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Cultivating Spirit, Training Energy: Embodying the Wisdom of Zhang San Feng

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    Thank you Sigung for this beautiful course and for your wisdom, generosity and profound teachings. Thank you Sifu Tim and Sifu Barry for your teachings and in particular for this last year during which you have been preparing us for this course. To realise Abdominal Breathing and feel and see cosmic energy as I breathed it in to my Dan Tien felt so just right during class that it didn’t fully strike me what a magnificent gift and experience it was until a few hours later, when at 3am I woke up in a deep state of happiness realising with sincere gratitude that I had experienced something extraordinary. Abdominal Breathing - sooo super cool and yet sooo just right. Thank you also Shaolin Wahnam family, it has been lovely to meet up with old friends and meet new ones and to spend time with you all, training, talking, eating, shopping, checking out Penang, visiting temples and just being, just being together. With blessings.


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      Cultivating Spirit, Training Energy, Receiving Priceless Treasure

      Dear all,

      This has been and continues to be a whirlwind, a veritable storm of blessings, gifts, opportunities, and unbelievable lessons as we prepare for the last sessions of the incredible new course that is Cultivating Spirit Training Energy.

      From the beginning we have been working on new, unique, and ridiculously deep, empowering, transformative, and useful skills. My depth of ability, understanding, and genuine awe and wonder has been multiplied many fold and continues to grow thanks to Sifu’s generous teaching of what has already been a textbook of skills, all with great depth.

      There is no amount of gratitude that could ever be enough to express how magical and profound it is that we have such a marvelous and priceless teacher to effectively and open-heartedly transmit such amazing arts that I will need much, much time to unpack and truly digest.

      In the spirit of gratitude and dutiful, disciplined training, I leave you for now with the message to value more and more what we have been given and with the hope that we can all continue to be shining missionaries of the glorious spread of the Shaolin Wahnam arts and their benefits to all.

      Infinite blessings to all,




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        I’m really enjoying this week or, as Sifu Barry would say, pleasant enough!


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          I feel very greatful to Sifu for offering this course and to Barry and Tim for organizing it.

          Transmisions are faster, simpler and more effective than ever before.

          5 Tan Tien Trainings offers new levels of stability, center and balance in training and daily life.

          Cotton Palm is for me hyperfast and flammable results leading to inevitable sequences of merging with the cosmos experiences.

          Dragon Strenght is so deep and nourishing that make so difficult to put into words.

          Lifting the sky to develop mental clarity, one pointed mind, solving problems and enjoy life, such a complete Zen Course!

          Looking forward to see the new experiences that come….


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            This has been an interesting course in a couple of different ways. For example, pushing mountains & practising the pattern Wave Sleeves Light Breeze generated internal force which had a nice peaceful quality. In the moment to moment, it has been a couple of happy experiences ... just thinking of a person or just somehow bumping into the person with no prior arrangement. Or say there is a question to be answered & just arriving into a conversation at the right moment to hear the answer. Am looking forward to what further practise of the arts Sifu has generously transmitted will bring.



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              Dear all

              First I’d really like to give a word of appreciation to Sifu and the organizers for this most extraordinary course. Thank you so much.

              Secondly, and being the repertoire so vast, I wonder why has Sifu chosen these particular exercises and sequences from the Cotton Palm and Dragon Strength sets. In any case it is obviously a wonderful choice.


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                Immensely greatful to be on this course and a part of such a great school. Eternally greatful to Sifu for passing on these arts to us.

                I feel superpowered and my mind has become much clearer directly from the skills gained in each class Sifu teaches on this course. Teaching in the direct, effective way that he always does - So rediculously effective I imagine that one day the class will only be 5 minutes long

                Reading the above comments, I echo every sentiment. So if you couldn’t attend, that’s unfortunate (Course organisers, Sifus Tim and Barry may have a solution to that...)

                And to my Sihengs, Sifus Tim and Barry for organising this course and preparing us for it in the Fully Alive London class, again, eternally greatful. A few things have awoken in me this year (controllable, and for the better), directly due to this preparation training.

                Also I must not forget to thank Wei Foong for arranging the hotel room booking, filming, feasts and the countless other elements associated with the smooth running of Sifu’s courses.

                So, if anyone can get to the Fully Alive London classes, but hasn’t joined us yet - You are seriously missing out.

                With a smiling heart

                Love and best wishes to all
                Jon Slade
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                  This course is being incredibly awesome. Thank you very much to Sifu and to the Shaolin Wahnam family with all my heart. Every time I think about it I wonder what I've done so good in my past lives to be so incredibly lucky.


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                    Dear all,

                    I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Sifu for his generosity, kindness and wisdom, in passing on such magnificent arts to us in such a short time. A testament to his ingenious teaching methods, making the difficult and arcane appear simple and attainable!

                    I am so glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone in day-to-day London, and made this journey to Penang. It has been a refreshing and rewarding experience, bringing to light the fact that we often need to make sacrifices, and be prepared to embrace discomfort in order to grow spiritually and emotionally.

