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    I was registered for GM Wong Kiew Kit’s Chi Kung Intensive in Penang, which got cancelled with the advent of the corona virus. Since then I haven’t seen any classes posted taught by him. Is it still possible to take this knowledge directly from him in person?

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    Greetings Zachary,

    No future group or personal courses with Sifu are currently in planning. The probability of any courses with Sifu this year and in the coming year or so is low.

    For those interested in Chi Kung as taught by Grand Master Wong Kiew Kit , an alternative is to learn from a Shaolin Wahnam Instructor in their respective or other countries.

    Best wishes in your chi kung aspirations and endeavours.
    Damian Kissey
    Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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      This Shaolin Wahnam Instructor may be teaching a chi kung course in Oman towards the end of this year : since you are based in Kuwait, you may be interested to enquire .
      Damian Kissey
      Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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        I'm really sorry to hear that there aren't any intensive courses planned as they were absolutely fantastic, especially when combined with the wonderful cultural experience that is Penang and the Malaysian people. From a personal perspective my life has been transformed as a consequence of Sifu's teaching, coupled with his profound wisdom and the extraordinary techniques he has generously transmitted to us all. If he has decided to retire then his contribution to the world has been immense and his legacy will last for years to come in the form of the quality of the instructors he has trained and all the people he has helped to heal and to develop spiritually.
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        Kind regards,