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Sifu in St Petersburg, FL Oct 7-11, 2018

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    Originally posted by Grimlock View Post
    Alex, I'm so glad you guys didn't get hit! And also I wish I had taken a few minutes to say Hi and chat with you and Jenn. I'm glad you enjoyed the courses so much! I had never learned the small movement version of Rhino Looks at Moon, and it is rocking my world!
    That's o.k., you looked quite busy. We talked a bit to a couple of your students and to Christina. I had wanted to visit the sister temple to the one we have here while we were there, but we had to rush back. Now that I'm in a stable position that does allow time off, we're planning on attending an intensive qigong courses in Malaysia next year.

    Thank you and thanks to Christina for organizing courses with Sifu so close by. And of course a big thanks to Sifu for being so generous with his teachings, especially to travel about giving priceless teachings for mere money. I have seen people pay much more dearly for far less wonderful skills or wisdom.


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      St. Pete was GREAT!! I consider myself extremely fortunate to be part of the Shaolin Wahnam and a recipient of all the gifts that Grandmaster Wong (Sigung) so generously gives to us all. Wow…so many changes and so much energy. I’ll just tell about an unexpected healing that began during the qigong course upon arrival.

      At the end of “Standing Zen”, Sigung instructed us to request a healing if we had a physical problem. My eyes immediately came to mind, I had some issues left over from a virus. Early the next morning I looked in the mirror and noticed both eyes had a purple-black color spreading from the inside corner to the center of the lids. Remembering my request, I smiled and thought, “Oh, cleansing”. I then smeared on a dab of eyeshadow for cover and got ready for my first day of kungfu “Asking Bridge…”.

      The last hour of the last day of the kungfu course, my eyes were becoming light sensitive. It rapidly progressed until I could only slightly peek out of one barely open eye. They felt like they were dilated 10 times the effect of eyedrops drops given before an eye exam. “This is quiet the cleansing”, I thought as class ended, “I might have to wear sunglasses to the graduation dinner tonight.”. But that was not true— my eyes began to clear, by the time I arrived at the condo to change for dinner, the cleansing/healing was over! I didn’t wear sunglasses to dinner.

      I want to thank Sifus Christina & Chris Didyk for the wonderful effort they put in organizing Grandmaster Wong courses in St. Pete. It was over-the-top-great. And thanks for all the generous help and inspiration you both gave me (I’m sure everyone feels the same).

      Shaolin Salute,
      Michael (female)
      (note; This is my first Post after all these years. Normally for identification I often write (female) after my name,
      Chris, your short-hand creative solution, fe-Michael, was pretty good, I'll have to reconsider.


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        I hope the attendees will continue to post their course experiences, as they are so fun to read and we all learn a lot from them. As an attendee myself, they bring back some good memories! (I am working on my own post of my course experiences, so stay tuned)

        Originally posted by apatel7 View Post
        Also, in terms of training, we learned a lot. I understand that with the sets we follow the process for routine, form, flow and force. Any additional advice for our home practice? And how much to train with Double worshipping Buddha vs Big Boss for example.
        Ami, although I again realize your question is directed to Sifu, I think it gives us an opportunity to have some fun. I've started a new thread here:

        Chris Didyk
        Shaolin Wahnam USA

        Thank You.


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          Dear Sifu, Dear all,

          What an amazing experience and a priveledge to have experienced this course! This was my first time meeting Sigung as well as many of you Sisooks and Sihengs and it really was a transformative experience for me receiving the transmission from our Grandmaster as well as the many brief heart to hearts with you all. The greatest thing I feel I took from training with Sigung is the importance of chi flow. We did a lot of chi flow through the course and Sigung emphasized how lucky we are to have it when masters of the past took a long time before learning it; "The hallmark of Qi Gong", he called it. That inspired me to incorporate more of it into my personal training. Aside from that I think the group photos of all our smiling faces and smiling hearts say anything I might've left out. ? haha