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    The Pakua Set Course in Killarney is so special, it almost feels like an Intensive Course in Malaysia. It is great to be at this precious and special course and be here with Sifu who has travelled all this way to teach us these amazing Arts. Actually I suspect Sije Joan's peerless organization of yet another phenomenal, historical and memorable set of courses here in Killarney has something to do with it; a beautiful luxurious hotel for the course looking at the picturesque and highest-mountains in the West of Ireland, a lively warm atmosphere (despite the cold outside), delicous food (I'm sure the rich people of Killarney and the rich tourists coming from abroad must wonder at our party as we go on a culinary tour of Killarney's Five Star Hotels with Sifu everyday for lunch and dinner, "Who are these interesting people, enjoying their delicious food happily and talking about Legends of Southern Shaolin, Taoist and Muslim Kungfu...?".

    Day One was of course wonderful. Sifu went through the Pakua Set systematically yet efficiently and by the end of the first day (yesterday) we were already stringing sequences together with picture perfect form, flow and force. Everyone said the Chi Flows were immensley deep and peaceful which they were.

    Day Two and we learned the sophisticated applications for all the patterns with an emphasis on proper distance, spacing and timing; absorbing the attack (stepping back to create the 'golden moment' when the opponent has expended his force at the limit of his strike and then applying our counter). Everyone improved noticeably in skill in just a few hours. Sifu even kindly shared with us some secret applications from the Essence of Shaolin. Again we practiced a sequence repeatedly and learned how to apply it on a boxer or a kickboxer by covering the opponent first. To receive not only the outward-form/ techniques and mechanics of such a prized set is one thing; to be in a room in with a real Shaolin Master and being transmitted the skills to apply those techniques with spacing, timing, form, force and flow; it's truly phenomenal.

    Seeing Sifu perform the set yesterday on Day One with full force and flow, his arms and hands literally vibrating with discombobulating force visible to the naked eye, Sifu's eyes sparkling- it reminded me of the Wudang Course in Dublin (another immense course organized by Sije Joan) when Sifu looked like he was standing at the centre of the universe at the point where extreme Yin becomes Yang and where extreme Yang becomes Yin, the perfect point between Heaven and Earth... sometimes I have to remind myself that I live in the 21st century in a European country, it seems almost impossible (if one intellectualizes) to think that here in a room in a town in the West of Ireland (and many other European locations as Sifu goes onward on his teaching tour), here is a modern Legend of Southern Shaolin presenting precious treasures to us. To even be sitting in the room watching would be a treasure in itself.
    We finished with a Chi Flow...very deep, very profound. A deep deep cleanse. Tomorrow is Day Three, the Grand Finale; what treasures await? We can only guess. The Killarney Courses are always so special.
    Thank you Sifu for travelling to teach us and thank you Sije for yet more wonderful courses.

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    A fantastic two days of Kung Fu in Killarney!

    The Pakua set is very beautiful and an absolute privilege to learn. So many wonderful patterns that have many excellent applications. The force training is also very powerful and very different to what I am used to from the Taijiquan.

    Thank you Sigung for being so generous to offer us this outstanding Kung Fu set!!

    Bring on Day 3!!

    All the best,

    Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan and Shaolin Chi Kung classes in Dublin


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        Cover. Cover. Cover.

        Cover. Cover. Cover.

        The legendary courses this year in beautiful Killarney were fantastic. Many of us say that this course or that course was legendary. As Franz said, every course is legendary, and this was no exception. The very first session was the classic Generating Energy Flow, such a simple method that brings tremendous results. I will take this course over and over and over, it gets better every time.

        The Eighteen Lohan Art which is divided up into three sections is something that I have been wanting to learn for so long. Loosening the body and developing Internal Force, Exploding Force, and lastly Agility. My favorite was the Agility patterns, especially Night Guard Tests Sea and Swallow Fly’s Through Clouds, at first they were very challenging patterns… and then something locked in and I felt so stable, agile, and light. I felt as if I really could fly through clouds. Sigung said we could challenge our girlfriends or boyfriends to a contest, if they cannot do the pattern they give us a kiss, if they can do them we give them a kiss. Either way we win.

        The most exciting part of this journey was learning Sitaigung Ho Fatt Nam’s prestigious set, Shaolin Travelling Dragon Pakua. There were only Seven of us which was a huge surprise to me, however I was very glad to get to train with three of the famous “Six Harmonies” of Ireland, Dominic, Brendan, and Kevin, as well as John O Laoidh, Little John(Such a big strong guy, a friendly giant), and of course Franz from Frankfurt.

