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    I have been given a wonderful gift

    As the course participants know, Christina and I initially planned to follow the Small and Big Universe Course with a few relaxing days in Langkawi before coming home. Although the Wuzuquan course was not as relaxing as Langkawi would have been, it was far more beneficial, and I'm glad and grateful that Sigung asked us to stay for it!

    At first glance, Wuzuquan isn't much to look at. What became apparent as the course went on was that the founders distilled Wuzuquan to such an incredible degree that its superficial simplicity belies an incredible emphasis on skills. A prime example is the triangle stance. It's amazing how opening the Baguazhang stance just a bit totally changes things! Whereas from the Baguazhang stance, you either have to use footwork or switch to a Shaolin stance to swallow or otherwise defend an attack, the waist rotation and range of movement afforded by the triangle stance means that you can most of the time stay rooted in place if you want to. We often talk about large to small movements, and in this context, if Baguazhang represents large movements then Wuzuquan represents small ones.

    The flavor of internal force developed/used in San Zhan is unlike any other I have experienced. It has such a strong vibration to it, that I was actually sore from it after the first day, as it forced parts of my arms and shoulders to loosen up. This soreness was all but gone a day later.

    On the third day, I had a special, unanticipated benefit While demonstrating a sequence with Sigung, he struck me (without making physical contact). I didn't notice, and I was confused when I went back into the sparring line and he asked me to do Lifting the Sky and have a chi flow instead. As soon as I started chi flow, it was immediately clear that something was different. I had the craziest chi flow I think I've ever had! When I wasn't done laughing/crying in a few minutes, Sigung came over and opened some points. I had no sense of time, but from talking to others, I was probably in chi flow for a solid 20 minutes, and I'm certain I cleared much more than the initial damage. I felt incredible pressure at my solar plexus which rose up into my chest and then exploded out my hands. For much of the chi flow I felt my energetic body as my primary body and barely felt my physical body at all. In this state, I was aware of a light blockage in my arm and directly experienced that it was not only possible but easy to just brush it away. The whole chi flow was a beautiful experience.

    Later, Sigung asked me how I was feeling, and I sincerely told him that I had been given a wonderful gift.

    Thank you to Sigung and my Sifu, and thank you to the other participants. It was wonderful to train with some old friends I hadn't seen in several years, as well as to finally meet some folks I had not had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face. And a special thanks for the birthday cake and wishes! It was special to have my birthday on a course, especially with Gorilla Roland's birthday also on the same course!
    Chris Didyk
    Shaolin Wahnam USA

    Thank You.


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      Thank you very much

      Dear Sigung,

      Thank you very much for your wonderful teaching and for your "smile from the heart". I am very happy to learn small and big Universe and Wuzuguan from you.
      These are my treasures. I had a wonderful time.I would like to continue training what you taught me. I appreciate from everything you have given me from my heart.

      With Great gratitude and respect,


      Dear Sigung,

      Thank you very much for your wonderful course .

      I was very very enjoy and happy to learn small and big Universe and Wuzuquan for you.

      I would like to continue training what you taught me.

      I appreciate everything you have given me.

      with Great gratitude and respect,



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        Thank you very much

        Dear Sigung

        Thank you very much for teaching us courses "Small & Big Universe"and


        During the"Small & Big Universe"course I felt my own roots in the Universe.

        And during the "Wuzuquan " course , I felt Martial Art spilit returning.

        I will practice these great Arts to make my daily life more energetic .

        Wishing you and your whole family a Happy New Year.

        Yours Sincerely



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          Amazing Wuzuquan

          Dear all,

          The Wuzuquan course was indeed another highlight not to be missed. I was lucky enough to find myself quite spontaniously in the middle of another wonderful journey. Originally like Chris, also me and my wife had different plans, yet the instant change of the direction was something of the best happened to us in our lives.

          What stroke me was the fact that first off the Wuzuquan is another crystallisation of past masters force training methods and combat training. Another mindblowing fact was is, that the Set San Zhan we are able to learn is the same Set which was trained in the past. Almost any other Set we know, even the traditional ones like the Flower Set or the Triple Stretch, went most probably through a evolvement. Most Sets trained by so many masters and students around the world content different variations.

          The San Zhan is one of the very few Sets, if not the only one Set which is practiced in the same way in different schools and the Set which we train and other schools train has hardly changed from its origin.

