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Intensive Zen Course, Umbrella, and Space Sheeps

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  • Kevin_B
    Thank you to everyone for taking the time to write such inspiring testimonies on the Intensive Zen course in Hawaii. Re-reading them this evening has been an absolute joy.

    Less than three weeks to Valentine's ... starting to get very excited now!

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  • Tim
    Enjoying reading the stories Thank you.

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  • barrys
    Thanks to everyone for sharing. Very inspiring.

    With metta,


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  • Anthony S
    Nice posts..

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  • veenie
    Dear brothers and sisters,

    Thank you for sharing your incredible experiences. 

    With Love,

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  • Andy

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  • CSwacha
    Shaolin Hawaii Experiences

    Dear Wahnam Family,

    I wanted to add to the pool of wonderful experiences shared on this thread. Since after the courses in Hawaii I noticed quite a few changes in my everyday life. Life has been moving with a relaxed flow and directness I did not have before attending the courses. With the Zen skills transmitted by Sifu, obstacles are quickly removed, bypassed or solutions appear spontaneously. It has been very helpful at work and in my personal life to chip away at old problems and to observe problems I wasn't aware of.

    Regarding the Zen course, it was VERY Zen. The material was very simple direct and effective. I think that the material covered fell under 2 main categories: practicing zen and applying zen. In practicing Zen we were taught Chi Kung techniques and skills for taming the mind, strengthening the mind and expanding the mind. In applying Zen we were transmitted the skills of problem solving using Zen and allowing the mind to flow using Zen. We practiced letting the mind flow through public speaking which was a lot of fun and we had a lot of laughs (... spacesheeps anyone ?).

    The transmitted skills of problem solving and allowing the mind to flow have been immediate and effective after the course. It also feels like I have more time in the day because I am more present and my mind wanders less. I remember an interesting experience after we practiced cosmic breathing the second time for spiritual expansion, I felt incredibly happy and peaceful. I couldn't stop laughing with my classmates, everything was beautiful and laughing was easy. I also noticed that it felt like thoughts were being repelled from entering my mind afterwards.

    The Intensive Chi Kung Course was excellent. It was a sentimental course for me because 5 years earlier I did Sifu's Intensive Chi Kung Course and it was my first course with Shaolin Wahnam. 5 years ago I didn't have the mental clarity to appreciate the magnitude of what I received. Looking back it was a turning point in my life where life has been steadily getting better since. I'm very happy I took the course again, it's incredible how far Sifu's teaching methodology has come in 5 years. I feel like every aspect of my practice was fine tuned. I also noticed immediate changes in my behavior and attitude after each course segment. After each segment I felt more free, less self-conscious, more confident and stronger in all 4 levels (ie physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually).

    The umbrella course was a lot of fun, it was my first weapons course too. The umbrella looks like a very formidable weapon with some practice. It was amazing to see Sifu demonstrate and share his weapons expertise. The group session where we proposed counters with the umbrella against attacks or other weapons was helpful and a lot of fun.

    As with all Shaolin Wahnam courses, being able to spend time with other family members is very rewarding. Thank you all for the wonderful memories, stories and helpful advice. I feel blessed to have met so many wonderful and inspiring people.

    Big thank you to Anthony, Chris and Christina for all their hard work and incredible effort in organizing the courses in Hawaii, not to mention looking after Sifu and Simu during their stay.

    From the bottom of my heart, a massive thank you to Sifu for sharing the Shaolin arts with me, it has been an immense blessing that hasn't stopped changing my life.

    With Shaolin Salute,
    -Chris Swacha

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  • Joan
    My Dear Family,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. I have really enjoyed reading every single one.

    Congratulations to Anthony, Chris and Christina for making their beautiful and awesome vision come true.

    With love and respect,

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  • apatel7
    Better late than never...but still with the deepest appreciation

    My Shoalin Brothers and Sisters,

    I wrote this just after the course, but for various reasons I didn't get to post it until now. While a little late, I thought I would still share. Also, for those still waiting, I will also send pictures from the blessings separately. I haven't forgotten!