        I will start with the most important thing we “covered” in this course. During the last session we focused in on the methods of how to Enter Safely and Cover your opponent so they cannot easily counter attack. Sigung had forget about attacking at first so we could focus just on adequately defending and covering our opponent. We used forward hand and cross hand covering, I'm sure most of us are at least aware of these methods, but to have it focused on so strongly definitely raised the bar to a much higher level and really opened up the transitional movements and applications of ANY PATTERN for me. As well as proper foot and body work to retreat or shift back slightly so as to avoid the attack. If only we move back just enough, then it doesn’t matter if our defense misses because we are already outside of the attacks range. Then we moved on to using it against kicks, felling, and chin na, always always always always focusing on proper coverage and safety. Cover. Cover. Cover. If we fail to cover and get hurt then we have lost, even if we win the overall fight. Better to “lose” and be uninjured than focus so much on hitting instead of covering.

        It was mentioned that courses in Killarney are of a very high level, and I am happy to report this is so true.

        Back to the beginning now... I exploded on the first session, in a good way! We learned and practiced so much Force training with Sitaigung Ho’s lineage greeting that even as I am writing this the thought of it feels like force training on its own. We focused on the set with the progression of Routine, Form, Force, and Flow. The highlight of this was bringing our Force to bear in every single movement with precision, then doing so with good flow and still not losing proper form in the process(with varying degrees of success.) Progressing without regressing.

        When we moved onto the combat application in two groups where Sigung not only corrected us to enhance our skills, but generously showed us many more sophisticated applications that we can practice. There were so very many skills and applications taught, such as many ways of applying the leak tactic with Reverse Hand Steal Peach, and that was just one technique! Enough to keep us busy for quite some time I would say if we take full advantage of unpacking the transmission and videos... A huge treat was the inclusion of several secret applications and applications from Essence of Shaolin, such as leg sweep counters and how to lock up an opponent with your legs if they go for a single leg shoot.

        Yet another excellent moment was when Sigung showed us that it is possible to close an opponent with one finger if you don’t try fighting force against force, and instead apply the principle of overcoming 1000 pounds with 4 ounces. Also during the last session when we covered Covering and Chin Na defense, something that really stood out for me was the necessity of being nice and relaxed when sparring and releasing grips.

        It is so easy to get fired up and try using hard force against hard force. It just never seems to work well. Staying relaxed is so key and that really shone through during this course for me.

        Thank you again Sigung for teaching this course.

        Thank you again to my Mama-Sifu Joan for tirelessly organizing, recording everything, and being such a gracious host.

        Thank you to all who attended and became my new good friends.
        Shaolin Wahnam USA

        "Every morning you are born again. What you do today is the most important thing".


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          Dear Family,

          I always love reading the experiences of the students who are blessed enough to take the courses over the Valentine's Festival here in Killarney with Sifu.

          It was exceptional as always and I love watching Sifu's eyes shine when talking/demonstrating/correcting students as Shaolin Kungfu is transmitted. The immense passion is so evident and I am really grateful to Kevin for his inspired request of the Shaolin Pakua set to continue Sifu's enjoyment and richness of transmission as well as adding to his 'fun'!

          I could hear Sifu's voice over and over well after the Shaolin Pakua set had ended encouraging 'Cover, or else you may get hit'!

          Three of my six harmonies were so blessed! I think though that I may have 'adopted' another harmony as so many of the original have spread far and wide, so welcome to the fold David!

          Sifu has been working tirelessly uploading the video's of the courses, but especially the Shaolin Pakua set and the link is here;

          May Sifu always be immensely blessed.

          It was a wonderful pleasure meeting everybody who travelled long distances to attend including the 'Healer's', it was a privilege organizing the special lunch with Sifu and the wonderful discussion we had afterwards. I know my own students here in Ireland have gone many levels by now!

          I hope that everybody who attended will write a little, just to crystalize the courses for yourself and to add enjoyment to everyone reading the Virtual Kwoon.

          Some are still stranded in Ireland due to the airport closures and heavy snowfall, including our beloved Sifu but I am sure you are all enjoying yourselves. If you need anything, please feel free to contact me anytime.

          Many Blessings,
          Books don't mean a lot unless you open them, Hearts are the same.......

          Valentine's Smile from the Heart 2018 IRELAND - world renowned Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.

