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Intensive Chi Kung and Tantui Courses - Malaysia 2017

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  • Intensive Chi Kung and Tantui Courses - Malaysia 2017

    Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

    I am writing from beautiful Penang, the home country of our great Grandmaster where even the air seems to be filled with "Smiles from the Heart".

    I feel so lucky to be learning from Sigung the precious Shaolin Arts, through the Intensive Chi Kung and Tantui course. My heart is full of gratitude.

    Today is day one of the Intensive Chi Kung Course in Malaysia.

    When I was looking at the schedule I realized that day 1 of the course is the arrival date.

    As I flew into Penang and enjoyed looking at the enchanting Malaysian water underneath the airplane's wing, and then drove through the tree filled streets of Penang, checked into my beautiful ocean-view hotel room and tasted my first Malaysian fruit juice of the trip where I said hello to old friends and new ones, I realized the wisdom behind Sigung's precious teaching of truly arriving. I realized that the arrival day is the first day of the course because it is an opportunity to practice the three arrivals: The arrival of the feet, the arrival of the hands and the arrival of the heart.

    My deepest gratitude to Sigung for this wonderful opportunity.

    I very much look forward to day #2 tomorrow, to a bright and early morning of life-transforming Chi Kung.

    With deep respect and gratitude,



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    Primer Dia, Fantastico!

    Querida Familia Shaolin

    El primer dia del curso intensivo de Chi kung en Malaysia estuvo mas que increíble, una confirmacion que cada vez que hacemos el esfuerzo de venir a un work shop obtenemos lo mejor de nuestro Sigung.

    En esta oportunidad inicio la clase rodando por el suelo y dando una patada al aire como si nada. Su energía y vitalidad nos volvió a sorprender a todos!

    Con su característica “ sonrían del corazón” impartio la clase compartiendo lo mejor del Chi kung una vez mas.
    Recordemos siempre las tres reglas mágicas para la buena practica dijo:

    -No nos preocupemos
    -No intelectualicemos

    Participantes de todo el mundo asistieron, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Japon, Australia, Malaysia, Macedonia, España, etc.
    No hay fronteras en el mundo de la Energia y los Shaolin Arts.

    Algo que resonó fuertemente dentro de mi en esta oportunidad fue cuando explico que hacer algo siempre require de un esfuerzo y hemos olvidado la importancia de el "NO hacer‎".
    Porque preocuparnos cuando es mas fácil no hacerlo, porque sufrir cuando es mas fácil no hacerlo, porque estresarse cuando es mucho mas facil no hacerlo.‎ Nuestro estado natural es estar relajados sanos y felices.

    Fue realmente maravilloso repasar lifting the Sky y empujando montañas para luego dejar ir en un maravilloso chi flow renovándonos y sanando todo en un instante.

    Gracias Sigung por un dia estupendo!

    Shaolin Salute



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      Dear Family and Friends,

      We are into Day 4 of the Tantui course and it's been a great learning experience to train alongside of all the participants.

      Sifu's composition of the Tantui Basic Combat sequences are "marvellous", enabling practitioners of varying levels to have a taste of what competence against another martial stylist would be like.

      Sifu has kindly highlighted the importance of daily practice as the catalyst for making what one has learnt come 'alive'.

      One thing is for sure - these Shaolin arts are amazing! I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Sifu for his generosity in teaching us these days.

      Happy training, happy life!

      Shaolin salute,

      Emiko Hsuen

      Taught by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit
      4th generation successor of the Southern Shaolin Monastery
      Small and Big Universe Course: Nov 21 to 25
      Becoming a Shaolin Wahnam Kungfu Practitioner: Nov 26 to Dec 2
      Cultivating Spirit Nourishing Energy: Dec 2 to Dec 8
      Intensive Chi Kung Course: Dec 9 to Dec 13
      To apply, send email to:


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        Deepest Gratitude

        Dear Sigung

        Thank you so much for Amazing Chi Kung course.

        I was very happy to be able to learn The truth way from Grand Master.

        l truly appreciate your huge generosity.

        Thank you so much from my heart!



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          Tremendous Treasures of Tantui!

          Hello everybody,

          I wanted to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to Sifu for everything he's so generously giving to us on this amazing Special Tantui course.

          The depth of Sifu's skills and knowledge is truly unbelievable and I've noticed a huge increase in self-confidence owing to Sifu so generously sharing secrets, key points, and a myriad of tactics we can employ against different fighting styles.

