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Chi Kung Healing Course 2019 in Holistic Health Cultivation Center KL

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  • Chi Kung Healing Course 2019 in Holistic Health Cultivation Center KL

    Dear all,

    I would like to start this new thread to share a bit about the Chi Kung Healing Course that is taking place in the Holistic Health Cultivation Center in KL. First at all many thanks to Sifu for offering this wonderful course and to Dr. Foong and all his crew for organizing it and open the opportunity to many of us to attend. It´s so great, admirable and encouraging to know that more than a thousand people have overcome their so called incurable diseases in HHCC along these years.

    Today is day 3 and many things already happened, as Sifu already mentioned in his website, this course is focused in developing chi kung healing skills and that is the way is being driven. From the basics principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to the practical exercises and methods, all material is leading to methodical, practical, spread and breadth application so to be able to lead ourselves and others to overcome so called incurable diseases and to bring good health and happiness in daily life.

    I´m really amazing with the simplicity, clarity and generosity Sifu is sharing all his knowledge with us. We had the chance to review one by one every pattern of 18 lohan hands and 18 jewels and not just talking about their benefits but one by one experiencing the different forms, flows and results as always from a new and wider perspective. We are also learning how to allow others to relax using different postures and methods, how guide and ensure the results for the client, how to not think in anything (a very interesting mini Zen course). Sifu also taught how to send chi from our Tan Tien and chi from the cosmos to others and to protect ourselves from bad flows.

    Last day while we were learning the 18 Jewels Sifu´s teaching was feeling so nice and class was so enjoyable that Sifu continued for 1 extra hour. For me all the class was a hyperreal calming and nourishing sensation of wellness. In the afternoon we even had time to have to suggest poetic names for some of the jewels and to vote to choose the best to be the stablished ones. The new one i can remember now is Hula Hoop, whose poetic chosen name is "Inmortal Turns Galaxies".

    It´s my first course with Sifu in KL and in Holistic Health Cultivation Center and i really recommend the experience to everyone, the center is so confortable, with all our needs covered by the fantastic Dr Foong´s Crew, great food, nice places to visit and good memories with fellow brothers and sisters.

    Afternoon session is coming with new experiences, i´ll keep you posted.

    All the best,


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    Dear family,

    I couldn't agree more with my dear brother Ángel. So far after day 3 we have covered so much and it's becoming very exciting for me at the prospect of being able to take chi kung therapy/healing out to the world at the end of this course.

    It is an intensive course and I'm grateful to be able to attend this time, having missed the opportunity back in 2014.

    Reflections and further updates to follow at the end of the course.

    With love and Shaolin salute /o

    "Your purpose in life is to find your purpose & give your whole heart and soul to it." - Buddha

    Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā.


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      Wonderful, sounds awesome


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        Dear Brothers,

        Thank you for sharing some of your experiences from the course.
        Looking forward to hearing more about it.

        Wishing Sifu and all of you who are on the course the very best.

        Shaolin Salute,


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          Dear Mark and Brendan, i´m glad that you enjoyed our experiences from the first days. I´m sure that you already know that Sifu is posting a lot of videos of the Chi Kung Healing Course 2019 in his website:
          The course was amazing, from the beginning to the end me and many brothers and sisters felt and describe a real healing process happening to us along the course. All parts of the healing process were well defined by Sifu and he transmitted to us the amazing experience of physical, energetic and mental healing at such a level that many times you may feel difficult to maintain awake and listen.

          It was a real life experience about how to stabilize the physical aspect of the patient, the healer and the program, how to start, increase, break through the blockage and nourish the person and an special, deep and wide lesson about how to work in the spiritual dimension opening the heart, including other parts of it outside of the body, and as Sifu stated, opening up the invisible part of us.

          We had a lot of time to role play between us and to observe Sifu showing us thousand ways of doing things better. It is a great luck to receive the invaluable heart to heart transmission because it would be very difficult to remember so many techniques, skills and situations shared by Sifu. The funniest and most hilarious one i can tell now is Sifu´s live demonstration of how to avoid a punch from your wife and hug her after that as if anything happened .

