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  • John Ó Laoidh
    Small & Big Universe - The Lesson of a Blessing

    It has taken a while to be able to process and articulate what happened at the Small & Big Universe Course in Penang in December 2017. After a blessed and truly happy Christmas I can sit and try to put some thoughts down on the day after St. Stephen's Day.

    To be perfectly honest, I didn't expect to 'get' the Small Universe the first time in Penang this December 2017 (not to mention the 'Big Universe'). I didn't quite get Sinew Metamorphisis the first time I did it at the UK Summer Camp in 2009. The next time I did Sinew Metamorphisis after that was with Sifu in Taiwan at the immensely special Leadership Course organised by Mark Blohm. That was when I really was able to 'do' Sinew Metamorphisis. The second of two attempts is still rather amazing for such a high-level art so such was my logic going into the Small Universe Course- I felt that the Small Universe must surely be above my current level but if taking the Small Universe this time would help me get it later, then I was more than willing to take the course since all of Sifu's courses are so precious. Of course, I should have known better as Sifu's courses are also often quite frankly, miraculous and marvellous.

    The Essence of Shaolin was simply superlative; it was an honour to be in the same hall as Sifu as he taught us the marvellous set. It was in such stark contrast to martial arts classes of other styles I'd taken years ago, where you line up in regimented fashion, in very militant style actually, bowing to the flags of modern East Asian nation-states at the top of the hall, practicing 'martial arts' techniques that are really combat sports techniques, executed with minimal cover and presupposing protection from external appendages such as groin-guards and gum-shields, designed to get foot-soldiers to some kind of semblance of gung-ho combat-readiness in a short period of time. At the Essence of Shaolin Course we got to practice and train like generals, not foot-soldiers. But I have written about that elsewhere in the forum. Suffice it to say, coming from training Shaolin Kungfu like a general with our beloved Sifu, where it was great to feel part of the Shaolin Wahnam family and do combat sequences with a partner finally, I walked into the Small Universe course floating on air, not really knowing or even thinking about what to expect. Walking into a hall where Sifu is teaching, I knew it would be wonderful anyway even if I didn't attain the highest level.

    As Karol said above, it was like a highway to the Small Universe and our microcosmic orbits were soon motoring. I knew it was working when Sifu told us to open the Bahui point at the top of the head and I could feel the pure golden radiance bathing me in light from above. The Big Universe was also tremendously special and profoundly peaceful. When Sifu told us we could send a blessing, it was the highlight of the course for me; I was unsure whether to share this experience but felt I have to acknowledge it even if it might inspire just one person to take a course in life-changing arts with Sifu because everything changes and changes for the better after receiving Sifu's teachings. Sending a blessing to my loved ones, I could feel their spirits with me; not their everyday personalities, with their habits and various mannerisms and modes of behaviour but their bare souls full of love. Sending them a blessing was beyond special. In that very moment, I knew that they were always with me and always would be and any past bickering or squabbles that sometimes arise in family-life dissolved into insignificance. It was also in that moment I realised the power of the mind and Sifu's teaching on Heart Thinks, Events Materialize. I thought I'd gotten it before but only conceptually in hindsight, it was really brought home to me this time, Sifu's baffling simple but profound instructions to always have good thoughts- I didn't quite realize or experience before how powerful the mind is with even the gentlest thought and the sincere sending of a simple blessing, wishing for someone's health and happiness. It also seemed to bring full-circle the chain of events started at the historical Zen Course in Dublin organised by Joan Browne which catapulted participants to a new and higher level of mind. In my case at least, it took me some time after the course (being as I am, quite slow on the uptake from time to time) to become aware that my mind was operating at a higher-level in every aspect of life and to realize that old thoughts and habits were now amplified by an automotically more powerful heart (such is the skill of Sifu's transmission), materializing events with greater ease.

    Attending the Small Universe sort of closed the circle opened at the Zen Course in Dublin with the very clear, beautifully special sending of a gentle thought-blessing and the visceral experience (not intellectualization) that that blessing had reached its intended destination. The power of a gentle, loving blessing has been mind-blowing. Perhaps after the Essence of Shaolin course, I was able to send a blessing in a marvellous way? Sending a blessing taught me so much and has changed everything. Thank you Sifu.