          I can't wait to learn even more! I feel so lucky and blessed to be learning from one of the greatest kungfu masters in the world. Thank you, Sifu, for sharing these precious treasures with us all!

          With great respect and gratitude, and a hearty Shaolin salute,



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            We, the blessed

            What a joy to be in Penang for Sifu's Intensive Chi Kung course exactly at the same time at which I had the tremendous blessing of first learning from Sifu 16 years ago. Seeing how Sifu has adapted his teaching to new and different challenges over the past 16 years, seeing both the readily apparent and subtle shifts that Sifu has made in approach and structure, and seeing new, deeper layers in the practice itself has been nothing less than enlightening. Most touching of all, was seeing completely new students to the art make radical shifts in their physical health, their outward demeanour, and, in some cases, their spiritual awareness within only 18 hours of tutelage and practice. It was wonderful to see Sifu speak with greater candour about the process he went through in developing and refining our cherished art of Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung.

            As Emiko Sije has written, today marked the fourth day of the Intensive Tantui Course; this one, my second one with Sifu. Sifu's genius shines through again in the basic Tantui Sequences that he has created -- there is a level of flow in them that I have not experienced with other paired combat sequences. They are clear evidence of Sifu's deep understanding of the principles of Tantui, and of its highly effective combat application.

            While tomorrow marks the last day of the course, I am blessed enough to be able to do the entire course a second time, and I am as excited about it as I have been about the current one. I cannot thank Sifu enough for the endless shower of blessings that he and the arts as he has taught them have brought to my life! Thank you, Sifu, for your relentless thirst in reviving the various schools of Kung Fu, and your tremendous generosity in sharing these great arts so openly!

            Your student, striving,

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              Sincere gratitude

              Dear Sigung,

              I'd like to take this opportunity to share with my brothers and sisters how a magnificent course it has been.

              Practicing the picture perfect form of each movement of the Tantui sequences has been my favorite part so far. Sigung has top level skills to show us how each movement has to look like, and on top of that, Sigung is able to have demonstrate with flow, speed and force.

              I had a lot of fun today applying one Tantui sequence of my choice to push back the opponent; Tantui is very effective and have many options to counter high, middle, side and low attacks.
              The combat applications of the movements have been very reveling for me, some of them I've learned before but some others were new (and very exciting).

              Thank you veryuch Sigung for sharing the magic of Tantui with us, I'm very looking forward for the "grand finale" tomorrow.

              With gratitude and respect



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                Deep Gratitude

                Dear Shaolin Wahnam family,

                The special Tantui course in Malaysia has been truly life-changing!

                Tomorrow is the last day of session A and as Myriam said, I am truly looking forward to the grand finale.

                Learning the secrets of Tantui and its various combat applications has been a very rare and unique gift that Sigung has very generously given us. It has been 4 days full of new teachings, with Sigung sharing many techniques, skills and philosophy that we will all have the honor to continue to uncover and understand through our daily practice in the years/decades to come.

                Learning the 12 combat sequences and the many ways in which each can be used has been both exciting and eye-opening. Sigung generously and systemically taught the sequences at the routine level, form level, flow level (Qigong state of mind) and finally at force (threat) level.

                It has been marvelous to observe that regardless of our gender, size and physical strength, using a Tantui sequence in a pressing attack manner can be used to defend oneself even against a large and skillful opponent.

                My deepest gratitude to Sigung for these profound and authentic teachings in Shaolin Tantui.

                With much respect and gratitude,



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                  Happy Gratitude

                  Dear Sigung & Shaolin Family,

                  What a great Course we are about to conclude tomorrow! I can't wait!

                  Sigung, my deepest gratitude and respect.

                  Ready to start the 5th and last day of the Special Tantui Course I have nothing but gratitude and excitement to keep training and learning. It is amazing how these Shaolin Arts benefit our lives at so many levels.

                  Thanks to Sigung's teachings we were able to learn not only the 12 combat sequences of Tantui but also so many ways to apply them. To feel how Tantui is so effective when encountering other disciplines or styles transcends logical understanding. The simplicity of the applications has amazed me in so many ways. Sigung showed us how to counter-attack and respond with safety and perfect timing and spacing (and picture-perfect-form, flow, force & threat) in so simple yet effective & powerful ways and this truly feels marvellous. Its amazing to see how some of the deepest teachings and valuable secrets can be so 'simple' and 'pure', hence unfathomable.

