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Winter Camp 2018 competition

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    'Really Drunken Kung Fu' Course
    - Also known as the "Being Finnish" -course

    Best wishes,
    Markus Kahila
    Shaolin Nordic Finland


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      Winter Camp competition

      Dear family and visitors,

      There is only a week left on the competition! So if you wish to participate, now is the time!

      Best wishes,

      Nessa Kahila
      Shaolin Nordic Finland


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        Even if I think that I have not idea, i will try:

        Kung Fu:

        Five differente styles of Kung Fu and the strategies of fighting agains experts of the respectives arts. Xing Yi Quan, Monkey Kung Fu, Dragon Kung Fu, 50 Sequence of Eagle Claw plus Ho family Flowing Water Staff.

        Course participants will choose one style and practice distilled sequences of the style created by Sigung. In the course participants will learn and practice the chosen sequences with a proper fighting strategy against the style of other participants.

        My to this: At the end of the course the participants will engage in a Ten Tigers Competitions using the respective styles.

        Ho Family Water Staff to practices the high levels of our Kung Fu Wahnam Syllabus: Unarmed against Armen (with staff) and Unarmed and Armed against Multiple Armed (also against armed with Staff)


        Small Universe (I am getting crazy :-O ) or at least Cosmic Breathing to increase pick performance in Kung Fu and in daily life.


        Sitting Meditation


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          Adding a guess

          Oh! Oh! Oh!... I was even thinking of one hint I found interesting but extremely difficult. The Hint 12. Then I had like an "illuminating" moment. I went to Sigung´s home page and typed "57". The search sent me to a list of results there it was. The name of Sifu Markus in the 4th place: Videoclips series of UK Summer Camp 2010, Sisook Markus performing dragon forms spontaneously while in chi flow. Here the link:

          In the course that day students practiced the Triple Strech Set for force training and combat applications.

          Then I my conclusion is, the styles to be taught are:

          Xing Yi Quan
          50 Sequences of Eagle Claw
          (these two clearly to see in the hint 10 -- the statue of general Yue Fei)
          Monkey Kung Fu (hint 8)

          Dragon Kung Fu ( a couple of hints)

          and Triple Strech

          So I will keep my guess as before but adding the Triple Strech to it.

          And now I am done :-D

          Greetings to everybody


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            Ok, everyone - three more days left! This friday is the last day for entering your answers - on Monday 15th, we'll announce the courses and the competition winners.

            Best wishes,
            Markus Kahila
            Shaolin Nordic Finland



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              Let's have a go then

              Dear Markus Sipak, Dear All,

              Many thanks for offering a fun thread, and a very generous competition prize!

              My guesses:

              1.Chi Kung: A Selection of Exercises from The Five Categories of Chi Kung: Medical (5 animal play selection), Health (Vitality Chi Kung - 18 Lohan Arts), Martial (Zhan Zhuang), Scholarly (Art of Wisdom), and Spiritual (Abdominal Breathing, Standing Meditation).

              2. Kung Fu Morning: Cho Gar Wing Chun Tiger Crane Combination Set, Evening: The Legendary Six and a Half Point Staff

              3. Zen: Enlightenment in an Instant (Koans?)




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                That's all, folks!

                ...aaand with that, we close our competition!

                Hold on to your horses, on Monday we make the announcement for Winter Camp 2018 courses and competition winners!

                Best wishes,
                Markus Kahila
                Shaolin Nordic Finland



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                  Competition results

                  Hello friends!

                  Finally the time has come to announce our competition winners!

                  First off, we'd like to thank everybody who've posted - holding this competition has been an absolute blast. We've had loads of fun reading your answers, jokes and input on this thread, and also we feel it has been a great learning opportunity for all involved.

                  The courses are announced on the official Winter Camp 2018 -thread here. So, without further ado, here are the results:

                  3rd price
                  Free attendance to the Breathing Methods in Shaolin Chi Kung -course
                  - Dimitri

                  2nd price
                  Free attendance to the Meditation in Shaolin Zen -course
                  - Davy

                  1st price
                  Free attendance to one Shaolin Winter Camp 2018 course of your choosing!
                  - Andrew R

                  Honorable mentions:



                  James L

                  Contributing factors were how close your answer was, how many wrong guesses you had made, how close others had gotten before your answer, and how creative your solution was.

