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Small and Big Universe Course - Penang 2019

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  • Small and Big Universe Course - Penang 2019

    Dear all,

    We just finished our first day on the fabulous Small and Big Universe Course. I would like to express my gratefulness to Sifu for kindly share the wonderful arts with us and to Wei Foong for organizing all and make it possible.

    The first day started with entering into a chi kung state of mind, generating energy flow and a step by step introduction to abdominal breathing. We learned first the technique of press and release the abdomen, then to coordinate the technique with the exhalation first and secondly to coordinate the technique with inhalation and when all was working properly we added the mind level or gentle thought to guide the energy along the Ren meridian in both directions, in from the nose to the Tan Tien and and from the tan tien out through the mouth.

    In the first practice of entering into a chi kung state of mind Sifu encouraged us gently to expand into the cosmos, and after that in different practices this just happened by itself.

    The afternoon session was focused in review the abdominal breathing skills and to learn the submerged breathing.

    For the submerged breathing the important point was to use the mind to change the qi flow, with a gentle thought, from going up and out to the mouth in the exhalation to going down and to the Hui Yin, the energy field situated in the perineum. This activates the feminine energy and the effect is very pleasant. Specially when we learned the next step of using the mind to have an intuitive thought of the hui yin as a lake with a beautiful moon shining from the bottom of the lake. It was a beautiful, pleasant and powerful experience that allow me to experience a deep relaxation during the exercise and extremely calm after it.

    Looking forward to celebrate tonight in the welcoming dinner and to discover the wonders that this course has to offer.

    Warm regards from Penang,


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    Dear Family,

    1st day highlights

    Chi flow in the first session reminds me how high level Sifu, our courses and our Chi kung is. Sometimes I truly forget. Even what people would perceive to be the most elementary thing, is just mind blowing, the level to which it can benefit you. Learning with an open mind, no expectations, and starting from scratch are phrases which come into mind when considering the situation.

    And to top the first 10 min session off, we merged with the cosmos. A nice treat which I am reminded, I forget to practice at home! We have so much to choose from even the first things feel enough.

    The words Sifu say sometimes give me Aha moments, and sometimes he says the strangest things!

    I really like how rooted to the ground my feet became after doing the submerged breathing, we didn't even mention the feet!

    Our group did a lot in Georgetown. I ate a ton of mangos!
    I didn't even know Penang had so many weird fruits I have never even heard of, let alone tasted! I can't believe I have been here 10 times and I'm unaware of that yet? Maybe it's a metaphor for our training!? Penang and our training is different everytime I come, but most importantly, more fun and I believe more beneficial every time! Maybe sometimes we just don't notice!

    Sifu is looking 10 years younger than 10 years ago to me!
    Also I feel 10 years younger than I did 10 years ago! I believe it's an early sign that we will achieve the Masters claim: that practicing small universe will let us live past 100 years!

    Thank you Sifu, Past masters and Family,

    OK off to dinner, just in time, this is like a 48 hour day!


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      Thanks for sharing your beautiful testimonies. Very kindly appreciated. :-)

      It brings me fond memories of the Small Universe Course that I did some years ago in Toronto. It is amazing that in only a few days we can progress so much in our practice.

      After the Small Universe Course, I noticed that my learning became much much faster. Not just in Chi Kung but in everything I did.

      Enjoy the rest of the course. Looking forward to reading more of your experiences about this extraordinary course.

      With Love, Care and Shaolin Salute,



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        Dear all,

        To give continuity to what Angel and Jas have commented, I would like to add some experiences and details:

        This Small Universe Course for me has been very pleasant, we are in the middle of the course now and I can say that in comparison with other Smaill Universe Courses, from my own personal experience, the energy that has been generated in the practices is very pleasurable and soft. The effects have lasted after the practice for some time... Like tickling the body and energy around, going up and down. Possibly i feel it this way now because I am deepening in the ability. So it seems to me that it has been a great idea to repeat this course. Although of course we must practice for two or three months, as Sifu recommended us to integrate everything well.

        In addition, this course after participating in the Tai Chi course, it feels to me like a beautiful ending with some relief and a mild effect in this trip.

        Today we did the reverse breath in which we press while we inhale and release while we exhale.
        When we inhale we grip the ground, then we hold the anus and then we put our tongue on the palate. When we exhale we open our mouth slightly and then swallow saliva, which should go down to the Hui Yin preferably, but if it goes down to the Dan Tian it is fine too.

        I would like to add that yesterday we did a test to solve problems with the mouth open to exhale the air and compared it with trying to solve problems with the mouth closed, inhaling and exhaling through the nose. There really is a lot of difference! I was surprised, now I try to keep my mouth open in the day to day life to have a better flow and think more clearly, it has worked very well! It is very simple, but sometimes there are big differences in the most simple details...