          We could also see a lot of Dr Foong´s clients testimonials, it is so inspiring to hear and see so many persons happy and grateful because they could recover his life after some months enjoying in the Holistic Health Cultivation Center. I could feel how Dr Foong`s generosity in sharing with us his experience improved a lot the final result of the course in terms of confidence and benefits. Again is worth to mention the great work of the Crew that not a single detail was lost. My sincere thanks again to Dr Foong and all his team for all the effort in maintaining and sharing the art.

          Dr Foongs Center has a lot of floors including a beautiful terrace on top and close to the ground floor it´s his Chi I restaurant, a good place to enjoy good vegetarian food, soft drinks and coffee. Some of us enjoyed very good lunch and great moments there between classes. It is amazing how many participants, including me, stated that between classes and during the tours felt like moving or floating in clouds in such a flowing manner while having interesting and pleasant conversations that the environment became "irrelevant" even in planned visits to interesting places.

          The last day we had a beautiful Graduation Dinner in which all the participants shared some words of thanks at the end and the party continued in the 23rd floor of the Pearl Hotel, a beautiful terrace with stunning views. It was very special to share and enjoy so much with all participants, i would like to say thank you to them for all the good moments.

          Hope we all can enjoy more and more great and special moments with Sifu and fellow brothers and sisters in the future. Our school is so deep and profound that will always have, if we are prepared and regardless of the level of attainment, new things to offer us so to enrich and live the very best of our life and Sifu is being so kind to share with us, an available way of life that i think is still waiting to be discovered, for that, we have to be together and generate the vertical change.

          My infinite thanks to our beloved Sifu for sharing with us in such a happy and meaningful way the very best of his teachings.

          All the best,



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            What a wonderful course!

            There are no words to describe some of the experiences lived during, through and after the course.

            I really felt alive and with a very clear mind. With so much inner peace and vitally cheerful.

            Thank you very much Sifu for teaching us so much!

            The course was very complete and very deep.

            Thank you Ángel!

            Warm greetings,



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              I had the great blessing of attending this course. It was truly inspiring and empowering. In many ways it brought together my ten years of training in our school. Some of the insights were things that changed or opened in my heart and others were realisations on the level of understanding of the Shaolin arts and also about Sifu, his way of teaching and the vision and purpose that he is fulfilling. It was also very inspiring to see how Dr Foong has created a living clinic where the highest healing potential of the Shaolin arts has been demonstrated and where people with 'incurable' diseases from all over the world come to be healed.

              For a Shaolin practitioner, once a certain level has been attained, the question arises - what will I do with the gift that I have been given through these great arts? Of course one can simply enjoy them for oneself, but this seems to be contrary to the Ten Shaolin Laws that obligate us to help the needy and share the art with deserving people. In the time we live in its clear that one of the great ways to share this compassion that is intrinsic to our art is to help others to heal and attain to health and vitality. Sifu has said that this is a major component of his life's mission. And as the saying goes - 'go big or go home' - what more appropriate type of diseases to heal for the highest art than so called incurable diseases that all other medical systems have given up on?

              During this course Sifu gave us all the tools and knowledge to empower a patient to cure themselves, in principle, of any disease. He transmitted the skills and also gave us countless tools and techniques to support the patient on the epic journey back to good health. He also gave us the confidence and understanding to step into the big shoes of a Shaolin healer. Above all he challenged us to step up to the opportunity.

              Sifu also transferred a lifetime of experience in the psychology of healing - the most important component. The framework of the One Year Challenge as well as the step by step teaching on how to take a patient from initial intake to being physically and mentally upright and relaxed to learning how to generate chi flow and then let go then to go through all the stages of cleansing and building . These insights were perhaps the most valuable aspects of the course - it's one thing to go through this oneself as we all have, but another thing entirely to coach a patient with a life threatening illness who may know nothing at all about chi kung.

              Coming away from the course has left me in deep introspection and reflection about what I will do with what I have learned. It inspired me to aim higher and gave me confidence that in fact I can do much more than perhaps I thought. A small example - when Sifu showed us how to open points and send chi into them with our palms and 'sword hand' form I wasn't sure I knew how to do that. But by following Sifu's instruction to 'just do it' I was amazed that the partners I practised on reported that they could feel strong chi flowing into them from my hands. This made me realise that many things that perhaps I imagine I can't do are simply self restrictions in my own imagination.

