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  • Winter Camp 2018 competition

    The preparations for the upcoming 2018 Shaolin Winter Camp are well underway, so let’s start a competition!

    The courses for the event have not yet been announced. So, let’s make competition as follows: Whoever gets the closest guess(es) on this thread for what the 2018 Winter Camp courses may be wins free attendance to one Winter Camp course of their choosing!

    The courses will be something very special, so let’s start things off with a few hints to make things easier:
    • There will be three courses altogether; one for Chi Kung, one for Kungfu, and one for Zen
    • All courses will be advanced courses - no beginners courses this time
    • None of these courses have been taught by Grandmaster Wong before
    • Some of the content may have been taught at other Shaolin Wahnam courses in the past, and some has never been taught before publicly in our school

    We will be posting hints in regards to the courses on this thread up until April 17th.

    The courses will be announced on May 15th.

    The competition winner will be the one who has the closest guess(es) posted on this thread before May 13th!

    Competition rules:
    • Anyone can post as many guesses as they like. However, if you’ve gotten a few guesses close and a lot of guesses wrong, the wrong ones will also be taken into consideration when estimating your final score.

    • The competition winner will be chosen by Shaolin Nordic instructors.

    • There will also be a prizes for the runner-up as well as the most creative guess!

    So, let’s get it on. Hints are on the way soon!

    (By the way, merely commenting on this thread is not considered guessing. Comment away! But if you want to make a guess, here's an example on how one might go about it: )


    Chi Kung - The Wind Machine. Content: Using the Big Windmill -pattern effectively for the purposes of musical as well as other stage productions. Methods: The Pete Townsend -method. Windmill punches (the highland version). Hovering Slightly Above Ground.

    Kungfu - The Unicorn Rainbow Course. Content: Dim Mark using the unicorn horn tap, the unicorn side-step, flowing movement in all the colors of the rainbow, and generally being able to graze about the pastures in a peaceful, calm manner without being hassled by non-believers of all matters unicorn.

    Zen - How Not To Be Annoyed. Content: Dealing with general annoyance of your daily transactions such as walking, breathing or shopping in a simple, direct and effective manner. Methods: The Lohan Tinfoil Hat. Cursing and general profanity as gentle recitation. The Two-Foot Hop.

    Best wishes,
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    Markus Kahila
    Shaolin Nordic Finland

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    Honorable Markus Sipak,

    Guess what?

    The courses are going to be the unforgettable Dragon in Chi Kung, magnificient Dragon in Zen, and majestic Dragon in Kungfu. A tour-de-force collection of best methods in all of Shaolin Arts how to cultivate the prominent features of Dragon: presence of mind and swerving movement.

    In Chi Kung we will learn to train Dragon Claws internally and use some selected patterns (Blue Dragon Emerges from Water, Dragon Manifests Miraculous Majesty) to generate the rare Dragon Force. The level of attainment will be less than in the Dragon Strength course, but still very good. Alternative name for the course is Secrets of Internal Force: Dragon Force.

    In the Zen portion we use the legendary Dragon in Zen set to attain high levels of spiritual cultivation, especially through Zen meditation. Even though Dragon in Zen has been featured before in the Sipak Wong Chun Yian's Wedding Celebration complimentary courses, this will be a quite different course in skills featured and attainments offered.

    For the Kungfu course the participants are asked to learn and train at least one prominient Dragon set. This basically means any Taijiquan set, Baguazhang, Dragon-Form, Dragon-Tiger, or the Five-Animal set. If it's possible to choose the legendary Dragon Strength set, it will be strictly taught without any of the special cultivation methods, Dragon Speed, and Dim Mak that were featured in the Special Intensive Course in Malaysia. We may eventually go through portions of every selective set's form together, and there is an emphasis in attaining a comfortable command of how to utilize the spirit of Dragon in every Kungfu set and daily life. Lot's of sparring fun!

    Okay, I think I will have a second guess only after all the clues have been given, so not to ruin my chances with excess guessing. Now for something silly, I guess.

    Chi Kung: Five Animal Play is supplemented with Reindeer Play to manifest the spirit of jolly winter season and make everyone wish for another Winter Camp soon even when returning to tropical heat.
    Zen: Using the Wudang Taijiquan set to beam your spirit on the Northern Lights and learn surfing the solar winds. Truly Cosmic Zen!
    Kungfu: Santa Style Kungfu. How to tumble about in a stuffed Santa costume and still remain undeterred by enemies such as nosy children trying to pull your attactive beard. Suprise combat applications for large hemp sacks and jolly laughter. Special featured pattern: Santa Tames Reindeer.

    With sincere respect,


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      I remember always enjoying seeing the videos from the Winter Camp. Never been able to go in the past, though! I'm kind of curious about what these advanced courses might be. If I had to hazard a few guesses with absolutely no context:

      Qigong: Essence of Shaolin Cosmos Qigong! utilizing Wuji and Cosmos Stance to soak in cosmic energy to manifest Dan Tian Breathing, Small Universe, and Merging With Cosmos.

