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  • Post Summer Camp 2018

    After completing all days across the Summer Camp UK I had to reflect on what happened.
    It seemed as if a cool cosmic breath just passed with almost minimal trace that left a subtle experience of inner knowledge and grandeur.

    All in all the Nei Kung and Wudang courses combined just flew by right in from of my eyes.

    The Nei Kung courses highlighting some already known points but somehow they seemed to become more clearer and more defined.

    -Day 1 we focused on Healthier Living and used Dancing Faery to open the Heart, I recall thinking this was a perfect start to the summer camp, it just seemed to be the right thing at that time.
    -Day 2 we focused on Nei Kung for Meaningful Change, this was different and it helped us to focus on a specific problem that student would then come up with a solution to the problem by spending a few minutes with a clear focus. This is a skill that I will be applying to any challenge that comes up in everyday life from here on. I now have a skill to stop, be still and focus solely on a problem. It took me a few days to realise this skill but it is a very useful one to acquire.
    -Day 3 on Expanding Awareness, Sigung guided us through a safe passage of meditations and exercises to get us to expand consciousness beyond our bodies. There was an array of experiences from the students with an emphasis on grounding and safety.

    On the Wudang Kung Fu it was a fascinating class on watching Sigung teach on many levels and only now am I beginning to realise the marvellousness of his teaching.

    Previously before the course I had begun to get stuck in a rut and stopped enjoying my personal practice. It became stagnant!

    During this course it led me to pay attention to specifics of my practice, it highlighting specific skills and how I can improve on specific points, I came away with a deeper knowledge of Wudang Kung Fu along extended philosophical knowledge & principles.

    The added philosophy and principles have led to more inner and outer investigation relating to the Wudang Kung Fu art has reinvigorated focus on my home practice.

    Sigung emphasised the difference between the physical form being small and closed and then encouraged us to make the movements larger and more expanded. It was noticeably different, the flow when expanded was more apparent, less consolidated and less blocked. I now notice when practicing the Wudang set at home the flow and form has improved considerably.

    Thanks and Gratitude to Siheng Barry and Tim for the ongoing support and for creating Summer Camp 2018

    And of course Thanks and Gratitude to Sigung for bringing the us the great courses that we all get so much from.


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    My experience of the summer camp

    The course was very interesting. Big thanks to the Full Alive team for organising this wonderful course. Thank you Si Gung for teaching us this wonderful Wudang kung fu.

    Day I – Si Gung taught us the form, force training and stance training.
    Day 2 – we had to work out how the pattern in the form could be used in combat. Si Gung then corrected our mistakes.
    Day 3 – created our own combat sequences. Si Gung then corrected our mistakes.
    Day 4 – did the combat sequence one pattern at a time, while Si Gung corrected our mistakes again.
    Systemic training in kung fu and step by step training against western boxing techniques.
    Sparring with other people using kung fu techniques.

    Si Gung emphasised on safety first, before attacking your opponent. He repeatedly pointed out my mistakes. Normally he did not like to keep on pointing out the same mistakes again and again, but the mistakes I made were so serious that he felt he had to mention them.
    He also told me that a diehard amateur fighter who would willingly take hits would beat me in a fight. Not because he was a better fighter, but because of the mistakes I made in my training.
    (Please watch some of Yi Long fights on YouTube and you will understand what Si Gung meant. I thank Si Gung’s honesty and willingness to point out my mistakes. He is a very good teacher. I'd rather let him told me off for the mistakes I made in the class, than getting beat up in a fight in the future.)

    Si Gung also mentioned that past masters would not freely exchange blows with their opponents. After watching the video clips of master Hou’s family chi kung demonstration. I understand why this was a very important principle, because master Hou could break iron bar and rocks very easily. He was one of the top level hard chi kung masters in China in the 1980s.

    Master Hou Shuying - Hard chi kung - The familiy

    master hou family iron chi kung

    Stance training up date

    I asked Si Gung in the restaurant during the chi kung graduation dinner about me shaking in my stances. He told me that the shaking was caused by the chi breaking the blockage inside my tissues and I did not need to worry about them. I showed rest of the class my shaking stances after the Si Gung had left the restaurant. I was shaking violently while doing the stances and Si Bak Tim said “Don’t break the furniture!”

    Day 3 – I was bouncing slight off the floor while doing the bow arrow stance.

    Day 4 - at graduation dinner, I showed Si Gung my single leg stance, because I did not explain to him and other instructors properly about my question regarding to my stance training. My left bent knee was moving left to right and I did three kicks (involuntary movement) before losing my balance. He told me continue my practise and the kicks I did were wing chun kicks.

    Some time both of my feet were bouncing off the ground, while doing the horse stance, bow arrow stance, false leg stance and unicorn stance. After bouncing ten times while doing the bow arrow stance I changed to the horse stance. I was still bouncing and I could not do any more stance training as my stance was no longer picture perfect. My hands were no longer next to my hip.

    False leg stance– Most the time my bent leg was moving like a tap dancer.