              During the course I kept detailed notes. I had a section for quotes that Sifu made during the course that particularly struck me. Many are not specific to the healing aspect of our arts and are generally applicable. I thought I would share them with the forum:

              - The mind is very powerful; if we have the intention for only good chi to enter us then the mind will not allow any bad chi in.

              - The weakness of chi kung healing is that the patient must practice regularly – at least 10 min a day

              - The healer must have the heart of a parent – he should treat his patients as his own children

              - If the mind is healthy the body will be healthy

              - Healing is an art not a science

              - Let God do the healing

              - Set the aim then walk the path – we will surely arrive!

              - Be a conduit for cosmic chi – don’t use your own chi. Better yet teach the patient to generate chi flow themselves

              - Guard against overteaching for both your sake and the student’s sake

              - Karma is flexible

              - We are healthy by nature

              - Goodness always brings goodness

              - If a ghost comes to you for revenge, you must perform a sacrifice

              - Most spirits come seeking help – never promise anything to a spirit; help if you can but never promise. They come because of some attachment

              - Learning authentic Shaolin arts is better than the skill of touching stone and turning it into gold.

              - Chi Kung is more Daoist; Zen mind training is more Buddhist

              - Chi flow is the hallmark of our school

              - Chauvinism has backfired!

              - Medicine is not as beneficial as food which is not as beneficial as chi - that is why all of you could, with some practice, live without eating by nourishing yourselves on cosmic chi

              Many blessings to all my fellow Shaolin Wahnam brothers and sisters who attended the course - it was a pleasure to have your company during this special week. I pray that many blessings and good fruits come to you all.

              Shaolin salute!



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                Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

                I have safely arrived home a couple of days ago. I am still processing the course. I believe that processing it will take quite some time.

                As I always do after every course, I will be sharing some of my thoughts and experiences.

                When learning from Sifu, I have learned that there are always two aspects in every course: The visible and the invisible.

                The visible side is a bit easier to process because there are many physical proofs that lead me to a better understanding.

                However, the invisible side is not always easy to process because it works at a deeper level and many times the invisible is very subtle. Yet invisible to my eyes, the changes provoked in me are often the most meaningful ones.

                What comes to my mind, in order to better explain my experience, is the interoperation between the phenomenal and the transcendental realm.

                We were operating in both at a level that I never experienced before in any of Sifus courses so far. The closest I remember was the Intensive Zen Course.

                The sensation I had was not the feeling of expanding or merging with the cosmos. It was a different feeling. As usual, these experiences are hard to explain.

                It was a strange and an unknown feeling to me so I commented it with some of the participants. To my surprise, they also revealed to me that they were having a very similar sensation.

                I also felt as if the Chi Kung Healing Course was all a big flow that included all the participants in it. It was like a bubble of Chi traveling through the Cosmos and the participants were all merged in that bubble during the duration of the course.

                The reason why I say this is because I ended up having extraordinary conversations during meals or breaks or touristic visits with some of the participants and often the world around me just disappeared. We were just so immersed in our conversations that, though the world was there, the world was no longer there.

                I have had this feeling before but never that intense and with so many participants at the same time.

                In some of those conversations, I felt like a big beam of light coming from the Cosmos and showering us. Those conversations revealed to be very important guidelines for the next steps in my journey. It was very surprising to see how that wisdom was being channeled through us in order to provide insight to the person that we were talking to.

                Maybe this is what the Zen Mind means because I knew exactly what to tell and how to tell it so the person I was talking to could perfectly understand and benefit from my words. Though those words were coming through my mouth they didn’t feel like mine.

                I think that I now have a better understanding of what Koans in Zen mean and how they operate. Words coming from the master to the student that might seem unlogical but create a profound change in the recipient.

                After dinner graduation, I had a conversation with one of the participants at the terrace of the Pearl Hotel. I clearly felt that we were having a transmission from the Cosmos. It was like if a channel was opened for us and was transferring knowledge or wisdom. I could also feel when the transmission was ending as that channel was closing down and we came back to the phenomenal realm.

                It was a strange experience because many of the course participants were on that terrace but they kind of disappeared to me while I was having that conversation. They were there but no longer there.

                It seems as if we were all connected with the Divine in such a way that all conversations were part of the Chi Kung Healing Course and helped us to better understand our path and journey in this life.

                To be continued...

