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  • shaolin fantasy course questions

    Hello everyone,
    I attended the intensive chi gung course last year with Sifu Wong Kiew Kit and am wondering two things.
    1) whats the next step? (should I attend another intensive course or do I attend one of the regular "chi gung" courses I see offered in various countries on the regional section of the site?) What is the difference between the two types of courses?
    2) How do I view the courses offered at the shaolin fantasy in hawaii? The page shows a large black box full of headings, when I select one it takes me to a beautiful page with something like "click on icon below for more info on ____ topic". Unfortunately there is no icon to select.
    ANy help on either of these two topics would be fantastic!

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    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for the questions.

    1) whats the next step?
    The next step is whatever you want it to be!

    The answer comes from your own aims and objectives; why are you training chi kung?

    The Intensive Course teaches us Chi Flow for benefits including recovering health and maintaining health, but to get these benefits we need to practice every day.

    Afterwards we can (i) continue to reap and enjoy the benefits through our individual home practice, (ii) develop our skills further by taking up the support of a local Instructor and classmates, (iii) deepen our skills by re-taking an Intensive Chi Kung Course (iv) build on our Chi Kung foundation by taking more advanced Chi Kung Intensives i.e. Small Universe, and/or (v) increase our chi kung level and challenge ourselves to become more physically and mentally active by taking up Shaolin or Wahnam Taijiquan.

    As I said, the answer depends on your own aims and objectives.

    2) How do I view the courses offered at the shaolin fantasy in hawaii?
    I will ask one of the organisers to respond.

    Best wishes, & good questions!
    Sifu Andy Cusick

    Shaolin Wahnam Thailand
    Shaolin Qigong


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    "a trained mind brings health and happiness"
    - ancient wisdom


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      Master's Level

      Hi Lee,

      Sifu Andy has given some great guidance. I will just add that Sigung (Sifu Wong) explains that he teaches regional courses at the introductory level, and intensive courses (which are usually only conducted in Malaysia) at the master's level. Even though regional courses may be at the "introductory" level, they're all of course still high level. The upcoming Hawaii course is unique in that it's the first time Sigung will conduct the intensive chi kung course outside of Malaysia.

      Continuing the good news, any course you take with Sigung will be excellent!

      Love, and do what you will.

      - St. Augustine


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        Thanks to Andrew and Andy for commenting here. I was doing maintenance on the today and unfortunately it was down for the last few hours but it is up now.

        Hello Lee,

        One year ago I responded to an asap request from a "Lee" to answer a lot of questions, on the phone and email, regarding his wife's insomnia as this was the main reason the person wanted to learn about our special Chi Kung. Are you this Lee? You then decided to go to Malaysia and visit our Master to help your wife's condition. If this isn't you please disregard my question but it would nice to know if it is the same person and, if so, I hope your wife is doing well.

        My associates gave you some good answers but I'm pleased to answer more questions. I should point out that not only do we have the Intensive Chi Kung course in Hawaii but we also have an Intensive Zen course which Sifu has never offered before. It will be a wonderful week.

        Best regards.
        Anthony S

        Western USA

        Visit Anthony Spinicchia’s web site with information on qigong healing.

        His book, The Wonders of Chi Kung:Unlocking Glowing Health and Vitality, 3rd Edition, can be found by clicking here

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          Anthony Siheng,

          A wonderful week is an understatement!


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            Intensive Zen course in Hawaii, not just Hawaii but the island i haven't been to and have on my bucket list. Priceless.



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              thanks everyone!

              Sifu Cusick, Tell me More about this: "deepen our skills by re-taking an Intensive Chi Kung Course ". How does retaking the class deepen the skill? I suppose the obvious ( review will reveal things I missed) but just checking to see if you mean something else or in addition to this.