      Kung Fu: Return of Shaolin Pakua! Utilizing the set that opened the gate for Sifu's combat efficiency as well as generating energy flow for health by using kung fu forms. End of course test would be training the set with such power and force so as to melt all the snow in a twenty foot radius.

      Zen: The Highest Art! Zen Meditation while sitting in the Full Lotus position. Quite possibly with Tongzigong taught as supplementary material.

      Hope these guesses are suitably ridiculous.

      Sincerely with Shaolin Salute,
      I like making silly videos (including kung fu ones!) every so often on YouTube and taking pictures of weird things on Instagram.


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        Competition upgrade!

        Good news!

        In his characteristic generousity, Sifu has offered to upgrade the competition;

        There will be not one, but three first prices in our competition - each winner will be awarded with one free course from the Winter Camp event!

        So, consider the game raised. First hint to arrive this week!

        Best wishes,
        Markus Kahila
        Shaolin Nordic Finland


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          Considering the winners will be announced on my birthday, and based on rumours heard from Sipak Markus ("your jaw will drop down hearing about winter camp courses") my wild guess is:

          Chi Kung - Distant Chi transmission (among others skill of clouds dissipating and recognizing the objects blindfolded)
          Kung Fu - No contact figthing
          Zen - Controlling the mind of yours and others.

          With Shaolin Salute


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            My guesses:

            Chi Kung: (Was going to guess distant chi transmission haha thanks Karol! ) My guess would be either Art of Lightness skills, iron legs skills, or a chi kung healing course (perhaps applied very specifically for healing certain conditions or utilizing certain implements, tools, etc.)

            Kung Fu: (Was going to guess shaolin pakua, or dragon form/dragon-tiger set, thanks Fred and Understanding! haha) My guess is either some style of Taoist kung fu, Kung fu against other arts as a single set, with all techniques geared for use against the major other disciplines of the world, the upper levels of the syllabus (e.g. single armed/unarmed against multiple armed/unarmed, etc.), or a set/sets centered around the plum flower poles AND/OR "through the woods" skill

            Zen: Healing with the mind, receiving cosmic wisdom/answers from the cosmos, or traveling with the spirit.

            I feel like the possibilities are near-infinite, but already digging the guesses and am super excited, as always, to see what Sifu will offer and how many new arts/skills will be introduced into our already-overflowing-with-potential curriculum.

            To more guesses and fun!



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              Hint #1

              Great to see there's already so much interest for the event!

              There will be many hints on the way. Here's the first one:

              Markus Kahila
              Shaolin Nordic Finland



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                Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

                thanks to Sigung and Sipak Markus for this fantastic opportunity, it is really interesting to read the guesses here.

                I have many guesses so I try to write down here my best (and favourite) ones:

                Shaolin Kung Fu: "Great Majestic Set" from Sitaigung's Ho lineage. Includes set routine, combat applications, force training methods, some specialities, free sparring and marvelous skills.

                Chi Kung: Some new special Chi Kung based on the Bone Marrow Cleansing.

                Zen: Special forms of sitting and standing meditation, i.e. sitting meditation in the Guan Yin pose.

                Any other guesses?

                With shaolin salute,
                When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
                When the student is truly ready, the teacher will disappear.

                -Lao Tzu-


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                  Guess what ...

                  Kung Fu ( KF ) : The 5 Minute KF for solo practise and Level 4 Sparring for partner practise to inculcate the element of Threat !

                  How to practice solo KF only 5 minutes daily ( instead of 30 minutes ie an improved efficiency by a factor of 6 ) to achieve vibrant health , combat efficiency , mental clarity and spiritual joy . Participants will be taught the relevant shorter KF sets and be transmitted the necessary skills ( eg moving meditation , 6 harmonies , transcendental Big Universe mode , etc while doing vigorous KF ! ) .

                  How to spar habitually at a realistic level of threat ( Level 1 : little force & slow speed , Level 2 : medium force & medium speed , Level 3 : maximum controlled force & high speed ) ….ie at level 3 and beyond . So what will be taught for Level 4 Sparring ? It will include appropriate THREATENING attires , colors , postures-gestures , facial expressions , Art of Angry Eyes , blindingly fast Arrow Step and various types of explosive sounds & thunderous roars ! Participants must have at least Level 1 Golden Bell because all strikes will deliberately connect if unsuccessful counter ..but not to worry as Sifu and SW members whom are Tieta physicians will take care of any injuries .

                  Golden Bell ( GB ) levels ? Well Level 1 GB withstands hits from normal persons , Level 2 GB protects from hits of internal art KF practitioner , Level 3 GB able to bounce off bladed weapon strikes and Level 4 & above GB can deflect bullets & black magic weapons . Are you feeling excitedly threatened & very curious now ?Find out during the course !

                  Chi Kung ( CK ) : The 2 Minute CK ( 2mCK) as a daily Wholistic Health Program .

                  Two to three minutes ? Yes , especially for participants who are already skillfull at doing the standard 10-15 minutes daily CK routine . For participants who are less skillful , the 2mCK could be used as an adhoc method when circumstances demand. .