                Chi Kung Healing Course Jun19 Group Photo1.jpg


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                  Thanks much to our dear Grandmaster for the transmission , Sifu Dr Foong for organising at his HHCC and to all CK Healers for the wonderful sharings ..
                  Congratulations and best wishes in you next step endeavours in the CK healing enterprise
                  Damian Kissey
                  Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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                    PART 2

                    I always wanted to do this course. Last time the course was offered happened to be in the same year than the Small and Big Universe Course (SBUC) in Toronto. As I didn’t have enough holidays at work, I had to choose between both. At that time, I considered the SBUC the priority. I, of course, don’t regret my choice because the SBUC was the catalyst of my big change and, since that course, the inner transformation that I have had has changed my life in so many ways that I still consider it hard to believe.

                    For some reason, I had a big resistance in going to the coming Chi Kung Healing Course. When Sifu made public that this course would be happening this year I didn’t feel excited about it. I thought to myself: “Santi, this is weird. Not even a bit of excitement for a course that you always wanted to do? How can that be? You always wanted to do this course. You always felt in your heart that you had to do it.”

                    It was at that moment that I decided not to go and left it aside. In the coming months, no desire or excitement came so I just thought to myself that I had changed my needs and priorities in my inside and that the Chi Kung Healing Course wasn’t one of them.

                    The interesting thing happened around a month before the course. An inner voice started encouraging me to go. That voice was first a whisper. As I was reluctant to listen to it, that whisper became louder and louder and came to me more and more often. It even came in dreams.

                    Because of that insistence, I decided to listen and reconsidered the possibility of going. The fact of thinking about the possibility of going triggered in me a lot of insecurities and fears. Maybe that was the reason why I had put it aside and didn’t consider it as an option.

                    These Arts always work in marvelous and mysterious ways. In ways far beyond my understanding. This is part of the invisible side that I don’t seem to comprehend and have to just accept, have faith and trust.

                    I think that these insecurities and fears had to be with me being afraid of my own power. A power that lies within. A power to change lives. A power to transform the lives of those I help. A power of spreading Health and Happiness.

                    To be continued...

                    My Inner Power.jpg


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                      PART 3

                      By becoming a Chi Kung Healer I had to accept this immense power that I was being given. A power that not even the best western doctors in the world had. A power that not many in the world had.

                      Santi, just a boy from a small city in the center of Spain having in his hands a power that not even the most modern hospitals or the biggest pharmaceuticals possessed. A power within me capable of curing the so-called incurable. How could that be?

                      That realization was hitting deeply in the Heart of Confidence that Sifu always talks about. In fact, I remember that at the course Sifu wrote about the 3 Essentials in Our Chi Kung Healing. I was not surprised to see that 2 of those essentials had to do with confidence. One, giving confidence to the patient. Two, having confidence in myself.

                      When I successfully transferred Chi to the patients in the practices that we had at the course I realized how big the power that I was being given to was. I understood that if God had given me that power is because I am ready. Things don’t happen just by chance. I remember one inspiring quote from Einstein that I often remember: “God does not play dice with the universe”.

                      In fact, this is one of the things that I could realize during that talk that I had after dinner graduation at the Pearl Hotel terrace with the other course participant. When I felt that powerful transmission coming from the Sky, I realized the missing connection that I had with God. It was a matter of trusting God. It then came to my mind the image of God and Adam at the Sistine Chapel where Adam was extending his arm and finger and God was extending His.

                      The Creation of Adam.jpg

                      I realized that it was just a tiny space that was easily filled if I had complete trust in God. If I was extending my hand to reach Him, He was just there for me. I just had to do my part and have faith in His work.

                      I then realized some of the quotes that Sifu often said during his courses. Quotes like “Let God do the work”, “God will always work in your benefit”, “God helps those who help themselves” and “God or the Divine gives His blessings to everybody, but those who tense and intellectualize unnecessarily block themselves from His grace”.

                      To be continued...


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                        PART 4

                        I am glad and grateful of that force incessantly pushing me to go to the course. Thanks to that force, I went to the course. This has been one of the most profound and extraordinary courses (if not the most) that I have ever done with Sifu so far.

                        Sifu shared the secrets of healing at such a simple and profound level that I am still processing it. I tend to believe that it will take me some time to fully comprehend the profoundness in the simplicity and the simplicity in the profoundness that Sifu has so generously shared with us.

