have no experience of zen, have a hard time understanding.
    However, I also write this for myself, to consolidate some thoughts, and basically share my own understanding.

    I will continue with examples of how to apply and see, and stopby just using zen.

    I'll take this further;

    Let's say, because of some strange reason, you believe you are a victim of black magic.

    Let's say, this old strange lady, with blackness under her eyes (god bless her), always complains in her appartment, people coming over doing the strangest noises, bad smells filling up the hallway, and the smell enter your place. In person she is actually a kind, soft voiced, old lady.
    Once inside her place though she changes to a very aggravating voice, loudly complaining about everything.

    One time you go into such distress, you find yourself waking up out of your body, encountering bad things that even attack you.

    Low level beings, of whatever nature, feed on negativity. It is a cosmic truth, goodness begets goodness, evil begets evil.
    And evil, (god bless their ignorance), feeds of fear, of negative emotions. Regardless if it's real or not.

    Most people or beings commiting evil, are just very ignorant, creating emotions, creating cause and effect, blinding themselves even more.
    We should feel or realize that, and honestly bless them. I too am far from perfect. Hence I write this also for myself.

    How do you fight this? You don't, you just stop
    It's all based on illusion. Magic is illusion, and you create it yourself.

    And if they created something into tricking you to believe this, you actually tricked yourself.
    They just bestowed an illusion on you and you percieved it as real, thus once again, tricking yourself, creating cause and effect, and feeding the illusion. How do you handle this? You don't, you just stop.

    Let go of the emotion of feeling annoyed, aggrivated, and just stop

    How? One great way to realize zen, is to just practise what our great Grandmaster layed out for us.
    We have a whole range of practise that makes you feel pleasant again, that opens your heart and by keeping your mind still during chi kung, or kungfu, we train zen.

    Negativity is just an emotion, it's not there. You will be tested and tested, you will sometimes fail, create anger, or fear, or restlesness.
    Thoughts create reality, thus a cause (the thought) creating effect. How do you handle that. You stop.

    The emotion isn't there. You create yourself.

    Regardless of anything of the situation above is real , it's amazing how we fool our mind, and create all problems ourselves.


    In the above two stories, real or not, the situations ceased. And as we create cause and effect, the place is much more silent, calm, she doesn't even slam her doors. By staying in zen, in the present and cultivating your mind, you cease eventually everything.

    But you should also cultivate your heart by sharing, by being kind to yourself and others and realize the blockage of others, and cultivate compassion.

    I'd like to invite anybody to engage in this, and share their own stories, created by your own mind or not , and share how you stop certain things,
    by realizing zen.

    Moral of both stories; the more you engage in thinking, the more you create cause and effect, and only you, not some outside force.

    Please give me a zen slap if you find all this complete nonsense.

    Best regards,

    PS: A person feeling anxious, by practising our arts and letting go, you cease the anxiousness.
    Regardless if the blockage is there or not, at the spine or whatever.

    All healing starts from the heart. And the mind or heart is everywhere.


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    I'd like to mention that hopefully this doesn't come over as arrogant. I don't want to teach anybody a lesson.
    It's just that for me this is a very strong transformational tool.

    All the best,


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      How does a student of zen, practise zen?

      to sit back and observe;

      or see things as they are, let go, celebrate and dance?


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        how are your days going? What are you doing in the day? What was the most pleasurable thing that happened today?

        Have you tried this joke? You say "Knock, Knock", I say "Who's there".

        With metta,

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          You almost got me enlightened

          No, thanks.
          I feel content and I'll be very glad to be working again ; )


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            Knock Knock......

            Originally posted by barrys View Post

            how are your days going? What are you doing in the day? What was the most pleasurable thing that happened today?

            Have you tried this joke? You say "Knock, Knock", I say "Who's there".

            With metta,