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Warrior Project in Frankfurt Germany

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  • Warrior Project in Frankfurt Germany

    Hello all,

    like every year I gonna start my WP run at my Kwoon > Shaolin Wahnam Germany.

    It will be held like always at last the weekend of January > January 25. & 26. and has 10h programm

    Because of the great feedback and fun of the attendees of the last WP I gonna repeat similar action on this WP.

    Means I kind of so called water buffalo action with sweating, high heart frequency and a lot of loud laughers and of course learn to stay relaxed during the action.

    The attendees will have good learning process not to tight muscle during the work instead to use Chi.

    Same like last year I will invite martial arts friends to take part for the competition part. So our Wahnam members will got again the opportunity to spar against different styles. With this program I would like to offer an easy way to follow the 30 opponents program of Sifu. Last seminar we had attendees from 6 nations lets top it.

    Date: January 25. &26.
    Time: Saturday 2pm - 7pm & Sunday 10am- 3pm
    Seminar fee: 250,00 €

    If you need some help for accommodation don´t hesitate to ask my secretary Karo. Of course you also can stay at my Kwoon for free just bring your sleeping bag.
    May all beings be happy

    Shaolin Wahnam Germany

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    Congratulations to all who will take the opportunity to attend Tai Siheng's special course. I will be smiling along with those that are there being reminded of the Warrior Project's that I've had the honor to attend.
    Anthony S

    Western USA

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      See you all in Frankfurt in a few weeks

      Best wishes


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        So brothers and sisters who is joining in all the fun?


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          Dear all,

          Having attended several Warrior Projects all over Europe I can only suggest to those who want to improve their combat efficiency to take part.

          The WP in Frankfurt is especially nice and worth to attend as it offers the opportunity of applying the Water Buffalo training, which is fun indeed, at the Special Kung Fu chamber and it may offer some nice sparring sessions.

          Unfortunately I can't attend this time but I shall be there with my heart n spirit.
          "From formless to form, from form to formless"

          26.08.17-28.08.17: Qi Gong Festival with 6 courses in Bern:
          Qiflow-Triple Stretch Method-12 Sinewmetamorphisis-Bone Marrow Cleansing-Zen Mind in Qi Gong



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            Fun, Fun, Fun

            Dear Family Members,
            I wont be attending the WP in January, but I learnt so much from the last one. More importantly I had so much FUN, and that is enough reason to go :0


            Sifu Mark Appleford



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              I will definitely come ..... Can't wait to attend.

              Its really a great opportunity and a lot of fun.

              Looking forward for this

              See you there

              Best wishes
              Luce e ombra attraversavano la sua vista, le stelle e la luna gli attraversavano il cuore.
              Siddhartha, Hermann Hesse.


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                I'm sure it will be a great course!
                Jeffrey Segal


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                  Unfortunately for me I can't attend this time. But to anyone who is thinking of going, please do as you'll benefit a lot.



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                    What a wonderful weekend in Frankfurt. Hard training, hard sparring and now we are certainly in a better position for competitions. Still feeling and living the warrior mind

                    Many thanks and smiles from the heart to my big brother Taisiheng Kai for your wisdom, compassion and much laughter.

                    Wonderful to meet everyone in Frankfurt again. See you all soon.

                    Best wishes


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                      I can only agree with Mark.
                      It was as usual an amazing week end. Looking forward for the next

                      A lot of thanks to Taisipak for making it possible.
                      Also a lot of thanks to Irina for drilling us (my arm is still remember it )

                      Best regards
                      Luce e ombra attraversavano la sua vista, le stelle e la luna gli attraversavano il cuore.
                      Siddhartha, Hermann Hesse.


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                        Thank you Taisiheng and family for the great experience.

                        Hopefully see you again next year!

                        Best regards,