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Copthorne Hotel permanently closed

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    I believe I still have a receipt from the Copthorne somewhere in my wallet. No, I probably do not tidy it as often as I should.
    Great memories from courses and meetings there as with every location in Malaysia, but I never attended a Charles course - it must be something really special.
    When one door closes, another one opens.


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      I think I need to meet this Charles fellow.
      Charles David Chalmers
      Brunei Darussalam


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        That`s how an era ends.
        More important than the hotel were off course the wonderful and important lessons and the time spent with the Wahnam Family Like memories of sitting at the pool, chatting and listening to Xmas jingles all night around the Dragon Strength and other courses ​ There are too many moments to write down, over the years the place got so familiar.
        Well I am looking forward to meet you in the new place, wherever it may be Maybe at Flamingo down the road?

        Engage and maintain joyful practice!

        May all of you get the best benefits from what you do.

        Anton Schmick
        Shaolin Wahnam Germany Nord


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          Wow I am impressed how everyone is taking this on the chin, I was momentarily devastated! Such a paradise was the Copthorne Orchid that I almost didn't trust my eyes when I saw a hotel on a cliff face, where you could take a an elevator down to the cove beach in amazing sunshine. Until I saw a lizard about the size of a spaniel coming out of the water and I went back into the elevator

          But on second reading I am glad to hear apartments and a new hotel will be built there, and I am sure there are many more beautiful areas and hotels in Malaysia to explore. I hope that the owners and staff of the Copthorne Orchid did well out of it financially, they deserve it in return for the experiences they gave their guests.

          This also reminds me on my first trip to Malaysia. My 'helpful' friends were warning me about all these unpleasant things that could happen travelling through Asia, different crimes they had dreamt up, diseases I could catch etc, I remember arriving at the airport in Sabah and laughing hard to myself as I realised I had landed in a paradise much nicer than the country I had travelled from! And it was the same feeling at the Copthorne Orchid.


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            Originally posted by Damian Kissey View Post
            Bricks and walls , coppers and stones
            Yester here , now bygones
            Yet Shaolin Arts
            Liive long in Disciples Hearts
            Dear Damian Siheng, this reminded me of when one of my not-so-religious cousins was telling one of my religious cousins about all these church buildings in the UK that were being knocked down, or sold, or converted into gyms and such, because there was not the demand for church services that there once was. My religious cousin said "God does not live in dusty old church buildings... but in the heart of the believer."

            A few months later I happened to be at a church service for a christening, and the same religious cousin remarked to me, also not-so-religious, in a joking way that she was surprised I remembered the route to the church, so long had it been since I had last attended. So of course I gestured to the church and then my chest saying "God does not live in dusty old church buildings... but in the heart of the believer!"

            I wasn't sure if she would crack a smile or crack me round the head, fortunately it was the former!


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              Paul Sir , you are a genuine Shaolin Art practitioner .....areligious but spiritual , non-dogmatic but righteous , not bulldozing buffalo but courageous , not patronizing but compassionate .

              And a progressing boxer with good foundation , drunken in living ancient wisdom
              Damian Kissey
              Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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                Wow! Damian Siheng your words made me feel 10 feet tall. My instinct is to say "no, no..." etc but in this case I cannot contradict what I am about to say - because whilst I cannot write with such poetry as you just have, I can say from the heart you are a font of ancient wisdom in modern times, you are a true Shaolin disciple sir. Sending much love and respect to you, Rosaline, Bernie and all the Kissey family