    I was always rather inclined towards the Yogacara branch of Buddhist philosophy, otherwise known as the Mind-Only School (which incidentally developed quite significantly in China at Dunhuang under Bodhiruci and the Dilun School). When Sifu came to Korea and we drove through the countryside to the east of Seoul, everything was suffused in a golden-ether as if what Dylan Thomas calls 'the force that through the green fuse' or sentiency itself was visible. Since the Small Universe Course, an even deeper respect for mind and the sentiency of surrounding beings has emerged because of a new found deeper respect for the gentle power of that sentiency and mind. Thank you Sifu.

    I don't doubt that even deeper and intrinsic benefits of attending the Small Universe course will emerge slowly over time, thank you Sifu. And thank you for allowing me to attend both the Essence of Shaolin and the Small Universe course.
    Words are never enough and always fail me after these life-changing courses and after receiving your teachings. When I try to give a speech at the graduation dinners, I always feel dumbstruck- what an inadequate word, "thank you" but it demands being repeated. Thank you for sharing these life-changing arts with us Sifu and for changing my life unequivocally for the better. For travelling the world incessantly dispensing high-level arts and treasures to be able to walk into a room in Taipei, Finale, Barcelona, Penang and everywhere else that Sifu teaches and walk out again with an automatically better life and a precious art to practice... I shake my head in disbelief. Thank you Sifu. Céad Míle Buíochas. Thousands of thanks. A Shaolin Salute.
    A Blessed and Happy New Year to All the Shaolin Wahnam Family.

    December 27, 2017.

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  • Binia
    Just a little Hello to all of you😊


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  • Mark CH
    Dear Wahnam Family

    This was simply the best course with Sifu transmitting from the heart at the highest level.

    Sifu thatnk you so much for this wonderful 3 days of Small and Big Universe

    Best wishes

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  • Molly
    I just flew in from the Cosmos and boy are my arms tired (I've been wanting to make that stupid joke for the last 10,000 miles of flying time)!

    In all seriousness, this course was just amazing, much as I thought it would be. This was my second time through this course. I wanted to deepen the skills I already had and Sifu did not disappoint. When I stop and think of the skills all of the participants obtained in such a short amount of time I am just blown away by Sifu's ability to teach and how exponentially those skills improve year upon year.

    Sifu mentioned in the Q&A on this course how some people have expressed that they became very lucky after attaining the Small and Big Universe. I am no exception to that, a point that I found myself pondering in the time leading up to the course. This year, before attending both this course, as well as the Essence of Shaolin, I went to Langkawi for some much needed quiet time, pampering, and general R&R. While I was there, I started thinking about the idea of seven-year life cycles, a concept that exists in many different traditions; The idea being that major developments and phases of life occur across a span of seven years, with each span shaping our overall lives. It occurred to me that it had been a little over seven years since I first took the Small and Big Universe course in 2010. Right after returning home from that course, major changes started to occur in my life. At the outset, they didn't seem so awesome. I lost my job a few weeks after getting back and had $80 in my bank account. But that set me on the path that got me back into school, allowed me to learn how to heal people, and start a new career which was successful right out of school. I became friends with a casual face in the crowd I'd known for years, we fell in love and got married. My income nearly doubled. I became more emotionally and spiritually healthy. And there I was, seven years later, sitting at the Four Seasons, which would have been unthinkable when my journey started.

    Yep, there have been plenty of gigantic bumps in the road during this time, but on the whole my good fortune has multiplied, and I am so profoundly grateful to have the chance to learn these arts and improve my skills. Thank you Sifu. I can't wait to see what the next seven years holds.


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  • JasD
    Nice one Karol!

    All your money? I agree ! This is THE fast track. If you want chi kung skills and more importantly the benefits they give, just come to Sifus course, do whatever( literally) he says!

    Anyway, its the second small and big universe course I have been on and I can safely say I will come on every one coming up again in the future!

    This time the teaching was more simple, direct and effective! It was more like Sifu coming into the room and saying ' here good man, have the small universe, now lets go out and enjoy dinner!' I experienced it in a much more gentle way and he also mentioned a few interesting things he didnt last time. Sifu and his teaching is greatly evolving. I just have no idea by really just how much. He is unfathomable.
    It just seems crazy for me to miss this course when its offered again!

    The other day I went to penang national park, and went walking for 5 hours straight in the penang day heat, up and down the hills without stopping (apart from once for lunch) No tiredness, muscular pain or anything and with a heavy bag on my back! Also I stayed up all night after the course with no tiredness!

