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HH Dalai Lama UK Visit 2012

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  • HH Dalai Lama UK Visit 2012

    Dear family and friends,

    HH Dalai Lama is visiting the UK this month. We bought two tickets for a talk in Manchester entitled: 'Real Change Happens in the Heart' which is in the afternoon on Sunday 17th June. We're now going to see our Sifu at Summer Camp instead and going to the event in London on the 19th. It seems that June is a very special month this year

    If anyone wants the tickets or knows someone that wants them they can have them for free - just send a PM but be aware that there isn't much time left so let me know asap so we can mail them to you in time.

    More details about the visit:

    Best wishes

    Joel & Parveen
    Once you know the map all routes become clear.

    — Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

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    Oooh, I can highly recommend going to see His Holiness the Dalai Lama's talks. He has a very clear voice and message, and a wonderful sense of humor. I watched his talk here in Indiana in 2008/2009 and came away with a grand smile on my face and a clearer mind.
    I like making silly videos (including kung fu ones!) every so often on YouTube and taking pictures of weird things on Instagram.


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      There is also a Live Webcast for those, who can´t make it:

      Engage and maintain joyful practice!

      May all of you get the best benefits from what you do.

      Anton Schmick
      Shaolin Wahnam Germany Nord