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Secrets of Internal Force Course 2014 UK Summer Camp

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  • Secrets of Internal Force Course 2014 UK Summer Camp

    It just gets better .

    In my opinion this is a must-do course. Sifu has been sharing force development methods for many years, over 16 now. This course, a bit like the Asking Bridges course was, is a distillation of what Sifu has learnt from over his long years of practice of a wide range of arts.

    During the lead-up to the Tribute show I got to ask Sifu a lot of questions. In his answers he was much more explicit, or maybe it was me just understanding it for the first time, about the dimensions/skills of flow and consolidation in the various methods and how they could be trained. I began to practice various force development methods in combination, with guidance from Sifu, and the experience was amazing. I got to talk to him more during last year's Summer Camp and the idea for this course began to emerge. While in Malaysia we talked to Sifu about this course and the Legacy of Wong Fei Hung course. He lit up as he talked about them .

    I have listed some more course details below. If you want to find out more about prices, how to book and the rest of the Summer Camp you can find them you can find them here.

    There is no Q&A on this area at the moment. Maybe those who would be interested in helping to start another classic could register their interest here (no questions yet) and maybe we can persuade Sifu to help us prepare for the course .

    Secrets of Internal Force – 10th June

    Sifu has trained in many internal force development methods, which he has been gradually passing on (16 and counting). During his long experience he has come to understand how these methods consolidate flow and increase/speed up flow. Each method operates to different degrees on these two dimensions/skills and has different ways of consolidating.

    In this course Sifu will teach how to use techniques from a range of arts to increase both flow and consolidation of energy, and how these skills can be applied in martial arts and everyday life. Sifu has talked in a number of Q&A's and courses about the progression of flow and consolidation across different arts. This course is an opportunity for us to learn from his experience and get a direct transmission of how this understanding can be applied practically. The skills developed will be ideal preparation for ...

    Legacy of Wong Fei Hung – 11th to 15th June and remember it is all underpinned by the fundamental skills being taught in ...

    Three Treasures of Chi Kung – 7th to 9th June
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