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December 2017 Courses in Penang Community Thread

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  • December 2017 Courses in Penang Community Thread

    Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

    Let's have a community thread to discuss Family reunion matters and so forth.

    This will be my first time in Malaysia and outside Europe, and I didn't expect such an early visit. This time travel fever and anticipation have really swooned me. I am still pinching myself that this is happening and butterflies are flying in my stomach.

    Is there anything that you would recommend a fresh tourist to see around in George Town? I have for example heard that there's a tailor shop that sells silk clothes to Wahnam members with a discount, although I don't remember where exactly it was supposed to be located.

    I will be arriving to Penang Airport via Hong Kong on 4th December around 19:00. Might there be anyone arriving with the same plane or arriving around the same time? We could have an early meetup and share a taxi ride to the hotel and have a light dinner in a quality restaurant.

    Does anyone remember if there are reliable ATMs in the Penang Airport?

    How about laundry services around the George Town? Is Cleaning Star any good? The fares seem cheap and its rating in Google Maps is great.

    With sincere respect,
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    Originally posted by understanding View Post
    I have for example heard that there's a tailor shop that sells silk clothes to Wahnam members with a discount, although I don't remember where exactly it was supposed to be located.
    Hello Olli,

    I believe the tailor shop is called Sams Batik House, located strategically along the busy Penang Road in Georgetown. Very nice owners, very nice clothes A simple Google search will turn up much information.

    Enjoy all the great food in Penang!

    With Shaolin Salute,
    Lee Wei Joo


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      Hei Olli,

      There's actually two Sam's butiques (at least there used to be). We have used the one on the right (when you're standing facing the shops.) The owner is very nice and if you say your from SW he will give you a discount. Not that it's expensive anyways.

      I recommend booking the taxis from the hotel, it's easier and safer. If you find someone from the courses who's been around Penang, treat him/her to a nice meal and get some tips for sighseeing.
      There are many wonderful places in Penang.

      Best wishes,

      Nessa Kahila
      Shaolin Nordic Finland


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        Originally posted by understanding View Post
        Is there anything that you would recommend a fresh tourist to see around in George Town? I have for example heard that there's a tailor shop that sells silk clothes to Wahnam members with a discount, although I don't remember where exactly it was supposed to be located.
        Enjoy Olli!



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          Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

          Thank you very much for your helpful responses!

          My friend's girlfriend is from Penang and when she heard of me going there, she became interested enough to write a small brochure about the nearby attractions, general tips for tourists, and local cuisine (seems delicious!). With her kind permission I am now sharing the PDF document here.

          With sincere gratitude,


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            Some info

            Hey Olli,

            The PDF you provided is useful for fresh Penang tourists.

            I will write here some of my expieriences down I have had in Penang.

            Before Arrival:

            If you are coming from KL Int. Airport and your connection flight to Penang is in less than 80 min, dont be surprised if you wont see your baggage at Penang Int. Airport, you wont be alone for sure But there is a Lost Baggage counter which will help you to identify your suitcase, so in that case they will deliever it to you in your hotel asap (When the next plane is coming from KL). Dont forget to put a identify card on your baggage.

            Changing money at the airport is safe (there are some ATMs on the 1st floor), but not really recommended because of the bad exchange rates. To change a small amount of money is ok (like 50 Euros). One of the best places to exchange money for me is the Gurney Plaza or the exchange area next to Komtar. Due to some problems with fake money some exchangers have to make a copy of your ID..(happend just one time).

            When you in Penang:

            It is quiete safe and cheap to use redcab taxis as long as they are driving with the taximeter. Be careful with people who are offering private taxi service, most of them dont have a license and they can be expensive. If someone needs a "minibus" (max. 8 pax) for an evening ride, I know there some serious guys.

            When the taxi driver should drive you into a coffee, tea or batik house, be careful, its just a expensive buisness for foreigners. The driver will get a comission.

            Food can be very cheap in Penang, specially economy rice (1 Euro for Lunch). Food corners are also polular and tasty.
            There is a Indian restaurant in Penang where you can eat in a traditionaly indian way, if you want to make new experiences then try it out, you wont forget it.

            When you are visiting some temples, like the Kek Lok Si Temple be aware of the beggars, some of them are sitting along the bridge and do wear knives openly.

            Here are some interesting sightseeing point: Kek Lok Si temple, Snake temple, Penang hill, Crystal Museum, WW2 museum, Botanical garden, Butterfly farm, Burmese temple, Lying buddha temple and many more.

            Opposite the Copthorne hotel there is a laundry. Dont be surprised is your white clothes will change their colour.

            Drinking is very important, if you want to buy some drinks then you can go to Tesco, local supermarkets or 7-Eleven (expensive).

            Next to Sam's Batik House you will find the Campbell street, with some tea houses, restaurants, clothing shops and some other shops.

            You can also buy a local prepaid sim card for your phone, costs about 20€ with 5GB, 1000min and 100 SMS.

            Durian, Mangosteen and Rambutan are not allowed everywhere. If you have the golden oppurtunity to eat these fruits, do it If you are tough enough then try also some dry lime.

            Almost everyone is friendly and helpfully in Penang, if you want to have a safe and calm stay, then not everyone needs to know why you are in Penang.

            Leaving Penang:

            Make sure that the Airline can check you trough to your final destination, otherwise you have to fetch up your baggage at the next airport and do a new check in.

            With shaolin salute,
            When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
            When the student is truly ready, the teacher will disappear.

            -Lao Tzu-


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              Dear Dimitri Siheng,

              Thank you very much for your tips!

              Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

              Would someone have any recollection how much it approximately costs to take a taxi from the airport to Copthorne Orchid? I would like to have some kind of idea how much of local currency I should bring with me.

              Dimitri brought up the topic of hydration. Is there any tap in the hotel that I could safely use to fill my drinking bottle? It would be the best if I could reduce the consumption of plastic bottles on my own and not buy new ones every day.

              With sincere respect,


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                May the teachings and blessings continue!

                Hello everyone,

                The Small and Big Universe course is completed and I feel myself ever-so-lucky to be part of a beautiful family and school which we have.

                Over the course of only 3 days we were incredibly lucky to have received the skills and very simple lessons on how to further develop these precious arts. I realise our teacher is incredibly generous and skilled, and the lessons and guidance continues to be extremely timely and precise for us in our journeys…

                It’s been such a joy to spend time with friends, really beautiful people inside and out, and to meet some new gentle, kind and considerate brothers and sisters. I didn’t get chance to speak to everyone this time and hope another chance will happen 😊 (cue visualisation, realisation!)

                Leaving the many monumental memories behind in Malaysia tomorrow for England gives me nothing but joy, and no trace of sadness… reminded of a famous quote:

                “Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation. - Rumi
                May we be able to use the skills and blessings for our families, those around us, and for ourselves.
                Look forward to keeping in touch, and to contribute more to the Kwoon,