          A magic week of Chi Kung, Internal Force and Shaolin Kungfu
          Generating Energy Flow
          18 Lohan Arts
          Internal Force
          The Shaolin Pakua set- transmitted to Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit by his Sifu -Ho Fatt Nam .


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            Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

            The Pakua Set was incredible in so many ways and we're very lucky/blessed to have learnt it from Sifu.

            As the lads have already mentioned in some detail of what we covered.

            One of the things that really stuck out for me was Sifu would teach us form, force, flow, combat applications and even secrets in as little as five minutes sometimes less and as Sifu says even other martial artists and some masters in other schools wouldn't learn after twenty-thirty years. Just let that sink in for a minute! It was beyond ridiculous in a good sense.

            I'm really excited about putting it all into practise especially the skill of covering the opponent properly giving them no chance to attack us.

            Thank you Sifu for another outstanding course and for kindly sharing so, so much with us.

            Thank you Sije for organising everything another superb job, you're a star.

            Thanks to everyone who took part in the course it was an absolute pleasure and privilege to have trained with ye all especially to David and Franz who travelled from a far to be here.

            Happy training,

            Shaolin Salute,Brendan
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              A Modern-Day Legend of Southern Shaolin

              I'm still absorbing the Shaolin Pakua Set Course. Day 3 was the Grand Finale and as David mentioned, we learned to cover, cover, cover. It was immensely enriching from the perspective of Kungfu Development. Sifu got his Kungfu Enlightenment from practicing the Pakua Set and though I can make no claim to anything remotely comparable to the unfathomable depth of Sifu's attainment, the transmission of defensive-covering was extraordinary. I wonder how our 3 Day course stacks up in terms of engendering a covering mindset. I feel like I got years of covering-ingrainment programmed into me in Killarney.

              We practiced with one person applying Shaolin Pakua patterns and the other person attacking using combat-sports type punches and/ or kicks, we practiced with one person attacking and the other person defending; always covering, covering, covering. I was certainly enlightened to how much danger I had previously been putting myself in by not covering so meticulously.

              My overwhelming thought today however, is this; I have by now often heard Sifu say (as he did again in Ireland a few days ago) that though we may be more cost-effective in our training, we are no match for the masters of the past.

              It is of course a difficult thing to compare and to verify but I suspect that though Sifu is of course undoubtedly genuine in his respect for past masters, he may, as a Shaolin Master, also be respectful of them on principle just in terms of instinctively honouring his noble lineage and rare Shaolin heritage and therefore not considering himself to be at their level- but I wonder, does that mean that Sifu is not at their level...really? I am merely putting forward the thought that Sifu's boundless and ineffable energy for traveling and teaching must surely put his internal force and vitality in the extra-ordinary realm of (with the greatest respect to them) legends like the Venerable Chee Seen, Fong Sai Yuk and Luk Ah Choy to name but a few.

              Travelling around the world incessantly to teach us, 10 months of the year, through different time zones, surrounded by different languages & accents, cultures and climates (right now, literally through freezing cold conditions in Europe)(about 50 people have died so far across Europe in the last number of days because of the sudden cold sweeping westward! No exaggeration), Sifu is always happy and smiling, fresh and engaging us with his detailed, in depth and humorous Teaching, never tired or jet-lagged, stepping off a plane and into rooms all over the World simply for our benefit. Even when adverse weather conditions do not prevail such as there are now, Sifu is maintaining this travelling and teaching regime anyway. The cold and heat are almost incidental to him. How does he do it...even after almost 10 years since I first started practicing Chi Kung, that schedule would still wreck me as it would most people half Sifu's age and yet... he goes on happily spreading these amazing arts (my personal opinion; Sifu is a modern-day Legend of Southern Shaolin).

              To have been the beneficiary of the Shaolin Travelling Dragon Pakua Set in Killarney while life-threatening blizzards are literally shutting down airports and cities across Ireland and Europe (in a little bubble of blue skies and sunshine too I might add) it is quite poignant I must say (right now in the local airport in Cork, Ireland there are literally hundreds of people sleeping on the floor of the airport stranded due to flight cancellations); it was almost literally as if Sifu strode in the door in Killarney, dropped pearls and gold in our outstretched palm and then with a Shaolin Salute, strolled out again. I'm sitting here watching the snow fall and it seems like a dream; meanwhile Sifu will arrive in his next destination and after that another destination and another, and people will naturally just see him arriving at the airport or at the course-venue ready to teach, always ready and full of zest for spreading these Arts- its easy to forget that he travelled on multiple flights, came through multiple airports, baggage-checks and passport inspections, customs controls before that. So accustomed to the extraordinary are we, that we forget how lucky we are in this school. Sifu didn't have to teach but he decided to honour Sigung Ho in spreading these Arts to people irrespective of race, culture or religion. Not only that, he gives us the best of these Shaolin Arts which are the best healing and martial arts in the world... and he comes to us! He comes to us through sub-zero temperatures and blizzards to give us Shaolin Arts and sets like the Pakua Set which was immense. I am housebound while our beloved Sifu journeys onward to simply spread these fantastic arts for our benefit. Of course, thanks to having attended the Pakua Set Course, being housebound looking out at the snow, everything is fresher, more vibrant, more meaningful, more beautiful.

