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Treasures of Chi Kung Course 2014 UK Summer Camp

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  • Treasures of Chi Kung Course 2014 UK Summer Camp

    It would be very easy, with the amazing other courses at this year's Summer Camp, to overlook the Chi Kung courses at the beginning. However, the Summer Camp has been designed to build skills during the 9 days that would last any practitioner a lifetime - generating flow, cleansing, building, nourishing and applying those skills in both martial arts and everyday life.

    The order of the courses is designed to allow people to either be introduced to, or review, skills that will be progressively built on during the Summer Camp. So, it is a wonderful opportunity to either learn or brush up the complete range of skills developed in the Shaolin Arts.

    And if you have taken some of the early courses before we are offering a discount on those you have. For those of you who have taken the same course with Sifu many times you know you get more each time you take it. So, why are we offering discounts? With all of the other courses it can be easy to just come to the later one's. I know, I have mistakenly done that before. This year we want as many as people as possible taking all of them. It helps the newcomers, if you have taken them before then you will benefit, we have got a fantastic space that we can fit lots of people in and it generally makes for a great atmosphere.

    If you haven't done Chi Kung before you can read all of the benefits you can derive from these courses on the thread on the stages of cleansing, building and nourishing - it really is a classic. And for those of you who have done Chi Kung before you can read the same thread to remind yourself why it is worth coming back and deepening the skills .

    I have listed the Chi Kung course details below. If you want to find out more about prices, how to book and the rest of the Summer Camp you can find them you can find them here.

    Maybe people can share their experiences/benefits of doing the same course multiple times with Sifu

    Three Treasures of Qigong – 7th to 9th June

    The Art of Self-Manifested Chi Movement

    The Art of Bone Marrow Cleansing

    Cosmic Shower & The Art of Cosmic Breathing

    Sifu Wong will be teaching a program to help people understand, experience, and progress safely through all stages of cleansing, building and nourishing. (You can read more about these stages/skills here). The combination of arts being taught can take any practitioner from the most basic stage of clearing illness to the highest levels of spiritual cultivation, based on their needs and objectives. At the end of the three day course you will have all the necessary skills to develop and progress with your Chi Kung and Internal Force Training practice - and will also be ideal preparation for ...

    Secrets of Internal Force – 10th June which is also ideal preparation for ...

    Legacy of Wong Fei Hung – 11th to 15th June
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