                  Even though the competition is now over, we'll be posting the explanations to all of the hints so as to keep learning and keep having fun.

                  Looking forward to seeing all of you next year in Lapland! 2018 can't get here fast enough...

                  All the best,
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                  Markus Kahila
                  Shaolin Nordic Finland



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                    Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

                    "Pretty good" courses I might say. Getting to train for this event next autumn will already be awesome, thus preparing for beyond awesome early next year...!

                    Also, hearty congratulations to all the winners!

                    With sincere respect,


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                      Dear Murkus Sisook (you keep calling me Fabianne, I shall return the favour !)

                      Awwww, SO CLOSE! I shall wear the honorable mention with a small hint of disappointment, but more importantly, with pride! This competition was so much fun!
                      BIG CONGRATS to all the winners !

                      Warm greetings,


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                        Thanks Markus and Sigung for opportunity.

                        Congratulations to winners, enjoy the 'free gifts', fortuantely the free gifts one would want to get.

                        Hope there's another one sometime soon!

                        Had much fun exploring and learning.

                        Best Wishes to all
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                          Thanks so much to the Shaolin Nordic team for hosting this fun thread. I hope we can have another puzzle party in preparation of another course.

                          Those in attendance at the Winter Camp will enjoy quite a week! Here's my hint for what will be needed at the end to come back to Earth:


                          Or if a Thai restaurant is available:


                          Best Wishes,

                          Love, and do what you will.

                          - St. Augustine


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                            Announcement at Sifu's website

                            As many may have noticed, Sifu has kindly posted some more information regarding the upcoming kungfu course at his website!

                            Here's Sifu's announcement:

                            SHAOLIN WINTER CAMP KUNGFU COURSE 2018

                            The Shaolin Winger Camp will be held from 22nd to 28th January 2018 in Lapland, Finland. Those attending the course will have a good chance to see the fabulous Northern Lights.

                            There are three Sections, namely Shaolin Kungfu, Shaolin Chi Kung and Zen. Those attending the Shaolin Kungfu Course, the Glory of Shaolin Kungfu, should familiarize themselves with the following sets. Those practicing Taijiquan can also attend, and the course will enrich their Taijiquan practice.

                            Please note that familiarizing themselves with the set, which is a required condition, is only the preparation. At the course, participants will learn the depth and essence of Shaolin Kungfu.
                            • Shaolin Dragon Form
                            • Shaolin Flower Set
                            • Shaolin Monkey Set
                            • Shaolin 72-Pattern Tiger Crane
                            • Five Elemental Fist of Shaolin Xingyiquan

                            These five sets crystallize the depth and essence of Shaolin Kungfu, the greatest martial art of the world. Shaolin Dragon Form is from Northern Shaolin. The Dragon is particularly effective in training mind. Shaolin Flower Set captures the spirit of ShaolinKungfu, flowing and forceful.

                            Shaolin Monkey Set is full of tricks. The Monkey was the specialty of my sifu, Grandmaster Ho Gatt Nam. The Shaolin 72-Pattern Tiger-Crane Set was from Ng Mui, the most combat efficient of the Shaolin Elders. Five-Elemental Fist represents the essence of Yue Fei, the Sage of Martial Art. The Glory of Shaolin Kungfu course will bring out the wonders of Shaolin Kungfu. It is also going to be fun!

                            - Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit
                            Markus Kahila
                            Shaolin Nordic Finland



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                              Thank you

                              Dear Sisook Markus,

                              Thank you very much for the amazing courses you organize and for offering this competition full of fun. I am very blessed to have the chance of going again to your wonderful country to meet all the lovely Finnish Wahnam family members and Sigung there. The courses in Finland are, no doubt, among the best, and you manage each time to set the bar even higher!

                              Thank you Sigung for sharing the wonderful Shaolin Arts with all of us and for spreading happiness and joy around the world!



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                                Warm congratulations to all winners!

                                We are very excited to host next years Winter Camp, the courses will give new depth to all advanced practitioners in their chosen Shaolin art.

                                We hope to see you all for the arctic adventure!

                                Best wishes,

                                Nessa Kahila
                                Shaolin Nordic Finland