          When I speak about almost no visible changes then I must mention that of course the way and depth Sifu teaches the Set may be quite different from how other schools train it. When Sifu trained it although it was told that it's famous for internal force he would not experience it for a long time. It would take him months if not years to experience the internal force. Our students, relative beginners and advanced ones would generate internal force on day 1. Then another significant difference is that we all are able to train the Set the orthodox or in other words the traditional way. Sifu's training methodogy has improved to such a incredible level, that participants can develop internal force with any chosen pattern out of it applying the flow method.

          Now the most amazing part is that Sifu introduced us to apply different force aspects within the Set. Participants are now able to apply the hard force of Iron Wire or Triple Stretch or the more soft force of other styles like Taiqiquan within the Set. This is most probably a most outstanding development in all Kung Fu history and many people would for sure say that we are crazy and that this is not possible.

          To come back to the Set by itself: why did the San Zhan not underlie significant changes all over those years? Why is it that no matter in which country under which master you may train it you would learn the same Set with hardly no difference. Sifu generously put this question into the group in the last training sessions. It may be very beneficial to all of us having answered this question. Have a try!
          "From formless to form, from form to formless"

          26.08.17-28.08.17: Qi Gong Festival with 6 courses in Bern:
          Qiflow-Triple Stretch Method-12 Sinewmetamorphisis-Bone Marrow Cleansing-Zen Mind in Qi Gong



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            Hai Rolo!

            Thanks for the very fine post! I thought about this question immediately after the course, and feel I have come up with an answer which may or may not be correct, but is most certainly the right answer for me. My answer, in fact, is hidden in the open in your post. But, I will wait till others have answered to give mine.

            With Shaolin Salutations,

            Papa Cha
            Charles David Chalmers
            Brunei Darussalam


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              Dear Family and Friends,

              I just saw that Sifu posted some videos of the Wuzuquan course on his website (available here), and it reminded me of the extraordinary and meaningful time I had in Malaysia during this course.

              On a personal level it was a very special occasion, as it had been quite some time since I last saw Sifu and my Brothers and Sisters. On a Kung Fu level, it was also a very special occasion, as it was a rare opporunity to study a genuine internal art with a genuine Master.

              Now, to be very honest, I did not know a great deal about Wuzuquan. I was primarily interested because the timing worked perfectly to have a course with Sifu (I used to joke that Sifu could teach a course about cleaning bathtubs and I would probably go - thankfully this one course did not involve bathtubs). However while researching a bit more about Wuzuquan itself, I became very intrigued. Both the simplicity of the San Zhan set and the fact that it had been untouched for so long triggered my curiosity.

              I also faced another obstacle: I used to think that it was not very important to learn many different styles or sets. I actually remember how after learning the 16 basic combat sequences I thought I would never need anything else.

              Well, I am very grateful I got over this one, because thanks to this particular course I understood much better why both depth and spread are important. The course introduced many concepts I was not aware of (Kneading hands being one of them - as demonstrated by Roland Siheng and Jeffrey Siheng in the video), and it was fascinating to see how the skills got integrated in areas where my own Kung Fu was lacking. It made me appreciate Sifu's vision and his work with our school to quite a new level, and I was extremely grateful for having the privilege to study with Sifu and my Brothers and Sisters.

              I used to wonder why we might need to be exposed to many sets or styles. What the course helped me to understand is that a certain style might "talk" to us and bring us skills that we wouldn't otherwise acquire. I guess it would be like a Zen master finding many ways to change a student's paradigm. One of them would work.

              So, I learned that having the opportunity to learn, say, Praying Mantis, Baguazhan, Iron Wire, Triple Stretch or in this case Wuzuquan from Sifu is a precious gift, and not a "distraction" or just a little addition as I would have mistakenly thought in the past. And having the opportunity to learn these arts in the environment of our school, with the support of the Family, is even rarer. It was wonderful to cross hands with so many Brothers and Sisters, with mutual respect and great care for each other. Thank you to everyone for the many learning opportunities, and of course thank you Sifu for the privilege to learn from you!

              With much love and respect,

              Hubert Razack


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                Scrub Brush

                Hello Hubert Siheng,

                Very fine post. I agree with you on all points, including the attraction of the soon-to-be-famous bathtub cleaning course!


                Charles David Chalmers
                Brunei Darussalam