    Now big universe, interestingly Sifu used a slightly different methods for both the big universes. I will be using these ones for sure.
    The clarity and heightened state of mind after what seemed like just 2 minutes of Sifus transmission was just tremendous. I wish the numerous dedicated meditators would respectfully learn from Sifu
    For both the big universes "I felt the desired" results much more than ever before.
    It is basically a life changing course, I know those words are empty. but really.

    I made a few people laugh with a speech, honestly I had no plan or idea what i was going to say but I quickly let go of any doubts and just started talking. The tremendous energy and clarity from the course must have given me and the other speakers the flow, courage to go up, and inspiration to speak well. I actually feel like its a great opportunity for self improvement now! in many ways!

    Deep respect and gratitude to Sifu and seniors and juniors like Chun Nga, Tim and Barry Dr Damian, Christina Eugene and all. Sometimes you just say and do the oddest things which give tremdous support or even a bit of goading which helps me grow.
    Ps Americans I made my own unicorn potty gadget and thanks for taking me to sit in a sewer smelling dead chickens for a bit. I wouldnt do that alone but with you guys there, it helped me to let go. Ill treat that like big universe though, a few minutes is enough!

    Anyways off to dinner! Looking forward to reading more experiences! Like the speaking, this writing helps me open my heart!


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  • Nessa
    Thank you for sharing your experience, Karol.
    Just reading your post made me smile all the way through the text.

    Best wishes,


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  • Karol
    started a topic Small and Big Universe Course Penang 2017

    Small and Big Universe Course Penang 2017

    Its hard to describe by words what Sigung offered us during the SU course.Its strong, deep, and on so many levels that I simply dont know what to say.
    Honestly, the price for that course is a joke. Even if it will be 100 000 euros, it will be still nothing compared to what I really got. Even if it will be all your money whatsoever. It cant be counted in money. Its just beyond. Spiritual.

    All the techniques we went through are described by Sigung in His books. But its not about the technique. Its the skill. The transmission. Without Sigungs guidence it will be just simply impossible to achieve what we did in last 3 days.

    My SU started to go during the first morning session. Not even 2 hours! Its jus unbelieveble! 10 years of dedicated training in the cave? Just forget about it. I expected at least 20 -30 minutes in standing meditation, but every step last no longer than couple of minutes. Its like a highway to the Universe! I think it will be a suitable name for that course.

    It was not "JUST" Small and Big Universe. It was so many advanced skills that its mind blowing. And everything on pure mind level! So strong, powerfull, but same time simple, pleasent and peacefull.

    After the second day, when Sigung transferred to us the skill of Gentle Small Universe we tested its effect by doing physical activities. It was just mind blowing! I could do taming the tiger (push ups on the fingertips) as many times I wish. And it was quite fast actually. Totally no pain, no tiredness! Then I went to Horse Riding stance, and it was a box shape. So amazingly low, but same time relaxed and without tension. It was just energy setting my up in the position. It was totally crazy, I have never experienced nothing like that before.

    Day 3 and Medical and Transcendental Big Universe. Here I just have no words. Seriously, I dont know what to say.
    Pure light and nothing more. And silence, extremely level of calmness, still full with energy. Its like to have a pulsating atom bomb generator inside you. It was really difficult to come back after the Grand Finale Session. It took me a while to be honest. But then I remembered an advice given on forum by one of my Sihengs/Sipaks? To go low in horse riding stance, physically. Than did the trick. I felt then that I am back more and more.

    After the graduation dinner, with all amazing people around, delicious food(had a chance to try Chinese vegetarian food) and touching speaches (Jaz, You are the man!) we went back to the hotell. But noone wanted to go back to the room. People were just standing in the lobby chatting, chatting, smiling and sharing good emotions.

    We were pulsating with energy, with bright shining eyes. Then went to the beach to watch falling stars. I think I came back to my room about 6 on the morning. Waked up about 10, went for delicious breakfast in the local caffee and learned one of the 18 Lohan Arts from Sipak Chris!

    There are more stories to tell, Healing Sessions with Sipak Chun Nga and Sipak Andrew, so many amazing and beautiful people arround... I will try to write them down and publish later, now its time to enjoy the beautiful day!

    Thank You Sigung, from the bottom of my heart. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...
    And Thank You Sifu. Without You I will never have the chance to be here.

    With Huge Smile from my Heart


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