Accumulating Energy and Focusing Mind
When: Oct 26th - 28th
What: Chi Kung - Circulating Dragon Strength & Cotton Palm
Where: Madrid, Spain
Who with: Tim Franklin & Barry Smale
Cost: 285 Euros
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As it says, this course leads to increased skills in accumulating energy and focusing mind . The format of these courses came about in conversations with Sifu about how, given all of the techniques/skills/sets/arts he knows, to effectively realise the benefits of the Treatise of Zhang San Feng. What does that mean? At the everyday level, a good life - long, healthy and enriching. At the higher levels, having direct experience of the Cosmos as it is, here in this life, now. Accumulating Energy and Focusing Mind are essential skills in achieving both of those aims.

The aims might seem lofty but the courses are designed to be accessible if you have basic Chi Kung skills. So, if you would like to give it a try don't be put off by any thoughts of them being lofty or difficult skills to achieve.

Sifu talked a lot during the Summer Camp about his hopes for people living an enriching and meaningful life in the here and now. We have been teaching these courses in London, and even long-term students have been surprised about how effective the classes have been in changing their experience and perceptions of life, for the better.

This course can be taken as a stand-alone course or as part of the lead-up to the Cultivating Spirit, Training Energy course in Malaysia in December

Circulating Dragon Strength

Circulating Dragon Strength helps develop tremendous internal energy flow that can be focused in any part of the body. This can lead to profound changes and benefits with health, enjoyment and engagement of life, martial application and healing. The energy developed can help you accomplish tasks more effortlessly and effectively without feeling tired.

“Cotton Palm” is an internal method of developing tremendous power that can be used to enhance martial ability, improved health, happiness, longevity, healing self and others and cultivate the spirit. The chi flow developed in the practice of Wudang Cotton Palm can lead to heart opening, setting the spirit free, giving peace, happiness and freedom.

In Kungfu terms a practitioner of Wudang Cotton Palm can develop tremendous internal force. Not only is the flow of energy spread throughout the body, it can also be used effortlessly in combat to great effect.