                        Sifu taught a lifetime work in just 5 days. He provided us with a method that works. He so compassionately avoided us unnecessary and frustrating mistakes on our mission of spreading Health and Happiness all over the world.

                        When being at the course I felt that it was destiny for me to be there. This was fully realized when I finished the course. I am very grateful for the opportunity given and for the divine help that I might have received in order for me to attend the course.

                        Sifu said something very meaningful that filled my heart in a very special way. Sifu mentioned that he believes that heavenly beings are always protecting us because we are doing a good thing. These words instilled in me the faith, confidence and trust that I needed towards this Invisible force that operates at the level of the mind and heart.

                        It is in this course when I fully realized the path that we follow. The path of the Bodhisattvas. A path of wisdom and compassion that helps all sentient beings to achieve happiness and freedom.

                        I think that until now I didn’t fully comprehend why someone would postpone Enlightenment in order to help others. Thought I understand now, I cannot explain it with words. It is a feeling that lies in my heart. I know that I understand it now because the barrier I once had in this regard is no longer there. Something during the course poured in me that compassion that helped me understand the true path of the Bodhisattvas.

                        Some years ago, I was asking Sifu some questions about Chi Kung Healing as I wanted to become a Chi Kung Healer. I asked him if I would be a good healer. His words were: Yes, because you have compassion in your heart.

                        This is one of the things that I learned at the Chi Kung Healing Course. How important compassion is in the journey of helping others achieve health and happiness.

                        Another very special feeling that I received in me during the course was attaining the heart of a father. I am not a father myself but for some inexplicable reason, I felt like a father during the course. That feeling has stayed with me ever since.

                        Maybe this is coming from the Heart to Heart transmission that Sifu always so generously shares with all of us. It is an indescribable feeling that lives in my heart that brings me a sense of responsibility, care, patience and compassion for others.

                        To be continued...

                        The Path of a Bodhisattva.JPG


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                          PART 5

                          Another part of the course that produced a great change in me was the Mini Zen Course that Sifu gifted us with.

                          It was already incredible that Sifu taught the 18 Jewels, the 18 Lohan Hands and the 5 Animals all in just one course. That by itself is remarkable. What I didn’t expect was the Mini Zen Course.

                          I believe that this part of the course made it even more powerful. We were all having a Zen mind after that part of the course and I could clearly feel the difference that it made in me, in the other participants and in the entire room for the coming days.

                          It is in this Mini Zen Course where I understood at a much deeper level what emptying my mind of thoughts was.

                          Sifu provided us with many methods. The one that I connected more with was the “Empty Vessel” approach. It was very interesting to witness how thoughts could not manifest in me. It brought great relief and a big sense of freedom. It provided rest to my mind in a way that I have probably never felt before. I believe that I never reached that point in my mind training before.

                          I never practice sitting meditation myself because it feels too powerful for me but it was enlightening having a taste of the tremendous power that it brings and the freedom that it feels not having thoughts or having just a few thoughts in my mind.

                          During those meditations, something very deep in me changed forever. I don’t know what it is but I know that something very deep was being cured during those meditations. I know this because I can feel now that my mind thinks in a different way than before. With that new way of thinking everything around me is also changing.

                          I remembered then why Sifu warned us about sitting meditation and the power that it brings. I remembered about the big responsibility that having a strong mind requires and how careful I had to be with my thoughts as I was progressing in the Shaolin path.

                          It is so easy to underestimate the Shaolin Arts! After training them for more than 15 years I still keep underestimating them. The Mini Zen Course was a big lesson and reminded me that I had to keep myself humble and open-hearted as there is still so much to be learned.

                          To be continued...

                          Mini Zen Course.jpg


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                            PART 6

                            One day, I happened to read some information about Buddhism where they were describing the so-called “Three Treasures” of Buddhism: Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.

                            Reading this stroke me. I understood why the Buddha was important. I also understood why the Dharma or the teachings and practices of Buddhism were important. But I only truly understood about the Sangha or community of practitioners when I was more involved with the Shaolin Wahnam Community. That happened to be in Ireland.

                            I also noticed that my progress increased tremendously when I understood how important, enriching and meaningful was spending time with my brothers and sisters of the wonderful family that Shaolin Wahnam is.

