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Special Lion Dance Course in the Holistic Health Cultivation Center KL

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  • Special Lion Dance Course in the Holistic Health Cultivation Center KL

    Hi everyone,

    Today finished the fourth day of Lion Day Course. With an stelar and intense teaching of Sifu who drive us to the goal at maximum speed. I would like give my sincere thanks to Sifu for offering this amazing course and to Dr. Foong for organizing it.

    The course basically consists in two blocks Percussion Music (the drum, the cymbals and the gong) and the Lion Dance (head and tail) and Sifu masterfully lead us from one to another, another to one and to coordinate both so to learn and receive all the basic and necesary techniques, skills and knowledge to perform it correctly.

    The course is being leaded in such a way that all your weaknesses and strengths are exposed in a safe way, and invaluable challenging situations are presented continually allowing us to improve in a short time what may could not be improved never. It´s like a blessed way to learn the art in such a way that you are feeling good all the times, even in difficult situations who could easily bring you down. I feel Sifu is putting a lot of emphasis in learning in a Zen way, without worrying so much if we make many mistakes, the important thing is to be there, listen, learn and repeat the best you can having a cheerful attitude all the time.

    Before the course i was wondering about how would Sifu teach us to have a better appreciation and control of emotions, enhance kung fu skills or qualities like carefulness, cheerfulness and courage. The answer is that all are integrated inside the practice, it´s surprising to me because we are all the time learning and developing all these expected results, i mean all of them at the same time. As Wei Joo and i were talking today, we are experiencing many things as improvement, amazement, joy, pressure, challenges, courage, failures etc, etc almost at the same time and in a very cheerful and relaxed way.

    Sifu has developed a beautiful performance and music for this course and we are learning them at different levels. To see Sifu playing the drum it´s a fantastic thing, today i had and special experience during Sifu´s performance, something like seeing Sifu playing the drum from the cosmos. I really felt expanded during the show.

    Another important part of the course it the coordination between us, we have to learn to coordinate between the Drum, the Cymbals and the Gong, the head and the tail and between the lion, the music and the drama. Of course to do so correctly needs of a lot of skills and practice but it´s amazing to see how simple and effective is for Sifu to teach us to coordinate those different aspects when the time is right.

    Stamina it´s an special feature for me at this course. The first day, just before the graduation dinner i was just realizing the precious gift that Sifu gave us during the first two classes. Just to perform two or three basic techniques gave me more stamina that never before, and opened all my channels and mind in a very new and expanded level. Dimitri, Bernie, Wei Joo, Steven and i where waiting to Sifu and Dr Foong outside the restaurant and i was feeling so energetic, happy and cheerful that just realized that those were some of the wonderful results of the real Lion Dance, in that same moment we saw Dr Foong and Sifu walking from far away and i could hear the bouncing laugh of Sifu when he saw us.

    The welcoming dinner was so special. Sifu was very happy and open and during all the dinner, even when food was coming, Sifu was sharing with us stories, secrets, knowledge and answering questions in such a profound way. The last part of the dinner was even more special, one of us told Sifu about a family member with a viral disease and Sifu ask that person to be prepared in five minutes because he will perform distant chi transmission. Sifu spoke about it in the healing course and said that would be good for us to presence it so to know better how to do it. After some minutes Sifu started to meditate in front of us and to transmit chi to the person who needed it. The experience was really strong and eye opening, to see Sifu in deep meditation, focused, moving A LOT of chi and inside me i could feel a great expansion with tremendous internal force and chi being projected into the cosmos. After that, Sifu came back and asked us for question and to share if we felt something different during the process. It was a very special moment and i like to thanks Sifu for his immense carefulness and generosity so to share with us so many special gifts in just one day.

    During the Chi Kung Healing Course Sifu taught us how to give chi to the patient, increase the level of chi and to break through the blockage, during the Chi Kung Healing course itself Sifu demonstrated many times how to do it although many times without mentioning it. In the Lion Dance course we are having the opportunity to experience that process more at the level of internal force and mind.

    These are some of the most important points that come to my mind, please, feel free to ask me any questions about the course if they arise.

    Looking forward to discover day 5.

    Best regards,


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    Dear Angel:

    Thank you very much for sharing so much information about the course, I think it is especially valuable for those of us who wanted to attend and for some or other reasons we did not achieve it.

    It seems that it was a course in which in addition to having so much fun, attendees could learn different efficient skills for daily life.

    It is wonderful to appreciate all the benefits, sometimes "hidden", that a course with Sifu can offer us.
    I am very happy for all the participants!

    I hope that the The Lion Dance Course can be repeated sometime soon and that those of us who could not take this valuable opportunity, could benefit of it the next time.

    I can't wait to see the videos of the course!

    Warm greetings,



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      Hi Paz,

      I´m very happy to know that you enjoyed my post. This course was really special and it would be very nice to have it again available. Sifu is very generous to share with us the right things in the right times, it is amazing what is achievable with Sifu´s teaching methodology in just 5 days, hard to explain and even hard to believe but amazing to experience.

      Now are available the videos about Lion Dance Course, i think it´s easy to appreciate from them the intensity, profundity and simplicity of the teaching. Some of my favorites experiences from the course were cheerfulness, vibrant vitality and to celebrate life.

      Hope we can share more about it in the future,



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        Dear Siheng,

        Thank you for sharing some of your experiences with us.

        The courses sound incredible as always.

        Thanks to Sifu and all the past masters.

        Shaolin Salute,