                  Today we also had so much fun learning how to fell our opponent. I am what you can call a 'big guy' and I was 'thrown away' by my course-mates independently of their size and gender. It is very humbling and a privilege to be able to learn so close to Sigung and in such effective and profound ways.

                  I am thrilled about tomorrow!

                  Thank you Sigung from my smiling heart,

                  Shaolin Salute,

                  Alejandro - Gentle Dragon


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                    Just Great!

                    Dear Shaolin Family,

                    Today is the last day of an amazing course.

                    The Tantui basic combat sequences taught by Sigung showed us once again the power of this arts. There is so much knowledge and secrets that can be applied to many fighting styles. There is no age, gender or even physical strength that can stop you from defending yourself when applying the right pressing attack, how fantastic.

                    Thank you Sigung for this marvellous gift.

                    With deep gratitude and Respect



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                      Dear Sigung and Shaolin Family,

                      Thank you very much for both the Intensive Chi Kung Course and the Special Tantui Course.

                      Sigung mentioned in the Intensive Chi Kung course that there are beginners as well as practicioners who have come to take this course repeated times. It is so valuable! It is always a new experience and a gift to be in the presence of a Grandmaster! Thank you Sigung for accepting me into both courses. One of the main lessons I learned this time is to focus and to Smile from the Heart. There were many skills Sigung taught that I was able to apply in the course and will continue to apply in my practice at home. Some of these skills including entering a chi kung state of mine, developing internal force, and one pointed focus and spiritual expansion are strengthened and further deepened because of this particular trip to Malaysia. I am very grateful!

                      So far, as the Tantui course is on its last day for group A, Sigung has set the Basic Combat Sequences. These sequences were wonderful to grasp and understand for me. I could effectively carry out these combat skills and teachings in our training. But wow, even though these sequences are supposedly meant to be for basic level, Sigung "wow"ed us all with grace in movement, relaxed with shen, and exemplary finishing moves! Tantui is great to finish a fight, has pressing movement and as Sigung said, if we practice even just one combat sequence for a short time, say 10 minutes each day, we can surely win a fight and defend ourselves. I am looking forward to this last day for group A of the Special Tantui Course!

                      Thank you Sigung for having these special courses!

                      With gratitude and deep respect,
                      (Toronto, Canada)


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                        Gratitude for Intensive Tantui Course

                        Dear Sigung & Shaolin Family

                        Thank you so much for teaching the Intensive Tantui Course in Malaysia and for sharing the skills and key points of the basic flow. Within the ‘basic’ level I discover the ‘marvellous’ flow and subtle applications. Your words that Kung Fu is ALIVE is full of vitality and elevates the basic skill to flowing with simplicity and ease of mind. Thank you for this enriching experience of flowing with the art of Tantui and for the healing and transformations that the art of the flow gives so generously. I appreciate how the picture-perfect-form develops into speed, flow and clarity of mind.

                        I’m also very grateful to this learning experience and to be in Malaysia with my Shaolin Family.

                        With Gratitude and the Shaolin Salute,



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                          Wonderful I look forward to seeing some pictures

                          Best wishes to all


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                            Dear Shaolin Family,

                            We are now at the end of day 3 of the second Tantui course, and what a course!

                            It's funny to think that we are now getting used to receiving treasures after treasures during a course with Sifu: learning to use Kung Fu forms for combat, learning to move with chi, learning to develop skills of spacing, timing, judgement, instantaneous reactions, learning to enrich our daily life, even learning to expand in the cosmos! These are all immeasurable treasures we know we will receive. How happily spoiled we are!

                            And then there are the "marvellous treasures". The golden gems we pick up during a course without realizing it and that will change the direction of our life for the better - the inner skills and wisdom we receive that we would not otherwise get in a lifetime - all given to us if we pay attention.

                            This is only day 3, and Tantui has already opened its inner doors - thank you Sifu!

                            With much gratitude,

                            (True to form, Sifu has already posted a whole galore of videos:
                            Hubert Razack


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                              Dear Shaolin family,

                              Today was an amazing day! Today in the Special Tantui course (day 3) we learned how to apply the Tantui sequences in combat...and so much more! It was a truly special session and after it finished, we all gathered together to talk and share our experiences so far. It was a joy to hear that so many people are already receiving life-changing transmissions, and inspiring and humbling to learn from others' insights. In a truly heart-touching moment, we all came together as family to speak from our hearts. Thank you to Sigung, Sifu and my Shaolin brothers and sisters for making this priceless memory possible!

                              Shaolin salute,