        Many thanks to Sifu for sharing so many valuable lessons that make our lives better and better! It's a grate privilege.

        Warm greetings to everyone from Penang!


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          Dear all,

          The second day of Small Universe had some hidden surprises, i´m amazed of how every time i learn from Sifu, specially arts that i have been practicing for years, Sifu knows how to change the direction and focus of the teaching, and always in a very surprising way, so it allows us to obtain the best of the best benefits.

          Today Sifu announced that our Small Universe methodology has improved and now we don´t need to do the long breathing anymore, but we receive the benefits of this breathing, just amazing!

          Probably because of this new improvement today i had a breakthrough in the "first thought, then realization" experience, it started as simple thoughts like doing the abdominal breathing, just inhale and gently think that the qi goes to the Tan Tien and half a second later a lot of chi was there making the abdominal breathing very strong. After that i started to had this effect with each step of every breathing method and even with the forcefull and gentle Small Universe. Just one though and it was activated. I had this experience many many times before, but today it was at least 20 times stronger. The bigger surprise was when i discover that this experience continued happening to me outside along the day outside the class, just to think in anything and i could realize a lot of energy behind that thought supporting it. I tried, for fun, other internal force training methods and kung fu forms and it happens too. With some hindsight i can see now that Sifu started to transmit this skill in the Intensive Tai Chi Chuan Course, when after one or two repetitions of a pattern a huge result appeared in front of our eyes.

          In the evening session we focused in linking all the breathing methods and in the gentle small universe, i could feel the effect of every step very strong like never before, supporting and matching the next step in the sequence of breathing methods.

          The course it´s being very successful, after one practice Sifu claimed that we had all gotten the small universe, a fact that was confirmed by each one of us. How did we know that we had achieved it? Simple method, by direct experience.

          The energy in class is fantastic and everyone of us feel very lucky by being here. It´s always a pleasure to attend or even to see the videos of Sifu´s courses, full of benefits and new opportunities.

          Day 3 is coming...

          Warm regards,



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            Oh yeah sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for the highlights

            Best wishes


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              Thank you Jas, Angel and Paz for sharing your experiences with us

              With Shaolin Salute,
              Lee Wei Joo


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                Thank you Santi, Mark and Lee for your feedback.

                Day 3 of the Small and Big Universe was focused in the big universe. In the morning we had the medical big universe. The afternoon session it was the grand finale in less than 20 minutes Sifu answered our questions and lead us through a strong session which consisted of abdominal breathing, submerged breathing, forceful small universe, gentle small universe, phenomenal big universe and transcendental big universe. Sifu advised us to use the small universe more for daily life and big universe for spiritual cultivation, as always Sifu´s advice was so simple and enlightening.

                The graduation dinner was full of happenings and joy but i would like to share one that we realized as an special Sifu´s demonstration of sharing good luck and abundance with others. The dinner was in the same place than the last Intensive Shaolin Kung Fu Course in Penang 2018 and this past Intensive Tai Chi Chuan Course in Penang 2019. It´s a very nice chinesse restaurant that offers very good food much cheaper than others and it´s placed in a very busy road with a good parking, however both times there were only a few clients there. In the Tai Chi Chuan graduating dinner Sifu perceived it and shared with us this interesting situation. so this time during the small universe graduation dinner the restaurant was almost full of clients and Paz told Sifu that it was because of him that the blockage disappeared, Sifu laugthed, confirmed and took the opportunity to share with us his experience in a restaurant in Australia that every time he went, at different hours, it was empty and after a short time the restaurant received a lot of clients and it was so evident than Sifu even thought in asking the owner to change the good luck for free meals, hahaha, finally Sifu never asked for it.

                Best regards,



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                  Thank you Siheng's for sharing your experiences of the course.

                  It was a real pleasure to read and brings back fond memories from doing the course some years ago.

                  Happy training,

                  Shaolin Salute,


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                    Dear all members who had attended Small Universe Course,

                    I remembered that, In the course, Sifu taught us gentle small universe and forceful small universe in Wuji stance. Sifu mentioned that when one is ready, one may use Cosmos Stance to practice gentle small universe. "In fact the standard mode for the Small Universe is at the Cosmos Stance,..." Sifu wrote in one of Q&A (

                    What about Forceful Small Universe? Can it be done in Cosmos Stance? All these years I have been practicing small universe-related breathing techniques on Wuji Stance.

                    Thank you.
                    Jason Yap



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                      Originally posted by yasminejade View Post
                      What about Forceful Small Universe? Can it be done in Cosmos Stance?
                      You can perform any and/or all of the steps for Small Universe and Big Universe in Cosmos Stance. This, of course, includes Forceful Small Universe. Just be aware that the stance enhances the Universal Flows and observe the changes that result.

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                        Thank you Andrew Siheng.
                        Jason Yap