                            At the Chi Kung Healing course, I could spend some time with many of the brothers and sisters that I haven’t seen in years but they are very dear to my heart.

                            I could also share many of the stories and experiences that I went through in my own Shaolin Journey. They also shared with me many stories and experiences of their own Journey. How special and extraordinary that was!

                            For me, being able to share those insights with my brothers and sisters is one of the things that I love most about Shaolin Wahnam. The reason behind is that I know that I am being understood and supported because they have felt as well many extraordinary and life-changing experiences.

                            It was also very inspiring to see how much the brothers and sisters that I haven’t seen in a long time have progressed and grown. Witnessing their inner transformation was a wonderful reminder of how powerful and life-changing these arts are.

                            I always feel amazed by the extraordinary individuals that attend to Sifu’s courses. It is always a pleasure to spend time with other family members.

                            Another thing that usually surprises me is how close I feel to other Wahnam family members that I haven’t met before. It is like seeing an old friend again. I happen to believe that they were very dear to me in past lives because the connection is so extraordinary and intense that transcends the limits of my own understanding.

                            I remember one particular occasion that happened on this trip. We were going to KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center) in a taxi. The traffic was really heavy and it took a long time for us to get there. But that didn’t seem to bother us. We were having such great laughs and fun and we were so immersed in our conversations and joy that 1 hour seemed just like an instant. I am sure that the driver was very pleased to have such joy in his taxi because he didn’t seem to mind much about the heavy traffic and he was smiling with us.

                            This experience was enlightening for me. It demonstrated the importance of Sangha and the Community of practitioners. It plays such an important role in my own development! I am sure that many feel the same way I do.

                            When I attended the Intensive Chi Kung Course back in 2012 Sifu said something that I didn’t fully comprehend or understand back then. Sifu said, “these will be some of the best days of your life”.

                            Some years have passed now and, when I look back, I completely agree with Sifu. The experience of practicing these wonderful arts surrounded by beautiful people has proved to be some of the best days of my life.

                            To be continued...

                            The Power of Sangha.jpg


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                              PART 7

                              By learning how to be a Chi Kung Healer I had tremendous healing in myself. I knew that these arts were holistic. What I didn't realize was how much healing could occur in myself when I was learning how to heal others. I can only imagine how much progress a Chi Kung Healer will have in his own journey when helping others heal.

                              This experience was very inspiring and a life-changing realization. I remember Sifu mentioning some while ago that Wahnam Instructors progress tremendously in their own paths when they are teaching others. Until this course, I didn’t really understand why.

                              I clearly remember that I learned this powerful lesson especially when I was doing the role-playing. First, when I was guiding the class into relaxation and later on when guiding a patient through her own practice.

                              I also realized that one thing was practicing the arts myself and a very different thing was teaching the arts. Both required such different skills. How skillful one really needs to be in order to transmit the arts correctly and effectively!

                              That made me reflect on the outstanding teaching and transmission skills that Sifu possesses. I have never known anyone more skillful than Sifu in the art of teaching and transmitting.

                              Seeing Sifu in action when guiding a patient or showing us how to teach and transmit reaffirmed in me how lucky I am for having such an extraordinary Sifu in my life.

                              What impresses me most about Sifu when he is teaching or guiding is his powerful heart of confidence. Sifu’s confidence overcomes great obstacles as if they were nothing. Sifu’s confidence can dissolve doubts and fears in the blink of an eye.

                              When guiding the class and the patient through their practice I also realized the tremendous importance of being systematic. Like following a mathematical formula that was bringing an expected result. I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just by following Sifu’s systematic and proven method I had the best and the most effective approach for my own success.

                              Being in front of the class and patient proved to be a really wonderful exercise that helped me understand how powerful is the Heart of Confidence in the healing process of a patient and in the progress of a student.

                              I often compare Sifu with a lighthouse because his powerful light always guides me and takes me to where I want to go. His light guides my way even when I am experiencing a storm of doubts and fears in the deep sea. I know that staying by his side I will always be safe.

                              During the role-playing, I could witness how doubt or fear rapidly decreased that light in the Chi Kung Healers and others could feel it straight away. The Heart of Confidence was increasing the intensity of that light in such a powerful way that people all around could see it and feel it. What a wonderful and powerful lesson that was!

                              To be continued...

                              The Heart of Confidence.png