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Intensive Chi Kung Course in Penang - December 2019

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  • Intensive Chi Kung Course in Penang - December 2019

    Hi Everyone,

    We just finished another wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Intensive Chi Kung Course with Sifu. Besides enjoying the wonderful life Penang Island offers to us, we spend a great time learning and practicing the newest Chi Kung ever. Sifu´s presented us our chi kung in a Full High Definition version. I had the impression that even lifting the sky, pushing mountains and carrying the moon were new different techniques although their external form was the same.

    The transmission was so condensed that i felt like Sifu was sharing with us modern taoists pearls (or pills) in form of techniques, skills and magical results, and we learnt them just in three days! I think that was the most repeated expression by Sifu during the course . I´m sure Sifu will share the videos very soon in

    Of course, we all had also a lot of time to meet again, or for the first time, and enjoy together during free times.

    Looking forward to enjoy the next Intensive Shaolin Kung Fu Course.

    Greetings from my heart,


    Enhancing your health, combat efficiency, mental freshness and spiritual joy through Shaolin kungfu, chi kung, taijiquan (tai chi chuan) and Zen

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    Dear Angel,

    Sounds like another great course by Sifu as always.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences as it is always lovely to hear other peoples experiences of the courses
    and their time spent in Malaysia.

    Looking forward to reading about the intensive kung fu course.

    Thanks also to Sifu for offering these courses and passing on such great skills.

    Shaolin Salute,


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      Dear Angel , thanks much for wafting some wonderful aroma of cosmic pearls from the recent Intensive Chi Kung Course

      ..and wishing all participants a marvelous Intensive Shaolin Kung Fu Course with Sifu
      Damian Kissey
      Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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        Wonderful Angel Sidai. Thanks for sharing your experiences. :-)

        With Shaolin Salute,



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          Hi everybody!!

          I joined this Intensive course too. My first one in Malaysia and, as Angel mentions, it was wonderful. Now I’m back home in Mataró (Spain), treasuring these pearls deep in my heart. Some of them have already awakened in me wonderful skills like giving myself a little cosmic shower whenever I want, even when seated in the airplane chair yesterday during the long flight back home.

          It was a pleasure to meet so many members of the Wahnam family. Sorry I did not talk and/or introduce myself to all of you (I’m not very talkative), although it was a pleasure to share with you these wonderful days.

          I can see two videos have already been shared online by Sifu: I’ll be watching them from time to time to refresh my memory.

          Thanks so much to Sifu for the most marvelous teachings and to all of you for making this family a really big and a wonderful one!

          David B.


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            Dear all,

            Webpages on the Intensive Chi Kung Course 4-8 Dec 2019 are already on Sifu´s website. Please see

            More content will be posted soon...

            Best regards,



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              Good Morning my fellow brothers and sisters,
              I think I may finally be adjusted to this side of earth's time in Florida. Truly missing the beautiful and spiritual Penang already.

              The intensive chi kung course was amazing. I am so grateful and blessed Sifu shares these wonderful and life changing arts with us.
              I am still shocked with how quick I was able to heal from a foot injury just by following one of the practices Sifu taught us.

              I enjoyed all those I met. I was greeted with such kindness and open hearts from everyone. I didn't know how much I needed family like this until I experienced it.

              My husband and I look forward to meeting you all again in November.

              Love and Hao Yin Qi to you all!