                  Really ? Yes , short CK exercises ( eg Flicking Fingers of Sinew Metamorphosis using 3 flicks instead of 49 ) , relevant generating energy flow modes ( eg using breathing or mind instead of time consuming physical repetitions , to induce & direct chi flow ) and special short bursts of vigorous motions-gyration patterns will be taught for cleansing , balancing-harmonizing , building and nourishing to achieve good health , vitality , longevity , mental freshness and happiness .After a 2mCK session , one has an incredible remaining 23 hours and 58 minutes of time in a day to spend on actions ( including KF and Zaazen ) beneficial to oneself and others !

                  Zen : Zaazen…..the long awaited meditation course to attain Satori glimpses or even Enlightenment if one is ready !

                  This course will be different from orthodox Zazen as practiced in most modern Zen temples or institutions … the term Zaazen is used to denote a more relaxed , simple and non-ascetic approach .

                  How to do spiritual cultivation using various postures ( constantly changing posture as in going about daily activity , reclining Buddha , supine , prone , standing , sitting on chair , cross-legged , Burmese pose , single lotus, double lotus , zhanzhuang , monkey-look-at ground pose , Guanyin pose , etc ) , using various methods-skills to focus and then expand the mind ( dantian breathing , reverse breathing , abdominal breathing , mantra , small universe , medical & transcendental big universe , no-mind approach ) and whilst going about one’s various daily work-hobby will be taught.

                  Sifu will walk around inconspicuously with a stick during the course …those who worry and/or intellectualise and/or not-enjoying the moment during the course will be given a good whack to refresh their mindset and reboot their stagnant mind ! On the one hand ,those who repeat the same mistake more then thrice despite correction/guidance and on the other hand , those who are on the verge of Satori will also be given a Zen-slapstick!

                  Damian Kissey
                  Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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                    Great one, Damian Siheng!

                    Best wishes,
                    Markus Kahila
                    Shaolin Nordic Finland



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                      It is nice to see people are getting into the right mindset on the guessing of the courses!

                      We'll be giving new hints soon. Stay tuned!

                      Nessa Kahila
                      Shaolin Nordic Finland



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                        Hint #2

                        Ok, here you go; hint number 2!

                        Markus Kahila
                        Shaolin Nordic Finland



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                          Dear Markus Siheng,

                          Thank you for this marvellous opportunity. I am really enjoying reading everyone's guesses so far...actually they're brilliant! Zen-slapstick just what I need ! 😀

                          My guesses for now are as follows:

                          Chi Kung-Yin Jin Jing 12 Sinew Metamorphosis exercises with emphasis on tremendous internal force to blast all karmic blockages away in an instance so there is not a spec of dust and to realize our Buddha nature! Metamorphosing into powerful beings we collectively radiate good powerful energy which cleanses all beings and transforms the world into paradise..thought I'd add that in 😊

                          Kung Fu- Great Majestic set or Great Bell Lohan. Performing picture perfect forms alongside all the Great Past Masters and from form to formless, self-mastery we transform into Great Majestic Masters and 'enter the market-place with helping hands'.... Looking at the photo I'd now guess it's 'Ho Family Flowing Water Staff set' "Where there is a bridge; go along the bridge, if there is no bridge, let the water flow.”

                          Zen- Sudden Enlightenment! Heart to heart transmission of the Lankavatara sutra whilst wall gazing and we all 'attain silence'. Cultivating heart and nourishing nature in single and full lotus meditation pose and being transmitted 'robes and bowls'.

                          ...Can you imagine 😀

                          Thank you Sifu!

                          Looking forward to further posts.
                          Love & Blessings,
                          “So I say to you –
                          This is how to contemplate our conditioned existence in this fleeting world:”

                          “Like a tiny drop of dew, or a bubble floating in a stream;
                          Like a flash of lightning in a summer cloud,
                          Or a flickering lamp, an illusion, a phantom, or a dream.”

                          “So is all conditioned existence to be seen.”

                          Thus spoke Buddha.


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                            Extra hints

                            The great answers just keep on coming!

                            Here's some extra hints to spice up the competition;

                            • There are still about a dozen hints to come before the April 17th deadline
                            • Some hints are difficult, some are easy. Most are somewhere in between. If you manage to follow a difficult hint, you'll know a lot and have a big advantage!
                            • Inspired by our Shaolin Scholar Warrior ideal, many of the hints may require being somewhat knowledgeable and cultured, as well as possessing clarity of thought
                            • Although each of the hints provide valuable and correct information, there may also be some aspects that are designed to throw you off

                            Let's continue the fun!

                            Best wishes,
                            Markus Kahila
                            Shaolin Nordic Finland



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                              Originally posted by Markus Kahila View Post
                              Great to see there's already so much interest for the event!

                              There will be many hints on the way. Here's the first one:

                              What a marvellous thread!

                              Thank you, Sifu!

                              Thank you Siheng Markus!
                              Charles David Chalmers
                              Brunei Darussalam