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Intensive Kungfu Course December 2019

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  • Intensive Kungfu Course December 2019

    Hi family!

    With Sifu not traveling this year I know many people expressed interest in deepening our foundations at the upcoming intensive kungfu course. So, whose lovely faces will I have the pleasure of seeing?

    With grateful anticipation,


    Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities

    Genuine Shaolin Kungfu and Qigong in Minnesota

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    This is interesting

    I will be in Penang from 4th to 10th December on business and will be around for (hopefully all of) the Intensive Chi Kung course and at least a couple of the sessions of the Intensive Kung Fu course. My current planning means I would miss the first morning, then be around for the afternoon and second day -- but rushing for my flight after that. When do you arrive, Molly?
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      I´ll be there for Kung Fu!! Looking forward to meet up!
      Engage and maintain joyful practice!

      May all of you get the best benefits from what you do.

      Anton Schmick
      Shaolin Wahnam Germany Nord


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        Originally posted by Andrew View Post
        When do you arrive, Molly?
        What a nice coincidence! I'm pretty much just flying in and out. But I do arrive early afternoon on the 8th and should be settled in at the Copthorne before dinner time. If nothing else, there will be some meet up time, but it would be great to have you for a few session of the course at least.

        Looking forward to seeing you again too Anton!

        Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities

        Genuine Shaolin Kungfu and Qigong in Minnesota


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          I will be there for both Chi Kung and Kung Fu! Looking forward to seeing you and everyone else!


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            I had been planning to attend the Chi Kung course next month - but alas its not to be!

            All the best to everyone currently preparing for both of the course.


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              My wife Jenn and I will be there for the Chi Kung course. My first intensive, I'm excited. A definite change of pace from being trapped on St. Kilda, Scotland for the last two months for work.


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                Today began the first day of the intensive Kung Fu course in Penang.
                It is a very complete course, with a lot of material, small and big details.
                The first and last time I did it, I had the great privilege of doing it together with Angel only, and at that time I learned a lot, as I also had the opportunity to improve a lot, thanks to Sifu, that taught us in a personalized way with a lot of patience, attention and dedication.
                This time I was able to practice what Sifu taught me that time, and review it in this course.
                Even though it is the same course, In a way, it is never the same. There are always new details, something to learn or to deepen.
                Today mainly we learned or reviewed the training stances, such as walking or moving with them in different directions.
                I am really looking forward to do sparring with more opponents of different sizes and shapes =)
                I am very happy to be here.
                Thank you very much Sifu! You are a marvelous mentor! We are very lucky to receive your teachings

                Thanks to all the participants: sisters and brothers, who always make the process more entertaining and enjoyable!


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                  Dear Paz,

                  Thanks for sharing some of your experiences.

                  Happy training,