              Thank you Sifu for coming to teach us.
              Words are flimsy and never enough but Thank you Sifu.
              A Shaolin Salute and my most sincere best wishes for Sifu's safe and comfortable onward journeys worldwide this year and every year.


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                Dear Shaolin Wahnam family and Virtual Kwoon readers,

                The Shaolin Pakua set course was a joyous experience. It was a marvel to follow Sigung while learning the routine of this beautiful kung fu set. The individual patterns are majestic and when put together are a beautiful concoction of force, flow and combat application.

                In our groups we had to figure out and display the applications of each of the sets patterns and it was a treasure to be corrected by Sigung and guided to properly execute each combat application. This was a great experience and a great skill which can be applied to any set.

                My favourite part of the course was practicing a chosen combat sequence from the set and applying it to defeat an opponent. The aspect of covering the opponent correctly while applying the combat sequence is certainly a skill I look forward to practicing.

                I have been watching the videos from the course that Sigung has so generously put up and it is exciting to have the opportunity to learn from these videos also.

                Thank you Sigung for travelling all to way to Ireland and transmitting so many treasures and skills to us. Thank you for your guidance and your incredible generosity.

                Thank you Sifu for organising another wonderful and exciting Valentine's festival. Thank you for your incredible generosity and teachings.

                Thank you to my Shaolin brothers whom I had the honour to be on this special course with and thank you Kevin Sihing for requesting it.

                Shaolin salute,


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                  Thanks to those who have posted, even if it makes me even more jealous that I didn't attend this course!

                  Two points I wanted to pick up in particular:

                  1. As John said, it is natural to think about Sifu's words when he says we in the school are not at the level of past Masters. I always take this to mean we as students, because I think in the progression of kungfu over the centuries, there are those who have made special contributions such as Chang San Feng, Yui Fei, Wang Lang, Yim Wing Choon etc who were known for their innovations of new styles. There are others who created or discovered certain exercises, and probably others who were instrumental in the development or even the spreading of certain techniques, skills etc. I think that Sifu has faithfully followed what he was taught by his Masters who in turn faithfully followed their past Masters. But I think he may also have created, discovered or enhanced things as well, as some past Masters did, and there were some hints to this in his recent Q+As. Ah as always this just makes me think of questions which would have been good to ask Sifu in the courses or at dinner, when I can't always think of at the time!

                  In terms of us, one thing I think is that many of the past masters and students perhaps spent a lot more time training with each other, doing more stance training and more sparring than us for example, maybe that is what it means, that as a result it would be difficult for us to match their combat efficiency?

                  2. It was very interesting to hear the strong emphasis on covering. I remember another great teacher of mine, of boxing, saw me lay into the punch bag in an effort to impress him when I had just joined his club, and he said something like "Look, anybody can hit the other guy. What I want to know, is what can you do when he is hitting you?" It was his way of saying he didn't think much of my defence, he proceeded to show me what was wrong with it and how to begin to rectify it.

                  I think, as some kungfu brothers like David have suggested to me before, one reason I got hit at times when trying to spar using kungfu against non kungfu people, was that I was not covering adequately. I think I have improved, but it would have been really nice to take this course and improve further! So hopefully I can learn more of this from Sifu or the course attendants in future.


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                    Thank you Sifu

                    Thank you Joan and other school members for the great sharing.

                    "...I have by now often heard Sifu say (as he did again in Ireland a few days ago) that though we may be more cost-effective in our training, we are no match for the masters of the past..".

                    Hi John..i recall Sifu told me that many of our school members are more advanced in Kungfu-Chi Kung philosophy , breadth and spiritual cultivation compared to past practitioners and even top masters . "No match " generally refers more to combat efficiency or specialty depth .

