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Valentine's 2018!

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    See you all tomorrow

    Shaolin Salute,


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      Dear Family,

      David has arrived safe and sound, despite the shock of the small plane from Dublin to Kerry LOL! It was so nice finally to meet.

      Thank you Barry, Fabienne and Andrea, Yes we miss you all here.

      Racheli and I had the good blessings to spend the day with our beloved Sifu on a drive around the Ring of Kerry. Almost five hours of beautiful scenery, I have included two at the bottom of the page.

      1) Sifu and Charlie Chaplin in Waterville
      2) Sifu with some islands in the background and the famous Skellig further back. (Famous for its Star Wars appearance and not booked solid for 2018 tours!)

      We arrived back to Killarney and had the most extraordinary Generating Energy Flow course! It must be my 26th time doing this course and yet again so different. The emphasis on knowing the difference between 'physical' Chi Kung and 'Chi Kung state of Mind' Chi Kung (real and genuine Chi Kung). And Sifu also mentioned often the importance of not overtraining going from 100% to 50% to 30% and giving students and experience of all as well as Sifu said
      'A picture paints a thousand words' by demonstrating what we should be doing and what we should not be doing in relation to too high a level and 'just right'!

      18 Lohan Arts tomorrow ...............can't wait!!!

      Thank you Sifu. It has already been an amazing two days in your beautiful presence.
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      Books don't mean a lot unless you open them, Hearts are the same.......

      Valentine's Smile from the Heart 2018 IRELAND - world renowned Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.

      A magic week of Chi Kung, Internal Force and Shaolin Kungfu
      Generating Energy Flow
      18 Lohan Arts
      Internal Force
      The Shaolin Pakua set- transmitted to Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit by his Sifu -Ho Fatt Nam .


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        Peace in Every Cell of the Body

        Today was another beautiful day in Killarney, "every day is our birthday when we practice these wonderful Arts" as Sifu said and as everyone in the Brehon was experiencing today.

        It was my first time practicing the 18 Lohan Arts and this mornings set of Agility patterns from the 18 Lohan Arts was astounding. The force was tremendous and that was before the afternoon Internal Force session.

        We practiced, 'Hungry Tiger Charges at Prey' followed by 'Iron Bull Ploughs Field'. Then there was 'Open Window to Look at Moon' and 'Old Monk Takes Off Shoes' which Sifu said was great for cleansing the liver and associated anger issues. 'Night Guard Tests Sea' felt very joyful as did 'Swallow Flies Through Clouds' which looks almost identical to a pattern of the same name in the Zhang San Feng Wudang Set. Sifu said the similarity was because the 18 Lohan Arts were from Shaolin and that Zhang San Feng trained in Shaolin before he developed what we now call Taichichuan and then merged with the Cosmos.

        It was a deep cleanse which one always knows from Sifus fantastic courses because there's a noticeable jump in mental freshness instantly after such cleanses. So gentle and graceful (see 'Night Guard Tests Sea') but tremendously powerful.

        Then the afternoon session; Lifting the Sun and Moon, followed by Stance Training which included the Horse Riding Stance and Three Circles Stance. To be able to test the impact of different body adjustments on the level of force (for example the height of the stance, position of the knees or toes) is something that only people accustomed to (and profoundly lucky enough to be able to learn) Chi Flow could understand. We tested both the Horse-Riding Stance and Three Circle Stance at different heights and felt when different heights and resultant muscular tension blocked the flow to the Dan Tien. As always, Sifu transmits not just these wonderful Arts but also the skill which enables us to get the best benefit from them.

        After some Stance Training ('Jab Ma' in Cantonese which literally means 'Catch the Horse'), everyone felt deeply peaceful. Every cell of my body seemed to be vibrating lightly with peace. 'Wonderful' 'Fantastic', these words are never enough. Trying to talk about and describe these amazing arts is like trying to scratch an itchy toe through one's shoe.

        The Shaolin Travelling Dragon Pakua Set starts tomorrow which will no doubt be unbelievable.
        Thank you to Sifu for travelling all this way to teach us and hand these wonderful Arts to us on a plate.
        Thanks to my Kungfu Sister Joan for organizing more memorable and historical courses.


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          Just want to say thanks for a brilliant, powerful and enjoyable Internal Force course! As Sifu said, other people endure their internal force training, we enjoy ours! Never truer than in this course.

          I have been to a course in Ireland at least once each year for the past 3 years, and I can really feel a nice progression, the best of which is that whilst before I felt good in terms of being charged with energy during the course itself, now I get a feeling like that most of the time. Still not as strong as it is on the course, but I think that is the right thing, because we only need to get 30% of the benefit we get on the course the rest of the time, or we may overtain. Maybe I might even get 15%, but 15% of this kind of level is enough! And as Sifu said over time whilst we might get 30% of our maximum benefit, over time our maximum benefit becomes a lot more, so training at 30% today is a lot better than 30% 2 years ago for example!

          The training was so enjoyable. Not just the chi flow, which I always enjoy, or the stances which I enjoy also, but even one of the things I didn't usually enjoy - flexibility. I used to struggle with three levels to the ground, it was an effort to go down low, and a bigger effort to come back up again, to the extent it felt like physical, water buffalo training. But even though it is a long time since I did any running or physical type training of my legs, and my legs have a lot more weight to lift now than when I was younger lol, I really enjoyed this exercise and it felt fun and easy to do, the chi was lifting me up as if I was just floating!

          Thanks to Sifu, to Joan Sije, and all the course participants for another brilliant course and brilliant weekend in Killarney!