                    I had the good fortune to meet Sifu in Covent Garden London back in 2008, and since then have benefited much from the Chi Kung skill he kindly transmitted to me that day. I also wish to thank my previous Masters at Shaolin Temple Uk, for giving me a solid foundation and discipline in Kung Fu. This has enabled me to appreciate, and absorb the higher levels of Shaolin arts taught to us by Sifu.

                    The energy of this course is tremendous. And at times I feel the need to step back and root myself, in order to make sense of what is happening in and around me. The depth and vastness of this profound wisdom seems unfathomable. But as a good sea captain would, Sifu is always there to steer us in the right direction, and help us avoid the dangers and pitfalls of wrong practice.

                    My thanks go out also, to Sifu's daughter Wei Foong, and to Siheng's Tim and Barry, for organising this amazing course, and for the additional treats of Bone Yoga and Fully Alive Teaching. Much appreciated!

                    Finally, I would like to give blessings to all my Shaolin brother's and sister's, who walk this path with me. The conversations between training, and the time spent together, is indeed nourishing and cultivating for our Spirits.


                    Westlee Healy


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                      Since the course started I have been very happy and enjoying so much the benefits of it.
                      The course has been very powerful! But even though I have symptoms of over training, i feel very cheerful and wishful to live life with more intensity.

                      Sifu: thank you very much for this wonderful course and for all the teachings you share with us, they have done, and continue to make my life infinitely better.

                      Thanks to the organizers of the course: Tim and Barry, for suggesting such an interesting course!

                      Greetings to all!


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                        This course is so special and the teaching of Sigung is at such a hight level, it became apparent we we all merged into the cosmos.

                        thankfully Sigung had taught us the art of safety and returning, so I managed to post this image.

                        Loving the course, of course!
                        More to come later!
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                          Every course with Sigung is a wonder and a blessing and this one is also very special. Each technique encapsulates a different treasure. For me, learning five Dan TIen breathing has been as magical as being taught the small universe. This really is life changing. Thank you Sigung for another wonderful course and thank you Sifu Tim and Barry for patiently preparing me for this opportunity.



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                            Congratulations to all course participants .

                            Thank you to Sijie Wei Foong for overall course organisation .

                            Gratitude and much thanks to our dear Grandmaster .

                            This Cultivating Spirit & Training Energy course enables and enhances the skills to attain to the ideals of The Scholar-Warrior-Monk in our Shaolin Wahnam School .....

                            that includes appreciation and display of aesthetics , creativity , joy and fun

                            The course organisers ( Sifus Barry & Tim ) and QEA course conductor ( Sifu Andrew ) not only merged with the cosmos and returned but they also showed us how to flow in sync with cosmos whilst living in the colorful tapestry of earthly life !

                            Damian Kissey
                            Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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                              What a course...

                              Lots of happy faces on day 1 and 5 of the course.
                              CULTIVATING SPIRIT TRAINING ENERGY DAY 1 AND 5.jpg
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                              Tim Franklin

                              A story of finding Courage and Wisdom

                     Classes and Courses for Shaolin Kung Fu, Taijiquan and Qigong in Bognor Regis, Chichester, West Sussex

                              Fully Alive on Facebook Energy Flow for Health and Happiness

                              UK Summer Camp Qigong, Taijiquan, Shaolin Kung Fu, Spiritual Cultivation with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit



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                                Dear All,

                                Another fantastic, unbelievable course. On a prosaic level, we learnt at least 10 (I tried to keep count at least!) methods for cultivating Jing, Qi, and Shen. All were incredibly simple, direct, and effective. It was of course, more than just methods we learnt. The skills were transmitted to us in such a fluid way by Sigung, that carrying them out was almost easier than talking, or breathing.

                                I would say that this course, of the many courses I have been so very fortunate to have attended over the years, was one of (if not the most) powerful courses I have ever been to. And yet it also feels like the methodology is getting simpler and safer, with clear reminders that less is certainly more. The 5 Dan Tian skill, as our illustrious Siheng Tim puts it, is unbelievably powerful. It feels almost like a fusion reactor where the energy input is dwarfed by the output 100's, 1000's of times. A method that gives you an extra 4 Dan Tians to store energy at. One must, as you can imagine, guard against overtraining this type of skill.

                                We were also introduced to various ways of circulating and applying the energy, like using the flow to run about, and the mental clarity to solve our problems. Safeguards are built into the methods, and we have ample trouble shooting methods to apply if we accidentally build too much force.

                                It really is ridiculous what we learnt, did, and experienced. I feel very grateful to have the opportunity to practice these arts. For me this course was a reminder of how much potential we all have to develop, and also that, although the methods are simple and almost effortless to practice, they are also profoundly powerful and we all have to learn how to use them safely.

                                This course induced a lot of very deep cleansing within me, which has been a struggle, but I also feel deeply inspired and empowered. For anyone reading this; if you get an opportunity to learn even one of the skills we learnt at this course: take it. You won't regret the journey

                                Gratitude to Sigung, Tim, Barry, Wei Foong, and everyone in our International Shaolin Wahnam Family. This course was priceless.