    As my plane is taking off from kauaii I write this. I leave feeling an immense peace and deep appreciation and gratitude for these arts and those I have learned from. Sifu has built a school where the concept of the Shaolin family is taken seriously and true family values is embedded. Even in my transition from the uk to SF is watched over. A prime example of this is my recent transition from the UK to San Francisco. I have been training the last few years with the structure of weekly classes with brothers and sisters and wonderful instructors. Before I left, Siheng Mark Appleford spent time to teach me to fish rather than just give them to me. He not only taught me how to train solo in my Kung fu practice before leaving, but followed up after I arrived in SF so I don't lose my way. He's given me confident and gentle reminders to help in accomplishing my aims and objectives. This is the kind of exemplary and selfless nature of all the Wahnam seniors I have met and this was further confirmed with all the instructors I have been in contact in the USA and during the Shaolin Hawaii fantasy.

    Specifically about the course, I am truly blessed to have spent my Birthday receiving Sifu's teachings in the intensive Chi Kung and intensive Zen courses as well as over meals where impromptu learning was at its best. Many special things happened during the week from going to the Hindu temple to being able to coordinate a gourmet birthday dinner with all my Shaolin brothers and sisters in the course for half the cost simply by being blessed at the Hindu temple and letting chi flow in daily life as Sifu taught in the course and of course having a popular last name . (See the full story on the website).

    I have taken many higher level chi Kung courses and the Intensive has connected all the dots for me. It is by far the most comprehensive course and filled with lots of golden nuggets of information that I feel it requires a different name....perhaps the 'complete chi Kung course' like Sifu's books or the 'treasured secrets of chi Kung'.

    The first intensive zen was an amazing realisation of how our practice and Sifu's teachings are a way of life. I was happy with the balance in the course of entering zen and the practical application in daily life. I was amazed that with very difficult topics like spaceships and aloha shirts, and even with language issues, all in the course could give a 7 min presentation that made sense and was relevant to the topic using Sifu's techniques!

    During one part, I was doing lifting water to go into zen during the course and I had an immense emotion of humbleness and appreciation for the generosity that Sifu gives us and for the arts. I was humbled by the small amount of knowledge that I have in comparison to Sifu's experience and the vast amount of his wisdom not only about these arts but also life. The emotion was so intense that I almost cried right there. To do everything and anything in zen and chi Kung state of mind raises the level we do anything and raises our accomplishments to another level. In Sifu's words, it makes us do whatever we do, better!

    Focus on one and expand to zero will be my mantra from now on! ☺️

    My deepest respect and gratitude to Sifu and Simu for your continued generosity and wisdom.

    My sincerest appreciation and thanks to Siheng Damian, Sije Rosaline, Siheng Anthony, Sijat Chris, Sije Christina and Sije Emiko for making your individual contributions in ensuring this wonderful experience was realized and with such wonderful success.

    Big Shaolin Salute,

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  • Nick Jones
    Thanks for sharing, everyone. It sounds like it was a fantastic course!

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  • Andrea
    Thank you all for sharing your experience and the pictures on Facebook.
    It is truly inspiring to read your accounts. What an amazing series of courses .


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  • Mark Blohm
    It's great to hear about these experiences.

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  • JasD
    Thank you for all your accounts, sounded like an awesome course.



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  • Yuki
    Great gratitude, thank you!

    Dear Sigung and Shaolin Wahnam family,

    It was a wonderful & amazing course in beautiful Kauai Island!
    I feel grateful to Sigung.
    It was great to learn the art which was simple and what is more I can change my
    daily life with it right now.
    It was exciting to learn that once the mind is clear, a thought will come from the cosmos for the public speech.
    During the Chi flow at the course some water came out from my right eye
    without any emotion.
    I was led to my place where I originally came from. After a while, I felt a
    joy of being alive and warm tears gradually came out.

    I would like to express my appreciation to Sifu Sipak Anthony, Sifu Chris and Sifu Christina to organize such a wonderful course for us.

    With Gratitude, respect and love,


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  • sancrica
    Thank You :-)

    Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

    Thank you so much for sharing your stories. They are a big inspiration and very much appreciated. It is a joy to read them all. :-)

    With Love, Care and Shaolin Salute,


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