                    As for combat efficiency , our Sifu is already at the marvelous level , although Sifu may have mentioned that his marvelous is at the lower end of the spectrum compared to Sigung Ho or past top masters

                    As for teaching globally , being IT savvy and the Chi Flow innovation ....Sifu is historically unique !
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                    Damian Kissey
                    Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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                      Dear Family,

                      Thank you for your lovely comments and for writing about the Valentine's courses.

                      Here is a link on some of the 'Cover' aspects taught by Sifu at the Shaolin Pakua set. It is a little hint on what to expect next year!!! So you are being given plenty time to organize yourself


                      I will be updating on my website soon once I have the course material and dates confirmed with Sifu and the hotel.

                      My special thanks to Kevin, Chris, Dominic and to David for all of their help during the courses and for helping to make Sifu's stay in Dublin (unable to travel due to the snow storm) a more pleasurable experience.

                      I can't leave out my fantastic Shaolin sister Racheli who stocked up my house almost for a year in case I would not be able to get out also. 4 days has been enough now! LOL!!! Everytime I turned around in the last few days, I thought .........'Oh, I didn't buy that'! Thank you Racheli.

                      When I moved into this house my first winter, we had four/five weeks of snow and ice and I was unable to get out for all of that time as the local country roads were so bad. The first week was a novelty but I wasn't long getting cabin fever!

                      Abundant Blessings,
                      Books don't mean a lot unless you open them, Hearts are the same.......

                      Valentine's Smile from the Heart 2018 IRELAND - world renowned Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.

                      A magic week of Chi Kung, Internal Force and Shaolin Kungfu
                      Generating Energy Flow
                      18 Lohan Arts
                      Internal Force
                      The Shaolin Pakua set- transmitted to Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit by his Sifu -Ho Fatt Nam .



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                        I too wondered why we couldn't achieve the level of the past masters. I think one possible answer could be found in the legend of Luk Ah Choy.


                        The monk and he ran up a rocky mountain road with heavy water containers in each hand to train bridges and footwork, and practiced kung fu all day every day together for seven years. Even after all this Luk Ah Choys master still did not consider his pupils Kungfu as "Excellent."

                        There are many other examples of the rigorous training that was done by these masters.

                        If we dedicated our entire lives to kung fu we could probably achieve a lot as well, but I dont personally know of anyone that trains so hard and sacrifices so much.

                        So perhaps its not a matter of an unattainable idyllic past, but simply of all consuming dedication.

                        So...for now lets just make sure we have good stances, footwork, and can apply our techniques under pressure without falling apart.
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                        Shaolin Wahnam USA

                        "Every morning you are born again. What you do today is the most important thing".


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                          Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,
                          And Greetings Damian Siheng, a Shaolin Salute!
                          I couldn't agree more. To quote Damian Siheng;
                          Originally posted by Damian Kissey View Post
                          As for combat efficiency , our Sifu is already at the marvelous level , although Sifu may have mentioned that his marvelous is at the lower end of the spectrum compared to Sigung Ho or past top masters As for teaching globally , being IT savvy and the Chi Flow innovation ....Sifu is historically unique !
                          ...this is the point I was trying to make, if somewhat clumsily. Just simply judging by the indefatigable schedule Sifu maintains joyfully and full of vitality and knowing that Sifu has long been at an unfathomably marvellous level, Sifu's status is legendary. To remember the past masters gratefully and to contemplate our truly wonderful Shaolin Wahnam lineage is really great. It's almost impossible to conceive of their level; my mind-boggles enough at Sifu's marvellous level which always brings me back to the present and I can hear Sifu's voice in my mind, 'Smiiiiiiile from the Heart'. Which of course makes me smile :-) 'Sifu is historically unique' is another great way of putting it Damian Siheng. I dare say, sincerely and without hesitation, Sifu's Chi Flow innovation has literally, figuratively and in all ways, actually changed the World (the Chi Flow innovation of course informing Sifu's tireless and legendary level of travelling to teach and connect us with that Chi Flow innovation also has changed the World for the better). If someone ever publishes a modern up-to-date edition of the Legends of Southern Shaolin, Sifu should be in it. We literally have a Legend who travels to teach us... unbelievable...

                          Greetings to all from the island of Éireann and a special Shaolin Salute in the direction of Malaysia where the
                          Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course will soon begin. Historically unique indeed, to be able to walk in to a course in Malaysia and learn all the skills necessary to master the best martial art under Heaven from a modern-day legend of that Art. Wonderful.

                          A Shaolin Salute.